Dining Waterfront And In Style In Paris

One of the most appealing ways to enjoy the Paris scenery is to opt for a restaurant that affords waterfront dining. The two Central Paris water views are the River Seine and the Canal St. Martin. The former now boasts a riverfront pedestrian area that spans both sides, Rive Gauche and Rive Droite. These have been turned into kilometers-long pedestrian areas welcoming to families, bicyclists, sunbathers and picnickers. This is the perfect place to stop and pick up a burger at PNY, parked just outside Faust. 

A sparkling new gem along the waterfront is housed in an old friend of a building, namely the Maison de la Radio France. Its name is Radio Eat, which pretty much sums it all up. The views of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine below the 3rd Floor eatery give a posh spice to the Asian-fusion flair cuisine. The bar, just one more floor up, is a perfect choice for a before or after drink. 

The Canal St. Martin area is the place to be for hipsters. This stretch on either side of Nola (the upstairs elegant restaurant of Two Stories), Louisiana-Creole themed and offering California wines to go with that Gumbo, is stacked with fun bars alongside it. It also sports its own luxurious bar with wall-filled windows for great views onto the Canal below that are sure to enhance the flavor of that French 75 cocktail.

Another elegant and haute cuisine pick on this list is Table du Flow. This restaurant, helmed by Chef Geoffrey Rembert, offers direct views onto the Pont Alexandre III and the Grand Palais, both enhanced by the rays of the setting sun. Flow is a barge that is parked along the Seine, the fanciest one on this area just below the Alexander III Bridge. On the top floor is a bar that boasts the aforementioned views but also includes the Eiffel Tower. Below is a nightclub. And outside, along the riverbanks is their casual dining. This restaurant, however, is anything but casual so expect outstanding wine lists, superior dining and casual class. 

For a kick-off-your-heels experience, head on down towards the riverfront area just in front of the Ile St. Louis (just below the Hotel de Ville). Here you will find yet another stretch of outdoor dining options, one of the most attractive being the Peniche Marcounet. Always packed and on Sunday afternoons it even boasts outdoor swing dancing (not obligatory, but certainly optional). The food here is outdoor bbq style, accompanied by chilled bottles of wine or cocktails like the famous Apero Spritzer.  This is a group-friendly option and absolutely perfect when the weather is good and a bit of live music is the order of the day. 

A classic dining option in Paris is, too, a dinner riverboat cruise. You just can't imagine how breathtaking the scenery along the banks of the River Seine is, the Ȋle-St.-Louis, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, the yachts parked across from Jardin des Plantes, and more, until you've actually seen it with your own eyes. Add the sparkle of sunset and twinkling stars - or the twinkling Eiffel Tower as it were - to that scenic panorama and you have the makings of one unforgettable evening.


4ème Arrondissement


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Photo courtesy of Paige Donner copyright 2014 of FaustParis


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