Shop The Small Funky Rue Montorgueil Boutiques For One-of-A-Kinds

Just to the north of Les Halles you will find this quaint, and very historical, pedestrian  (mostly) only street called rue Montorgueil. It is the defining thoroughfare of the neighborhood known by the same name. Capitalizing on its centuries' old reputation of the fine foods quarter of Paris, many of the shops you find today dotting this street cater to food lovers: Lov Organic Teas, La Mère de la Famille chocolates, and other gourmet food items that are conveniently wrapped up for easy shipping.

However, once you come to the cross-street of rue Etienne Marcel, you start to get into a sort of edgy fashion area. And here you begin to find established French name brands as well as small designer boutiques. The prices in this area tend toward the reasonable so if you are up for a day of bargain hunting, this is a good area in which to start.

And just near this area, along the rue Etienne Marcel, and on rue St. Martin, you will find kitchen utensil and equipment shops that are full of everything the aspiring chef, or chef-on-the-weekends, could ever dream of wanting. One of the more famous ones is La Bovida but there are others a bit further up the street, like A. Simon, that are smaller but which do stock different inventory and a variety of cookware and bakeware items, too.



What's not to love about this name? And if it's said that you can't judge a book by its cover, I don't believe the same holds true about the name of a shop. This little boutique, the only one of its kind in Paris, is off a sidestreet from rue...  Read More

A. Simon
Photo courtesy of a. Simon


There are several really great kitchen and cooking supply stores in this neighborhood and this is one of them. It's a bit smaller than a couple of the others, but nonetheless just as well-stocked. Here you can find things with which to sauté...  Read More



Ekyog is a women's wear brand that is not all that well known outside of France. No matter. Many of the pioneering ethical clothing and sustainably manufactured textile companies have had an uphill battle in the past decade to market themselves...  Read More



In this land of fine pastry shops, of course there are going to be supply stores for those many bakers and baker-wannabes. This area in and around rue Montorgueil has a number of cooking supply stores but this shop is the one that is 100%...  Read More



All the trendiest season's must-have items under one roof. The emphasis is on brands, brands, brands. At ElevenParis ou find both men's and women's fashions but here at Little ElevenParis you find them in kids' sizes. This is one of those...  Read More



Perhaps because fashion is such a major part of the economy and the culture here, a shop like this exists. Where else are all the "jeunes createurs" (young creatives) going to go to find their lace trim, their patchwork, their thread and...  Read More

General Store
Photo courtesy of General Store - Montorgueil Paris


This isn't just pop-tarts and Cola-Light. This shop, just opened late fall 2015, is stocked with gluten-free and sugar-free healthy California snacks and drinks fresh off the boat. They even stock the city's (I'm stickin' to it) best collection...  Read More



Wandering into this gallery gives you a sense of the kinds of pieces you could add to your collection (or as a gift, to someone else's) while combing the streets of Paris. And while the serious art collector, it's true, will be found mostly on...  Read More

de Marseille et d'ailleurs
Photo courtesy of Marseilles et d'Ailleurs


Soap from Marseilles is something of a cultural cult item here in France. It is soap in its purest form and made from a centuries' old recipe. This shop specializes in the artisanal product (as opposed to the mass-manufactured product you find...  Read More



A stroll down rue Montorgueil must be punctuated by stops into the cheese, wine and chocolate shops you find along the street. This cheese shop is unique to this street meaning you won't find a chain of them throughout the city (which is why...  Read More


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