Relax by Yourself or Frolick with Friends in these Neighborhood Parks

Although Atlanta is a bustling city, there is also lots of green space within the city and surrounding suburbs. Atlantans enjoy getting out and walking, running or even taking their dogs out to the park for a fun afternoon. Besides that, there's also many opportunities for beautiful picture taking at the many Atlanta parks.

Atlanta's answer to New York's Central Park is Piedmont Park. It is breathtaking spot of green smack dab in the heart of the city. Not only is it ideal for relaxing and picnics, there is also swimming, tennis courts, basketball and even a dog park. Other serene parks in the heart of the city are Grant Park and Lullwater Park.

A different kind of park is Stone Mountain. Located outside the city, the park is home to the largest piece of granite. This granite mountain is a sight to behold, with confederate soldiers carved into it. A nightly laser show during the warm months as well as kid friendly attractions, make this a great place for the family.

For historic sites that offer moderate trails, visit Sweetwater Creek State Park or Davidson-Arabia Preserve. Both have amazing vistas plus offer a more quiet space for hiking than some of the other congested spots. Further outside the city, there is Kennesaw Mountain and the Chattahoochee Nature Center. These are popular with families for all the educational information available.

Lullwater Park


Visit the beautiful paths at Lullwater, and you'll soon find out why it is one of the most popular parks in Atlanta. This park is actually on the campus of Emory University. While it is for the students, faculty and staff of Emory, many Atlanta residents do visit to enjoy it as well. Many photographers gush about the terrific photo opportunities that are available here. Walk through a huge field and then you'll come to a serene lake. There is also a suspension bridge that connects to even more trails in another area of the park. One of the nice things about this park is that there aren't lots of little kids around - it is more peaceful than other parks.

Chattahoochee Nature Center
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This near 130-acre reserve spans into two metro Atlanta cities: Roswell and Marietta. Besides the abundance of wildlife that is present here, there are many beautiful hiking trails as well. Visitors should begin their exploration at the Discovery Center, where they can get a birds eye view of the expanse of the nature center from the roof top. There's also a river boardwalk that traverses the wetland area. Kids will enjoy the many hands on exhibits/ Don't miss Wildlife Walk, where visitors can enjoy up close and personal views of native hawks, owls and vultures. Don't miss seeing the park visitors "shooting the hooch" - floating down the Chattahoochee on an inner tube.

Chastain Memorial Park and Amphitheatre


There's so many activities in Chastain Park - everyone in the family will enjoy a visit. Besides the running and walking trails that can be found throughout the park, there are also tennis courts and many fields for playing ball. Looking for a spot to host a family reunion? This is perfect as there are many pavilions that are well suited for this. Kids are't forgotten as there are plenty of playgrounds to be found here. Of course there is the amphitheater, that hosts outdoor concerts during the summer. Guests are allowed to bring in their own food and drinks during most of these events.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield


This site near Marietta is where the historic Battle of Kennesaw Mountain was fought. Nearly 70,000 men died, were wounded or captured during this battle, which was won by the confederates. The site once belonged to the Cherokee Nation, forced into exile after making the "Trail of Tears." Today many serious hikers enjoy the miles and miles of wooded trails. There are mulitple entrances to the park and a variety of trails, so visitors won't easily be bored. Besides hiking, find many enjoying a picknick or even horse-back riding through the trails. Visit off peak times to easily land a parking spot.



Arabia Mountain, now a county and state park respectively, bear evidence of 19th century human settlement and 20th century quarrying activities. Arabia Mountain is also known as Stone Mountain's little cousin. Not too far from Inside the Perimeter, so just a short drive to pristine views and vistas. Two exposed granite monadnocks that formed hundreds of millions of years ago are the primary features of the area. Even when the sun is shining bright, much of the trails are in the shade. There are also many options besides hiking - run, walk, skate or ride. Difficulty ranges from easily to difficult.

Northeast Atlanta


Located of Interstate 20, it is a surprise to find a large state park so close to commerce. The highlight of the trails here are the ruins of when there was a mill here. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to go hiking. Some trails are rather difficult so maybe not suitable for youngsters or Grandma. Make sure to check the length and difficulty of each trail before committing. There is also the creek, hence the name. Some like to walk across the water for fun (only safe when the water is rather low). The 215-acre George Sparks Reservoir is popular with anglers and provides a pretty setting for feeding ducks and picnicking. Dogs love to run around and splash in the water.

Centennial Olympic Park


Located Downtown, this park provides spectacular views of the Downtown skyline. It was created for the 1996 Olympics and there are plenty of spots for picnics. Visitors can also be entertainted by free music and lots of public art. Those who enjoy photography should take advantage of all the photo opportunities the park affords you. One of the big draws, at least for children in the summer, are the fountains. Kids love splashing around in these fountains on hot, humid summer days. Sometimes there are free concerts and movies in the park. Located near transit, so parking isn't an issue.

Stone Mountain
Stone Mountain Park


This 3200-acre park surrounds the world's largest granite mountain. Located just 16 miles east of Atlanta, Stone Mountain is well worth a visit for families. The five square mile park is Georgia's most visited attraction. The mountain features Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson carved onto the front of the stone. Stone Mountain Park visitors can choose to hike up to the top of the mountain. During summer months, a laser show is projeceted onto the granite along with choreographed music. Make sure to bring a blanket to sit on while you enjoy the laser show.

Piedmont Park
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Piedmont Park is Atlanta's Central Park, or at least a mini version of it. Among all the skyscrapers in the Midtown area, this is a beautiful piece of green. There are paved trails that many like to come and roller blade on a weekend afternoon. There's even a dog park for fido. Besides the green space, there's a beautiful pond, a swimming pool, tennis and basketball are available too. People of all different types play at Piedmont Park, so everyone is welcome and no on is out of place. There are lots of free events, so check online sites to see the latest about events at the Park.

Cloundland Canyon


Cloudland Canyon is a 3485 square foot state park located in North Georgia. It is one of the largest and most scenic parks located in the state of Georgia. the deep gorge cut through the mountain by Sitton Gulch Creek, where the elevation varies from 800 to over 1,800 feet. At the bottom of the gorge are two waterfalls. Here visitors can watch the water run over the sandstone and shale. If you are not familiar with Cloundland Canyon state park, definitely consult a map of the park area before heading out for a hike. There are several different trails around the park, but some may take several hours. The longest trail is 9 miles. There are also a couple 2 miles trails that are much easier on the legs. Another misconception or easy mistake to make when hiking here for the first time is to think that the trails go around in a circle. The main trail that offers some of the most stunning vistas doesn't make a complete circle back to where it begins. So be aware, if you choose this trail, you will have to go back just as far as you have walked to begin the trail. From Atlanta, it is nearly a two hour drive to Cloudland Canyon. So if hiking pack a lunch or some snacks and plan to spend the day here, hiking. If you want to stay longer, it is possible as the park features campsites and cabins for those wanting to stay overnight.


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