Flea Markets


If you're a fan of both vintage shops and flea markets and are in the Atlanta area, make a beeline for this chaotic hive of antique treasures. The aptly named shop is a unique fusion of antique store and flea market and has countless customers claiming it as an all-time favorite spot. Amidst a Dr. Seuss-like wonderland of towering stacks and overflowing aisles, bargain hunters discover hidden gems ranging from antique mirrors to vintage lunchboxes.

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Stone Mountain

Boasting some of the highest quality merchandise of all Atlanta flea markets, this quaint outdoor market also features a warm, inviting atmosphere that encourages shoppers to stay and enjoy the afternoon. Items for sale typically include excellent furniture, home decor, a variety of beautiful clothing, high-end collectibles, lavish throws and even gorgeously crafted doors. The prices are as appealing as the merchandise, enabling visitors to leave the market with both full arms and full wallets.

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