10 Best Savannah Dance Clubs: Move and Groove to Electronic, Top 40 and Country-Western Music

Savannah’s average summer temperature hovers somewhere around 91 degrees, but nowhere does the heat rise more than at the city’s dance clubs. There’s a little bit of something for everyone in Savannah, from sleek, modern dance clubs with resident DJs, insane cocktails and impossibly beautiful patrons to relaxed, hometown clubs where you check your attitude at the door. For an experience that will cool even the hottest Savannah night, head to SubZero Bar, an arctic-themed dance club that’s perfect for a night of uninhibited dancing. Dosha, a Broughton Street dance club with an eye-catching interior, is the perfect choice for those craving a big-city nightclub experience. Dance enthusiasts who like to mingle and get their groove on will find a second home at Club 51 Degrees and relative newcomer the Boiler Room. Those who want a hauntingly good time will enjoy the kitschy yet cool Crypt Pub, with its spooky-sounding cocktails, skeleton-clad DJ and morbid motif. For an unpretentious atmosphere, head to SEED Eco Lounge, an environmentally friendly bar that gets patrons on their feet. If country-western music is your thing, you’ll be right at home at Saddle Bags Savannah, a River Street venue where you can learn how to line dancing. And no night on the town in Savannah is complete without a visit to Club One, the bar made famous by Savannah’s very own Lady Chablis of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil fame. Not only will you be entertained by the club’s outrageous drag shows and cabaret performances, you’re sure to have a great time moving and grooving on the dance floor.


Historic District

This hopping bar, located on the west end of River Street, takes a page from the movie Coyote Ugly, complete with scantily clad bartenders who dance on top of the bar (and occasionally pour water on themselves for the full effect). The large, two-story venue features six bars and two separate wings--one that plays DJ-spun tunes and the other that features live bands. While some of the most seductive dancing takes place on the bar, there's plenty of grooving on the dance floor, which tends to get crowded after 10 p.m. Club 309 West draws a diverse crowd thanks to inexpensive drinks, lots of nightly specials, gawkers who enjoy the bar-dancing sirens, and people who just want to get down and have a good time.

For an unadulterated good time dancing the night away, head to Doubles Night Club in the Quality Inn Midtown. This long-time Savannah favorite--and one of the only dance clubs outside of Downtown--draws a steady crowd of locals who like to mingle and boogie on the always-packed dance floor. The crowd tends to tip toward middle agers, so Doubles is the perfect place to go if you want to schmooze with people your own age and avoid the younger partiers who dominate the Downtown club scene. Doubles has several theme nights throughout the week, including swing on Mondays, shag on Wednesdays and dance music from the disco era through the present on Fridays and Saturdays.

Historic District

There's only one place in Savannah where you can be a good steward of the environment and shake your moneymaker: SEED Eco Lounge. This ultra hip Historic District bar was designed to be eco friendly, complete with bamboo bar tops, VOC paints on the wall, a cork floor, low-flow sinks and toilets, and even compostable to-go cups. SEED also makes an effort to stock up on beers, wines and liquors produced by company's that use sustainable practices. On the weekends, the lounge's dance floor heats up, with bar-goers who like to move and groove to the DJ's beats. SEED gets high marks from patrons who enjoy to let loose in an atmosphere that's decidedly more laid back and unpretentious than some of the city's other dance clubs.

Historic District

This country bar and dance hall, located on the west end of River Street in the Historic District, features a mechanical bull, scantily clad waitresses and perhaps the city's best selection of top-shelf bourbon. But the bar--the brainchild of Johnny Gosyne, co-owner of popular dance clubs The Crypt Pub and Club 51 Degrees--really shines as a venue for live country music and line dancing. The club regularly hosts line dancing nights, including free lessons for beginners, and has a great live lineup on weekends, when it welcomes performers from around the country. Add in unique special weekly events, like the popular Red Solo Cup night on Thursdays in which patrons can fill up their plastic cups for crazy low prices, and you've found one of the best places in town to throw down.

This popular newcomer blends the old with the new to create an atmosphere that is perfect for a night on the dance floor. The building, located on the upper portion of Factor's Walk near River Street, was built in the 1850s and retains many 19th-century features including exposed brick walls and wood floors. But the sleek u-shaped bar, minimalist furnishings and glowing red and blue lights transform the space into a modern dance club. The venue features live music, along with the beats of DJ Zodiac, who spins tunes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and always gets the crowd on its feet.

It's hard to miss Dosha when you're walking down Broughton Street. The dance club's blue lights make the glass façade glow, seducing passersby to come enjoy a night of drinking and dancing. Once inside, club-goers will find that Dosha has one of the sleekest, chicest interiors of any bar in the city. Dosha is a true feast for the eyes with an ultra-modern décor that includes a blue-lit bar, eye-popping artwork and a large dance floor. Despite the fact that it looks like a trendy, big-city dance club, Dosha is anything but pretentious, with a friendly staff and no cover charge. Add in thumping house music spun by the resident DJ and Dosha is the perfect place to spend a night on the town.

Historic District

For those who crave a night of high-octane dancing, there's no better club in Savannah than 51 Degrees. The dance club's three floors each play a distinct style of music, from hip-hop to Latin to electronic. One of the most popular areas of the club is the third floor, which specializes in house, trance, electro, progressive, dub step, mashups and Top 40 remixes--styles of music that are hard to find in sleepy Savannah. Club 51 Degrees is not just on the cutting edge of music, it also is a great place to go to mingle with other like-minded revelers and dance the night away.

Historic District

If you like to infuse a little bit of the macabre into your night on the town, then look no further than The Crypt Pub. The story of The Crypt's building alone is enough to pique morbid curiosity--legend has it that the building's former occupants mysteriously disappeared and that the Mrs. may have been buried in the building's eponymous crypt hundreds of years ago. The Crypt plays up the haunted theme with dark red walls, ominous lighting and paintings of skulls adorning the walls. But on the dance floor, the atmosphere is decidedly lively, with a DJ (albeit one that may be dressed as a skeleton) spinning tunes sure to bring patrons back from the dead.

Historic District

This three-level dance club is best known as the home of the Lady Chablis, the drag queen who became a household name after she appeared in the book and movie versions of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Though the Lady only appears once or twice a month, there are plenty of other reasons to head to Club One. The venue features fun and raunchy drag shows and cabaret performances and has a number of entertaining weekly events such as the popular Monday night bingo. But one of Club One's best features is its 1,000-square-foot dance floor. It doesn't matter if you're a local or tourist, gay or straight--Club One's dance floor beckons all patrons to their feet for a night of unforgettable dancing, Savannah style.

Historic District

Dubbed Savannah's first "ice bar," SubZero is one of the newest additions to the Savannah dance club scene. The bar's interior features an arctic theme, complete with walls that resemble ice cubes, couches adorned with fuzzy white pillows, a sleek white bar, cascading ice-like chandeliers and a decorative snow elk head. If that's not enough to convince you that you've stepped out of Savannah's heat and into the coolest dance club in town, just check out the snow bunny cocktail waitresses and their skimpy, white, furry outfits. SubZero has a great selection of drinks, a fantastic dance floor and a rotating selection of theme nights guaranteed to get you up on your feet.


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