10 Best Home-Style Restaurants: Fried, Smothered, Southern

You can get fried chicken anywhere, but if you want it full of flavor and served with love, then head to one of Savannah’s many home-style restaurants. The city’s down-home eateries are all about fresh, homemade comfort food and personable service.

One of the best home-style restaurants in Savannah is Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room, a lunch spot that’s been a favorite among locals and tourists for years. Guests at Mrs. Wilkes sit at family-style tables and pass around platters and dishes filled with comfort food favorites like fried chicken, beef stew, mac and cheese, and biscuits. 

Those looking for something a little more contemporary should check out Sweet Potatoes, a Midtown restaurant with mouthwatering meatloaf, fried catfish, collards, lima beans, corn pudding and more. Café Florie, located in the city’s Thomas Square Streetcar neighborhood, also puts a modern twist on home-style cooking.

For more traditional home-style cooking, be sure to stop by Sisters, Masada Café, Holland House and the Garden of Eden, four eateries that specialize in good-ole Southern cuisine and soul food.

Two long-time Savannah restaurants also give patrons a taste of home-style cooking– Johnny Harris, which has been a local favorite since it opened its doors in 1924, and the Pirates' House, an eatery that will delight both kids and adults.

And you can’t mention home-style cooking without talking about Paula Deen. The Queen of Southern cooking still draws a crowd at her popular restaurant The Lady & Sons, a down-home eatery that serves Paula classics like fried chicken and gooey butter cake.

Historic District
Pirates' House


With a tradition of hospitality dating back to 1753, this establishment did, indeed, cater to seamen early on. These days, it's got a more sedate clientele, and they're more inclined to gluttony than to marauding. Locals frequently recommend the...  Read More



Paula Deen's restaurant remains packed despite recent controversies that have tarnished the celebrity chef's reputation. The popular buffet features an array of classic Deen dishes, including Southern fried chicken, collard greens and gooey...  Read More

Holland House
Photo courtesy of Amy Pine


For the past four decades, this small, unassuming Midtown eatery has been serving Southern and soul food favorites to devoted local patrons. The restaurant's daily buffet menu features a rotating selection of meats and side dishes, among them...  Read More



Everyone knows that those potluck meals at church produce some of the best-tasting Southern food around. What if you could eat that down-home church food year-round? Enter Masada Cafe at the United House of Prayer for All People, a restaurant...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Sisters


If you're longing for one of those unforgettable Sunday meals your grandma made, then head to Sisters, a family-owned eatery that specializes in traditional Southern fare. There's nothing fancy on Sisters' menu, just standard, hearty classics...  Read More



Sweet Potatoes touts itself as serving "endearing food," and this popular Midtown eatery, indeed, specializes in the kind of familiar comfort food your grandmamma made. The restaurant offers an array of salads and sandwiches, but it's the...  Read More

Historic District
Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room


When President Obama visited Savannah during his first term, he ate at only one restaurant: Mrs. Wilkes' Dining House. It's no wonder that the Commander in Chief chose this Jones Street staple, which has been serving family-style meals for...  Read More


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