Berlin's 10 Best Sites for Lovers of History

With such a long, rich and varied history to it's name, Berlin is quite literally brimming with incredible historical sites, making selecting just 10 particularly difficult. This 10 best list therefore contains a variety of must-see historic sites well worth a visit whilst you're in the city- from centuries-old Palaces to what remains of the Berlin Wall. No matter where your interests lie when it comes to history, there are bound to be a few places which will have you wrapped in information and artefacts. 

Those interested in taking a look at some of Berlin's most famous and beautiful architectural delights should head to Brandenburger Tor and the berlin Fernsehturm, possibly the citys two most iconic landmarks. For stunning Baroque and Rococo buildings head to Charlottenburg Palace and the Gendarmenmarkt (known for being the most beautiful square in Berlin). 

For those looking to learn more about the city's recent history, the East Side Gallery is an incredible site to visit being Berlin's longest remaining stretch of the original inner and outer Berlin Wall. The 'Palace of Tears' and Checkpoint Charlie are also well worth a visit for a more in depth look into the history of the Wall.

Even just wandering around this amazing, historically rich city, you're bound to stumble upon remnants of buildings destroyed during the war or a section of still standing Wall- every part of Berlin has a story to tell.



Home to the French Cathedral, German Cathedral and Konzerthaus (Concert Hall, formerly Playhouse), the Gendarmenmarkt is situated in Berlin's historical Mitte and is commonly known as "the most beautiful square in Berlin." Originally built as a...  Read More



Located on the Spree River, just in front of Friedrichstrasse U-Bahn, is what was and still is more commonly referred to as the 'Palace of Tears'. What was once the heavily patrolled departure terminal for the East to the West border crossing,...  Read More

Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf


Originally built in 1699 as a summer home for Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Elector Fredrick III, and later expanded into a stately residence, this stunning Prussian building is the only remaining, and thus now the largest, palace in Berlin. The...  Read More

Berliner Dom


The Berliner Dom (or Berlin cathedral) is a Protestant church, which can be found in the midst of Spree Island, commonly known as Museum Island, in Mitte. This beautiful cathedral has a long history and has undergone a number of amendments to...  Read More



Arguably now the city's most famous border crossing from the time of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie sits at the base of the bustling Friedrichstrasse, now popular for its fantastic selection of shops and cafes. The checkpoint is easily...  Read More

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This beautiful public square in the heart of Mitte is home to the stunning buildings of the State Opera house, Humboldt University Law Faculty and St. Hedwigs Cathedral, located along the famous Unter Den Linden boulevard. It was also the site...  Read More

Berliner Fernsehturm


Originally constructed in 1965 to be the citys tallest tower and a symbol of triumphant socialism, now the Berlin Fernsehturm (TV Tower) acts as a symbol of the city (and as a fantastic point of reference for lost tourists), visible for miles...  Read More



Now popular with tourists wanting to climb its modern dome design, the Reichstag (or House of Parliament) has been an important part of German history ever since its original construction in 1894. Badly damaged by both a fire and as a result of...  Read More



Berlin's East Side Gallery is made up of a stretch of what was once the Berlin Wall, now displaying political artworks from the time of the walls fall. It is located along the Spree River and is the longest lasting outdoor gallery in the world....  Read More

Pariser Platz
Brandenburger Tor


Arguably the most well recognized landmark in Berlin, the Brandenburg gate is a deceivingly large sandstone structure (reflective of the Acropolis in Athens) built in 1791. Its original purpose was to serve as the gateway to the city but...  Read More


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