Ten of Berlin's Best Cafes for Coffee, Cake and So Much More

Café culture is rife in Berlin, and its not hard to find a nice place to stop for Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake.) This made selecting the 10Best both a blessing and a curse as there really are a number of places (cute, quirky or otherwise) worthy of a mention. And so, this list developed into more of a compilation of ten un-missable places, varying in specialty and atmosphere but never quality. So whether you’re after a world class coffee on-the-go, a family friendly place to enjoy a nice drink and delicious nibbles or a cozy spot to sit with a refreshment and connect to free wifi to get in touch with your loved ones at home, you’re bound to find something suited to your needs.

Berlin has a fixation on fair-trade, organic and bio products with many places putting real emphasis on homemade and seasonal dishes. The care and quality is evident in the final product, meaning you’re never left disappointed with your purchase and making avoiding temptation far less beneficial and that much harder! I’ve certainly done the rounds in the sweets testing department during my time in the city and have very rarely been let down by my choices. During your stay, I would highly recommend sampling (from the relevant recommendations on this list) fresh waffles, homemade ice-cream and an exquisite cappuccino or latte- you’ll find they’re among some of the finest in the world.


Bunte Schokowelt Berlin
Photo courtesy of Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt

Now this is a bit of a novelty and I would highly suggest it for somewhere fun to go with the kids (or for those of you who may love their hot chocolates a little more than their coffees). Ritter Sport is a German made brand of chocolate sold globally (but when in Germany...) Berlin hosts a 'chocoworld' entirely dedicated to the stuff and inside this museum you'll find this chocolate lovers haven. It is of course the place to go for all things chocolate, allowing you to sample some of Ritter Sports chocolate specialties as well as a range of other goodies. The café is roomy, brightly decorated (like the chocolate bars) and really is an experience. Not only this, but the chocolate varieties themselves are delicious and you're sure to stumble upon at least a few flavor combinations you might just have to sample...

Local Expert tip: Try the peppermint hot chocolate (with complimentary Ritter Sport chocolate square) YUM!

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Complete with chandelier and comfy seating, Pro Macchina is the cozy little cafe connected to a coffee store selling professional machinery, ingredients and general coffee paraphernalia- so you know it's good! Both with separate entrances but completely open to one another, the café provides a relaxed atmosphere with the opportunity to browse all of the coffee-related goodies. Aside from the obvious focus on coffee, there is also a very tempting little fridge at the counter filled with sandwiches, cakes and other baked goods to have along with your favorite beverage.

Local Expert tip: Although purchasing an industrial coffee machine may not be on the travel agenda, it's always fun to browse! Great coffee with a novel twist to the shop.

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Photo courtesy of Rachel Beckley

As the name suggests, Barista cafés main point of focus is quality coffee expertly made- and that is precisely what you get, in a warm, comfortable environment. The interior is inviting with the choice of bar or table seating, ideal for simply relaxing with a newspaper or chatting with friends. Outside you will find ample seating with beautiful views of this picturesque and lively street. Not merely serving coffee, the café also has a range of cakes and light snack options. For those of you who mind, Barista gives you the option of non-fat milk, which in Europe, outside of coffeehouse chains is very hard to find. This café certainly shines in the summertime with the vibrant green foliage gracing the street.

Local Expert tip: Don't pass up trying one of the cakes or pastries- the place is known for having arguably one of the best croissants outside of France!

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If you're looking for great coffee and snacks, a pleasant atmosphere in a not so over-crowded place, wifi and newspapers at an incredibly affordable price then Pfeiffers is the place to go. Surrounded by competitors, this little café still manages to be a standout and it's the little things that count. With friendly and attentive staff, great food and beverage options (which cause very little damage to the bank balance) a number of comfy places to sit in a relaxed environment, and a complimentary biscuit with your coffee, this really is an inviting place to come for a little break. As a novelty they also sell some souvenirs, so you can get working on those post-cards to send back home!

Local Expert tip: Don't miss out on their great coffee and cake deal for just 3.50euro- yum!

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This quaint little Kreuzberg café is the ideal spot to come for a relaxing escape from the bustle of the city. As the name suggests, it's all about quality coffee and fresh, made to order bagels (wraps and ciabattas), making it the perfect stop for a very satisfying refuel. It's easy to lose time in this Victoriana setting, (where you're likely to find yourself seated in old wooden theatre chairs) and the ever-friendly staff never make you feel like you're overstaying your welcome. The food itself is fresh and there are a number of filling options, with your order made in front of you. As well as bagels etc, there is a range of tempting baked treats on offer to compliment the superb coffee.

Local Expert tip: The café provides W-LAN, so if you're looking for somewhere quiet and atmospheric (and not a coffee chain) to do some work or reconnect with those at home, this is the place to go.

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This adorable little café inspires imagery of strawberry cupcakes and tea parties. Jars filled with candy grace the shelves behind the counter and everything from the paint work to the pastel tablecloths make you feel like a child with a sugar craving- and you might as well act like one because the sweets are delicious! Firstly, everything visible looks absolutely scrumptious making it extremely difficult to get your head around what you want to order! The menu offers the freshest and tastiest waffles, tarts, crepes, cakes, pies and ice-cream, and all your favorite hot beverage options are available as well as a fantastic list of freshly squeezed juices. The staff are bubbly and helpful, only adding to the fun and cheerful atmosphere of the place (which is almost sickeningly sweet- but oh so wonderful!)

Local Expert tip: The salted-caramel flavored ice cream is mind-blowingly delicious making it a definite must-try and the waffles are among the best in the city!

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Whether or not you happen to be in the vicinity of this gorgeous café, I would highly recommend making a stop here! Katie's Blue Cat sources its coffee from Bonanza's Coffee Heroes (aka arguably Berlins best coffee roasters) and sells it alongside magnificent homemade cakes and baked treats. The selection is incredible with a variety of recipes for favorites from all over the world, including but not limited to pies, cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Their specialty however, lies is making North American and British baked goods scarcely found in the city- so if you're after a divine slice of New York style cheesecake alongside an impeccably made coffee, or a comforting cup of tea and a warm scone with clotted cream and jam, this is the place to go!

Local Expert tip: The same quality coffee as Bonanza's Coffee Heroes with a more comfortable cafe atmosphere and great variety of baked goodies to accompany your beverage.

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The Barn is a boutique coffee shop located in Mitte, which is all about quality produce and perfect execution to make the most superb food and coffee. Atmospherically, you really do feel like you're in a farmers barn- well, a very clean and well maintained one. Staff are dressed in plaid and all the bench tops and tables are made of worn timber. When it comes to the coffee, notable is the level of training evidently required by all employed baristas and the lengths they go to to ensure the freshest and best beans. Great care is also taken to ensure the finest quality of even the milk used, which is sourced locally from a farm just outside the city and is delivered daily and furthermore, each coffee is made using fresh milk- never re-steamed. Same too with the food- delicious and fresh ingredients are used to recreate an abundance of both sweet and savory, home-made dishes from old family recipes. It is these elements that work to provide a real rustic, country feel to your dining experience making The Barn well worth a visit.

Local Expert tip: The ideal spot when you're after coffee and something a little more than just cake.

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If you're searching for quality roasted coffee beans and moist, homemade cakes, all prepared in-house, then look no further than Five Elephant. This modest café located in Kreuzberg is known for being passionate about the quality of its produce and the excellence of its product. The coffee (sourced fair-trade from all over the globe) is superior in every sense- from the roasted beans to the perfectly steamed milk. The cakes on offer vary depending on what produce is in season and locally available but include old favorites like apple, carrot and pear, as well as more indulgent double chocolate poppy, Swedish blueberry or Philly cheesecake.

Local Expert tip: You can't go wrong with a fruity cake option as it will only be available if the fruit is in season and delicious!

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Bonanza's Coffee Heroes
Photo courtesy of Rachel Beckley

For serious coffee connoisseurs, this place is heaven. Voted by 'The Economist' as one of the top 5 places to drink your coffee in the world, Bonanza's prides itself on coffee perfection in every possible facet. The café boasts a selection of beans from all over the globe (available not only to drink but also to purchase) roasted to absolute perfection and served however you like it. There is extensive outdoor seating space making it an ideal spot to sit in the summertime, however inside is rather cramped given the sheer volume of customers on a regular basis. This aside, the interior decor is minimal but quaint with bags of beans and various coffee paraphernalia lining the walls. There is no question of the expertise of the baristas here and you are guaranteed an extremely satisfying caffeine hit for a very reasonable 2-3euros.

Local Expert tip: If you find yourself visiting Bonanza's Coffee Heroes on a particularly busy day and struggle to find seating, grab a take-away and wander a little further down the street until you reach Mauer Park (Wall Park) which as the name would suggest, contains remnants of the Berlin wall as well as hosts Berlins best flea Market every Sunday.

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