10 Best: Berlin City Guide to the Most Delicious Chinese Restaurants

Any person who has lived in Berlin for a number of years knows one rule regarding Chinese food: one has to travel not east, but west, to find the best Chinese food Berlin has on offer. Traditionally, this has been the West Berlin districts of Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf. It is for this reason that the first restaurant on this list, Good Friends, is not only the oldest and tastiest, but also one of the most revered Chinese restaurants in the city. Good Friends is located on Kantstraße, a West Berliner street better known to locals as Kantonstraße. (This being a clever play on the German word for Cantonese, Kantonesisch.)

All rules, however, are made to be broken - and in a city rapidly being recast within the fires of gentrification, this old rule of thumb is one that is increasingly being rendered irrelevant. In order to truly reflect the cultural variety of Berlin, the restaurants on this 10Best list run the gamut between holes in the wall to upscale, Michelin star rated restaurants. Some are super trendy (Long March Canteen), some culinary innovators (Tim Raue), some cheap bites (Walk To Wok), and others the very founders of Berlin Chinese food scene (Good Friends, Ming Dynastie I).

Conveniently enough, many of these restaurants are located close to important tourist destinations such as KaDeWe, the TV Tower, and Schloss Charlottenburg, to name just a few. But most importantly, this list confirms that one doesn’t need to traverse the globe in order to find top Chinese fare – indeed, Berlin has it on abundant offer. 


Formerly located on the Simon-Dach Straße, Le Lamian has recently moved into new digs at the Mani Hotel in Berlin Mitte. The head chef, Qiu Bao, specializes in Shanghai, or Hu cuisine. Le Lamian serves hearty, MSG-free cuisine that makes ample use of fresh ingredients – one of Bao's consistently well-rated dishes is a broiled bass dish with noodles. Le Lamian also has an excellent and extensive wine list that can be paired nicely with multiple course menus. For those who want to try a large selection of choice dishes, Le Lamian offers a generous 15 course tasting menu every second Thursday per month, which begins punctually at 7:30pm.

Local Expert tip: Le Lamian offers a complimentary babysitting service for parents that would like to enjoy an evening apart from their little ones.

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Wok To Walk is a European based Chinese fast food chain - the only difference being that Wok To Walk prides itself on fresh, nutritious, tasty food that is cooked in front of your eyes and served to you in minutes. Therefore, not only is it fast and affordable, but its also delicious and healthy. The menu is built upon on a easy three step ordering process: 1) choose a base of rice, noodles, or veggies; 2) add your favorite toppings; and 3) finish it with a sauce. Wok To Walk is located in the very scene neighborhood of Mitte, next to the beloved Dolores, and within earshot of many high-end fashion boutiques. This location makes its ideal spot for taking a quick, delicious bite of Chinese food to recharge before tackling all the tourism and shopping you want to do.

Local Expert tip: Afterwards, you can also walk over to the Fernsehturm, or TV Tower at Alexanderplatz, which is located around the corner.

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Consistently good Chinese food, Tian Fu has already opened two restaurants in Berlin. They are also located in the Chinatown portion of Berlin, similar to Good Friends and Aroma. They specialize in the Sichuan culinary tradition - the food that originates from the southern portion of China, most well-represented by the cities of Chengdu and Chongqing. Sichuan food is especially known for its spicy dishes and so those in search of a spicy kick need look no further. Tian Fu, however, also gladly accommodates those guests that prefer something more on the mild side. Tian Fu is especially suited for large groups and is even available for catering.

Local Expert tip: Be sure to visit their associated and well-stocked Asian Supermarket of the same name in order to pick up your favorite Chinese foods for home.

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Located in the Schöneberg district and not too far away from the Kaufhaus Des Westens, or KaDeWe for short, is Just Dim Sum. Just Dim Sum is allegedly modeled to look like a Hong Kong diner. The restaurant has modern ambiance and is full of brightly colored, warm lamp shades from the 50s. From the dining area one has an unobstructed view to the open kitchen – always a good sign from a restaurant – where at least three chefs are always frantically running around. As the name suggests, Just Dim Sum is all about fresh and homemade dumplings. The menu offers over 30 different types, ranging from pork to shrimp (or a mix of both). Other dumplings are vegetarian, with options such as spinach or radish, and there are also some more exotic combinations, such as beef and scallions. Whatever the particular type, one thing is clear: all Dim Sum options are made with fresh ingredients and care. At this authentic Hong Kong restaurant, the prices are also quite reasonable, so you won't have to break the bank enjoying some fine Cantonese cooking.

Local Expert tip: For a variety of tastes, try one of the multiple course "Hong Kong Menus" in order to get a better idea of the full spectrum of Dim Sum (Dim Sum originates from Hong Kong).

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Newly opened in Berlin Kreuzberg, this trendy restaurant is known for its Shanghai, or Sichuan cuisine. Located on the hip Wrangelstraße, when one enters Long March Canteen one descends into an iron staircase in a flurry of activity. Long, dark wooden benches host a decidedly young and trendy crowd looking to wash down some wantan with cold rounds of Tsintao beer. Neon lights displaying the name of the restaurant and assorted Chinese character set a compelling contrast next to stacks of traditional Chinese woven boxes filled with dumplings steamed to perfection. The menu has an inventive list of warm and cold dim sum options and a variety of other equally inspired grilled and baked dishes. At Long March ok To Walk is about fresh, nutritious, tasty food that is cooked in front of your eyes and served to you in minutes..Canteen, its good to take a cue from the menu and "Let your chopsticks do the talking."

Local Expert tip: There is a large selection of baked, steamed, or "in soup" dumplings – they function as delicious appetizers and even better as full meals.

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Ming Dynastie I is located directly across the street from the Chinese Embassy, which is surely a vote of confidence from the Chinese nationals who frequently patronize it. The service at Ming Dynastie is always warm and friendly and the food very authentic; in other words, it is not too Europeanized (read: lacking spice). Ming Dynastie I has since become so popular that Ming Dynasties II, III, IV, and V has also recently opened in Berlin, making this one of most delicious and successful Chinese restaurant chains in the city. Ming Dynastie restaurants are also tailored to accommodating larger groups, so don't be shy about making a large reservation here.

Local Expert tip: A good tip is to come for the all you can eat weekend buffet in order to sample a number of different dishes.

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Peking Ente, or Peking Duck (Ente being the German word for "duck") is arguably one of the most famous Chinese dishes worldwide. In the eponymous restaurant, Chef Mengling Tang and her Peking duck dish defintely do not disappoint. This culinary specialty - crispy duck meat with soybean sauce, onion, and cucumber all rolled up into a sort of Chinese pancake - leaves the mouth salivating for more. The owners Tang and Liu emigrated to Berlin from China in 1989 and one can still feel the GDR Eastern charm in the interior. Though the interior is plain without much Chinese decoration, the food is simply unparalleled. The kitchen team nicely combines the traditional cooking approach with modern Chinese eating culture.

Local Expert tip: It almost goes without saying that one must order the Peking Duck. But if you're searching for something else, the shrimp in wasabi-mayonnaise are also delicious

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Tim Raue Berlin is the brainchild of Germany's top celebrity chef of the eponymous name. TR Berlin bears the distinction of being the only Berlin restaurant receiving two Michelin stars - this award is made all the more distinguishing because Berlin as a city has only a handful of Michelin rated restaurants. Raue is especially known for his innovative Asian fusion cuisine and the Chinese stamp is unmistakably stamped all over the refined menu: there is the six course, so-called "Unique Menu," the four course "Winter Menu," in addition to a la carte options and an extensive and impressive wine list. It must be conceded that relative to other restaurants on this list, Tim Raue Berlin is decidedly upscale and very much a fine-dining experience. For this reason, one should also expect to pay - and dress - accordingly.

Local Expert tip: Tim Raue has an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious mix of minimalism and has some of the best and most attentive service in a city not known for it.

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Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf

Not far from Good Friends and also located on Kantstraße is Aroma. They have one of the tastiest and largest selections of Dim Sum in the city – if one is craving Dim Sum, this is apparently the place to go. (Interesting fun fact: Dim Sum in Cantonese literally translates to "A Little Bit of Heart." Adorable.) Aroma reminds me of Chinese restaurants that I used to frequent in the States: those with thick carpets, an all-male wait staff, and high prices. Though finding good Cantonese food in Berlin can sometimes be a challenge, Aroma delivers in delicious ways. Another plus sign is that there are always Chinese families dining there. Additionally, Aroma has a number of very large tables so it is also ideal for large groups.

Local Expert tip: Open until late (3am) so you can eat your favorite Chinese on the way home from a night out.

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Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf

Though with an unassuming facade and plain interior decor, Good Friends is widely regarded as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Berlin. Good Friends and Aroma (the next on the list) are located literally down the street from one another and make this portion of Kantstraße the heart of Berlin's Chinatown. Good Friends has a tremendous selection of authentic and delicious dishes - their menu is astonishingly extensive. From favorites Peking duck to Cantonese home-cooking, they create meals exactly like the ones you would eat in China. Its no wonder that the restaurant is a favorite of both locals and Chinese immigrants alike.

Local Expert tip: Be sure to check out the daily changing fish specialties. If you're too lazy or its too cold to go out, they also deliver...

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