Berlin's 10 Best Spots For A Delicious Lunch

It can be hard when travelling to fit in a good lunch, and more often than not, you discover you're hungry somewhere between tourist attractions and end up sitting in a tourist-trap restaurant, over-paying for average quality food... or worse, at McDonalds. This 10Best list aims to help you avoid these all too common situations, with recommendations for places to go for a delicious lunch that you'll actually WANT to schedule into your itinerary!

If you feel there is simply too much to see and do in Berlin, that you don't have time for a leisurely sit-down lunch, then we have you covered with a few of Berlins best take-away options (no...they're genuinely really good). For the most incredible, gourmet kebab, head to Mustafa's in Kreuzberg. To try the traditional German favourite 'currywurst' at its absolute best, give Curry 36 a go. For another culturally relevant lunch option in a hurry, Burgermeister does wonders to the humble hamburger, making for a truly satisfying lunch!

For a more relaxed, sit down experience with delicious and fresh menu options, try The Barn, where the focus is on using fresh, seasonal produce to make rustic, home-made goodies. Alternatively, pop into Antipodes for a fantastic soup or toastie, or Suicide Sue for fabulous home-made breads and preserves/ cold cuts. 

Whatever your in the mood for and however much time you have, you're sure to find somewhere on this list to suit your lunchtime needs.


Looking for a fast, tasty and culturally appropriate lunch between exploring tourist sites? For those who may not yet know, currywurst is a German dish (and Berliner favourite) essentially made up of cooked sausage in a sort of curry-ketchup sauce. It makes for a fantastic lunch option and can be found all over the city at various street vendors however, Curry 36 is the place to try this classic German dish at its absolute best, as it is well renowned for having the top currywurst in all of Berlin. The pavement in front of the stall is always overrun with people queueing or eating (especially at lunch time), but the service is fast and the tasty treat will no doubt be devoured before you know it!

Local Expert tip: If you've developed a taste for their tomato sauce, you can take home a bottle or two of Original Curry 36 Ketchup. There's a second, newer branch, outside Zoo Station.

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Situated in the fashionable district of Prenzlauer Berg, surrounded by boutique shops, cafes and bars and always bustling with people, is Cafe November. The cafe/restaurant boasts a very extensive menu, including an array of lunch options guaranteed to suit any taste. Lunch time is ideal for dining here as literally the entire menu is available (breakfast is served until 4pm) with the menu offering everything from pasta to viennese steak. Along with all of this, there is a display cabinet filled with the most incredible looking cakes imaginable! Everything is beautifully presented and tastes amazing, staff are attentive and provide excellent, professional service and the prices are very reasonable.

Local Expert tip: November has plenty of on street seating which is ideal in this area as it's so beautiful and lively, particularly in the summertime.

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Looking for something quick, tasty and even a little bit culturally appropriate for lunch? Deceptively located directly under a railway overpass (which is oddly not uncommon in this city!) at Schleisestor U-Bahn, Burgermeister is a bit of an institution when it comes to gourmet burgers in Berlin. The menu isn't overly extravagant and doesn't venture far beyond beef patties with different toppings, but none-the-less includes your classic hamburger, chili burger, BBQ burger and even the option of a tofu burger. The buns are soft and sweet, the patties are cooked to perfection and the toppings are fresh and tasty. Side dishes are minimal and pretty much range from either fries or chili-cheese fries with a variety of sauces available. There are also fridges full of drinks including beer. When it comes down to it, Burgermeister is really all about the burgers with very few frills... but they certainly know their stuff.

Local Expert tip: It's always hard to find a seat here, especially at lunch time. There is a reasonable amount of standing/leaning space available however it might be an idea to grab your burger and go.

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Distinctly located on the corner of Rosenthalerstr. and Torstr. right in the heart of the lively Rosenthaler Platz, St. Oberholz is the perfect, centrally located 'go to' spot for wifi hunters from all over the city. Here, you'll find yourself amongst a sea of laptops, hunched over by net-surfers quietly going about their business. Lucky for them, the café provides a great selection of sweet and savoury lunch options including but not limited to pancakes, foccaccias, bagels, cakes and pastries to keep their brains fueled and fingers tapping away. There is also an ever-changing daily menu as well as a variety of fresh juices and coffee- the perfect spot for a bite of lunch whilst reconnecting with those at home or planning your days activities!

Local Expert tip: This is a great guilt-free spot to spend your lunchtime taking advantage of the free wifi (everybody's doing it!)

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Originally an American name, Barcomi's has successfully integrated into the city of Berlin. Located in a beautiful courtyard in Mitte, the cafe/ deli offers some scrumptious lunch menu options- not to mention the extensive list of mouth-water cakes (mental note: they're renowned for their brownies!) Sitting amongst the greenery in the sunshine, with a glass of beer or wine, you can select from a range of wraps, sandwiches, bagels, salads, soups and lasagne for lunch. And for after, (as well as all the scrumptious cakes) there are a number of pastries available- the perfect accompaniment for one of their coffees (they offer 13 different types...) Everything is delicious and well presented and the staff are very attentive and friendly, making Barcomi's a wonderful place to enjoy a long, lazy lunch.

Local Expert tip: If possible, try to make a booking to see the Hoffman collection- Berlin's first private gallery open to the public from inside the couples own home. The collection overlooks the courtyard where Barcomi's is located so you can pop in for lunch before or after.

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An absolute favourite with locals (to the extent that you can now even buy t-shirts and curry pastes), Monsieur Vuong is a vibrant Vietnamese restaurant, always buzzing with people. Unfortunately, they are unable to take reservations due to the sheer popularity of the place, however service is quick and people are constantly coming in and out, so don't be alarmed if there's a queue (plus it's very much worth the wait). With a relatively modest menu and an ever-changing specials board, Monsieur Vuong's manages to serve up the freshest and tastiest Vietnamese dishes at a very reasonable price. They also offer a great selection of beverages, including delicious alcoholic smoothies. Located in Mitte and open from midday each day, this is the perfect place to come for a scrumptious lunch with a lively atmosphere, that won't eat up too much of your time.

Local Expert tip: Be sure to check out the specials board before ordering and try the spring rolls and an alcoholic smoothie!

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In complete and confusing contrast to the name, Suicide Sue is a bright, modern and relaxed cafe, beautifully decorated in such a way that you feel as though you're in somebody's private home. Suicide Sue's concept is simple- its all about quality bread and coffee. On offer for lunch is an incredible range of fresh, homemade breads of the most intriguing ingredient combinations and a great selection of cold cuts to be served along with it. They also put great emphasis on quality coffee and have a very tempting array of delicious cakes on offer to accompany your beverage. Prices are perhaps slightly extravagant by Berlin standards, however you're paying for a fantastic, comfortable atmosphere as well as the freshest and tastiest home-made product, so it's worth the slight splurge.

Local Expert tip: Also very popular for their breakfasts and brunch.

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Photo courtesy of Antipodes

Antipodes is a Kiwi owned and run caf� boasting delicious organic coffee, delicious lunches and an array of tantalizing treats. The caf� itself is simple with vibrant furnishings and emits a light-hearted and fun feel- with the delightful staff (who are the epitome of 'service with a smile') only adding to the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Well known for their magnificent coffee, Antipodes also boasts an all day breakfast menu, a range of fresh and hearty soups as well as gourmet toasted sandwiches also making it the ideal stop off for a substantial and delicious lunch. What's more, there is a mouth-watering selection of homemade baked goods too irresistible to ignore.

Local Expert tip: One of the best things about this place is the genuine warmth and friendliness of the staff who make it a delight to sit and have a bite to eat.

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The Barn is a boutique coffee shop located in Mitte, which is all about quality produce and perfect execution to make the most superb food and coffee. Atmospherically, you really do feel like you're in a farmers barn- well, a very clean and well maintained one. Staff are dressed in plaid and all the bench tops and tables are made of worn timber. When it comes to the food, the most delicious and fresh ingredients (where possible, sourced from local growers) are used to recreate an abundance of both sweet and savory, home-made dishes from old family recipes. You can expect to find a great range of mouth-watering lunch options on the menu, including fresh and hearty sandwiches, quiches, scones and cakes as well as German deli meats sourced from Munich. It is these elements that work to provide a real rustic, country feel to your dining experience making The Barn well worth a visit.

Local Expert tip: The ideal spot for a comfortable sit down lunch with the freshest and most delicious rustic food.

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Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap
Photo courtesy of Conor O'Rourke

Only in Berlin could a kebab sold by a street vendor be internationally renowned as a culinary delight. Mustafa's is a Trip Advisor recognized taste bud tickler, selling a chicken or vegetarian kebab for a mere 2.90euros. With limited seating and more often than not, a somewhat deterring queue, this really is more of an 'on-the-go' lunch option. The dish on offer is so much more than simply a kebab. With your choice of traditional wrap or bun, the very substantial dish is made up of 3 delicious sauces, fresh salad mix, lightly fried vegetables (including carrot and potato) and the most succulent chicken from the spit. All this, topped off with herbs, spices and a squeeze of lemon... oh and did I mention feta cheese? Located at Mehringdammstr. 32, Kreuzberg, literally on top of Mehringdamm U-Bahn (U6) and unmistakable due to its guaranteed queue, Mustafa's is an easy lunch stop on your tourist trail.

Local Expert tip: Unless you're happy to queue for around 30minutes (and if you've got the time, it is well worth the wait!) try visiting outside of standard meal times.

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