10 Best Berlin Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants That Deserve a Visit

The classic German dietary cliché hinges upon sausage and beer. The Octoberfest festival, which takes place in Munich, is explicitly celebrated in honor of these twin German cultural cornerstones. Nevertheless, in recent years Berlin - being the cosmopolitan, avant-garde capital and all - has become quite content to reject their Bavarian neighbors traditional ways. In search of alternative yet healthy, more sustainable ways of sustenance, the population of Berlin has increasingly turned towards strictly vegetable-based culinary traditions.

In this way, then, vegetarianism and veganism have been rapidly gaining momentum as attractive and dare I say, even trendy, dietary options. Often times, such diets metamorphosize into complete ways of being, as the certitude of the ethical and moral underpinnings fueling such decisions are quite passionate. Indeed, what the German's call bio – in a word, "organic" - has become a veritable obsession in Berlin and restaurants catering exclusively to bio-crazed herbivores are blossoming across the city.

This list is intended to give you a comprehensive overview of the tastiest vegetarian and vegan restaurants that Berlin offers – and rest assured, these are in no short supply. Per usual, the selections from this 10 Best list run the spectrum from fast food places (Yellow Sunshine, Vego Foodworld) to more gourmet options (Cookies Cream, La Mano Verde). Whatever your particular fancy, know that the food is so good at these select establishments that sometimes you will forget you are even eating vegetarian or vegan (read: especially helpful for those stubborn carnivores who don't take vegetarians seriously).



Vego Foodworld is best described as a vegan fast food place owing to the fact that it is very unpretentious. But Vego Foodworld also proves that fast food does not mean food that is flat-out unhealthy and shoddily prepared. At Vego, the menu is...  Read More

Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf


Natural'Mente is a high quality yet reasonably priced lunch restaurant in Charlottenburg, not far away from the Schloss Charlottenburg. The beauty of this restaurant lies in its simplicity. The whitewashed walls, sculptures and plants provide a...  Read More



Sure, there are many vegan joints in Berlin, but none have the ability to take on ethnically inspired dishes (in this particular case, Brazilian) the way VUX does. Moreover, all this delicious food is prepared without animal products (as a...  Read More



Yellow Sunshine is healthy fast food joint within walking distance of the famed G--rlitzer Park in the district of Kreuzberg. For this reason, during the summer, one can order take-out and eat outside on their tables or even in the Park. The use...  Read More



Lucky Leek is a gourmet vegetarian restaurant located close to the K--llwitzplatz in Prenzlauerberg. It occupies an intimate, small space and remains quite cozy, with seating both indoors and out. Each course at this restaurant is wonderfully...  Read More



This all-vegan restaurant was formerly an Irish pub, meaning that it still retains the full bar and lots of cozy, wood-panelled seating areas. After leaving La Mano Verde, Head Chef Steffen Weigel has offered completely vegan food here since...  Read More



Run by former Vietnamese refugees, Sam--dhi is one of, if not the best Asian, vegetarian restaurant in Berlin. There is an extensive selection of dishes deriving from all across Southeast Asia. Sam--dhi offer currys, sates, pad thai, and lots of...  Read More



Cookies Cream is associated with Cookies, a famous nightclub that the Berlin glitterati frequent. And just like its eponymous Club, Cookies Cream is so good and gorgeous that all patrons leave impressed. To enter, one must pass via the service...  Read More


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