10 Best Berlin Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants That Deserve a Visit

The classic German dietary cliché hinges upon sausage and beer. The Octoberfest festival, which takes place in Munich, is explicitly celebrated in honor of these twin German cultural cornerstones. Nevertheless, in recent years Berlin - being the cosmopolitan, avant-garde capital and all - has become quite content to reject their Bavarian neighbors traditional ways. In search of alternative yet healthy, more sustainable ways of sustenance, the population of Berlin has increasingly turned towards strictly vegetable-based culinary traditions.

In this way, then, vegetarianism and veganism have been rapidly gaining momentum as attractive and dare I say, even trendy, dietary options. Often times, such diets metamorphosize into complete ways of being, as the certitude of the ethical and moral underpinnings fueling such decisions are quite passionate. Indeed, what the German's call bio – in a word, "organic" - has become a veritable obsession in Berlin and restaurants catering exclusively to bio-crazed herbivores are blossoming across the city.

This list is intended to give you a comprehensive overview of the tastiest vegetarian and vegan restaurants that Berlin offers – and rest assured, these are in no short supply. Per usual, the selections from this 10 Best list run the spectrum from fast food places (Yellow Sunshine, Vego Foodworld) to more gourmet options (Cookies Cream, La Mano Verde). Whatever your particular fancy, know that the food is so good at these select establishments that sometimes you will forget you are even eating vegetarian or vegan (read: especially helpful for those stubborn carnivores who don't take vegetarians seriously).


Vego Foodworld is best described as a vegan fast food place owing to the fact that it is very unpretentious. But Vego Foodworld also proves that fast food does not mean food that is flat-out unhealthy and shoddily prepared. At Vego, the menu is plain but simple: there is a large variety of tasty burgers, schnitzels (!), curry sausages and several wraps. Moreover, there are six types of vegan pizza that are all delicious. Though similar in some ways to Yellow Sunshine, Vego Foodworld is located in the Prenzlauerberg district. It is worthwhile for all vegetarian and vegan fans to drop by Vego for a quick spot as it will surely not disappoint.

Local Expert tip: Vego caters to every need with the burgers, whether one prefers a tofu, seitan, or veggie patties. Also tipworthy is the gyro wrap.

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Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf

Natural'Mente is a high quality yet reasonably priced lunch restaurant in Charlottenburg, not far away from the Schloss Charlottenburg. The beauty of this restaurant lies in its simplicity. The whitewashed walls, sculptures and plants provide a pleasing ambiance in which guests can appreciate the fine macrobiotic and vegetarian cuisine. While the staples of the menu are quiches and grain dishes, the Italian owner infuses a distinctly Mediterranean touch into all his culinary creations. Unfortunately, the restaurant is only open from Mondays through Fridays from noon to 330pm, so one must come at these times in order to enjoy the tasty dishes. Do not be mislead by these atypical hours, however; Natural'Mente also does a large catering business, so they are plenty busy.

Local Expert tip: Natural'Mente has a changing weekly menu and offers two main dishes daily, in addition to the requisite side dishes - salads, soups, veggie platters and portions of protein substitutes - in addition to a daily dessert.

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Sure, there are many vegan joints in Berlin, but none have the ability to take on ethnically inspired dishes (in this particular case, Brazilian) the way VUX does. Moreover, all this delicious food is prepared without animal products (as a flexitarian, this impresses me). But the most worthwhile reason to visit Cafe VUX is for its sweets; VUX has hands-down the best vegan pies and cupcakes in town. Combine this with a fresh-brewed cup of coffee and you've good source and substance to power you through the day. In addition to the unforgettable sweets, VUX also serves up soups, sandwiches, and salads.

Local Expert tip: VUX's Sunday brunch has become a Neuk--lln staple so its important to arrive early to ensure you snag a spot.

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Yellow Sunshine is healthy fast food joint within walking distance of the famed G--rlitzer Park in the district of Kreuzberg. For this reason, during the summer, one can order take-out and eat outside on their tables or even in the Park. The use of healthy in conjunction with fast food is the previous sentence is not an oxymoron; Yellow Sunshine is a certified organic, meat-free diner. The food board is clearly split into vegetarian and vegan options and they do a meal deal including burger and chips or a burger, chips, and salad. Also, the french fries here are simply delectable - make sure to order a serving with whatever dish you choose.

Local Expert tip: Although it may perhaps sounds a bit strange, the tofu Currywurst (German wurst with curry ketchup, a Berlin speciality) is so good it might even get hard-core carnivores salivating.

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Lucky Leek is a gourmet vegetarian restaurant located close to the K--llwitzplatz in Prenzlauerberg. It occupies an intimate, small space and remains quite cozy, with seating both indoors and out. Each course at this restaurant is wonderfully composed, bringing together a mix of flavors in every bite. They have a changing monthly menu which is well-balanced and has a variety of choices; on top of this, they generally offer some daily specials. The food at Lucky Leek is healthy, yet filling; the portions are intricately laid out, but at the same time easy to eat. As a result of its limited seating, it is definitely recommended to book if wanting to dine here, especially on the weekends.

Local Expert tip: For those keen on avoiding an awkward ordering exchange, one need not fret: all the staff at Lucky Leek are friendly, speak good English (native or otherwise), and are most willing to explain the menu.

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This all-vegan restaurant was formerly an Irish pub, meaning that it still retains the full bar and lots of cozy, wood-panelled seating areas. After leaving La Mano Verde, Head Chef Steffen Weigel has offered completely vegan food here since June 2010.The ingredients are fresh, the staff is friendly, and the food is both regional and remarkably creative: a recent menu included pumpkin pureed lasagna and curried hummus, both of which were wiped from the plates within mere minutes. Located in the Kreuzberg neighborhood, this vegan restaurant is reasonably priced, the menu changes every few weeks, and the food is simply delicious. It is also advisable to book ahead at Viasko, as this neighborhood mainstay has attracted quite the loyal following.

Local Expert tip: Come on Saturday and Sunday from 11-3pm for the --12 Buffet Brunch, which has become something of a Kreuzberg institution.

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Run by former Vietnamese refugees, Sam--dhi is one of, if not the best Asian, vegetarian restaurant in Berlin. There is an extensive selection of dishes deriving from all across Southeast Asia. Sam--dhi offer currys, sates, pad thai, and lots of delicious and as-spicy-as-you-want-it veggie food with an Asian flair. Moreover, many dishes are either vegan or can be special ordered as vegan dishes. Conveniently enough, Sam--dhi is within close walking distance to must-see tourist destinations such as the famous Branderbuger Tor and the Unter den Linden in Berlin Mitte. Sam--dhi is without a doubt klein aber fein, a German idiomatic phrase roughly translating to "small but excellent."

Local Expert tip: If you're feeling adventurous, try some of their more exotic or unusual dishes, such as concoctions like the bitter melon curry or how mok - a vegetable custard served in a banana leaf.

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Cookies Cream is associated with Cookies, a famous nightclub that the Berlin glitterati frequent. And just like its eponymous Club, Cookies Cream is so good and gorgeous that all patrons leave impressed. To enter, one must pass via the service alley of the Westin Grand Hotel and hit an anonymous buzzer. Upstairs one finds an elegant, darkly-lit industrial space where meatless yet flavorful dishes are served on linen-draped tables. The menu changes on a weekly basis and in addition to a la carte options, there are three and four-course Prix Fixe options - priced at --36 and --44 - respectively. Cookies Cream's dedicated chefs use only the freshest, seasonal ingredients and its open - and oh-so-remarkably spotless - kitchen ensure that all its vegetable-conscious customers receive the very best.

Local Expert tip: It is especially advisable to make a reservation at Cookies Cream, as this "underground" restaurant has established quite a reputation and is often completely booked.

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