The 10Best Guide to the Best Antique and Vintage Shopping In Berlin

Antiques add so much to a home or office: a sense of quality, history, refinement, and grace. It's no wonder that people find them hard to resist. If you're the type of person who can't pass by a shop, just wondering what may lie within, you'll relish Berlin's bounty. Berlin is fortunately full of these veritable treasure chests - so many neighborhoods preserve so many gems from a metropolis with one of the most storied histories of the twentieth century. While Berlin's various open-air markets are often times some of the best options to find antiques, there are also many antique shops that specialize in such departments. They are also open year-round. To be sure, a wide selection of antiques of all vintages, provenances, and places of origin can be found in Berlin, and 10Best will lead you to the top sources. Our editors and readers particularly applaud Berliner Trödelmarkt and Das Alte Bureau, as you will too after just one glance at the merchandise in these troves. It's without a doubt one of Berlin's best antique shops. Indeed, in a city with so many options, who knows where you will uncover your next favorite piece of clothing, furniture, or decorative element.



Mr. Oliver Rheinfrank - or Antique & Vintage Jewellery Berlin - boasts the largest collection of antique and vintage jewellery in Berlin. Original items of epochs from long time ago revive stories behind every single piece of jewellery as...  Read More



Memory Vintage is a delightful little second-hand store, located in the trendy district of Prenzlauerberg, which is well-known for its vintage and boutique shops, as well as flea markets. You can expect items from the 30's to the 80's, from...  Read More



Located on the western side of Kreuzberg (which has a very refined reputation, nothing like that of its eastern counterpart), is Bergmannstrasse neighborhood. Known as an ideal spot to come for fine cuisine from a variety of cultural influences,...  Read More



Every Sunday, more than five thousand people pack themselves into the Mauerpark flea market and adjacent park.The Mauerpark - which translates to the Wall Park in English - was built after the reunification. The park is famous because it...  Read More

Humana Second-Hand-Kleidung GmbH


Germany's famous chain of second-hand clothing and furniture stores are a refuge of vintage fashion and style deriving straight from Communist East Germany. A lot of these clothes are so poorly made and ill-fitting that they seem to have come...  Read More

Berliner Trödelmarkt


The Berliner Trödelmarkt - with trödel being the German word for "rummage" - is full of exquisite antiques, unusual finds, and rare memorabilia are for sale along the famous Straße des 17. Juni. This is the massive street located directly in...  Read More

Berliner Antik und Flohmarkt


A treasure chest full of antiques, bits of nostalgia and culinary delights awaits you in the heart of Berlin. Come discover the 35 shops, restaurants, and cafés right at the Friedrichstraße S- and U-Bahn station. Rummage for souvenirs, gifts...  Read More

Tempelhof - SchÖneberg


Das Alte Bureau is a cosy little second-hand furniture store in the quaint district of Schöneberg which provides a pleasant and quaint atmosphere for browsing or buying antiques. Displays include a variety of wooden desks and classic cabinets...  Read More



Stiefelkombinat is one of Berlin's bigger spots to pick up some awesome vintage pieces. Both shops on the Eberwalder Strasse - one for the guys and one for the girls - are completely packed with originals from the 40's to the 80's. Especially...  Read More



The owner of this well-known vintage shop (no, his name is not's Frank) started his business over ten years ago at the Oderberger Strasse. Nowadays, Paul's Boutique comprises of four different buildings: a streetwear department, a shop...  Read More


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