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Get Your Bearings in Frankfurt

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Hot Tips: Festivals get very crowded as the day gets later.

Hot Tips: To avoid the crowds, go early in the afternoon.

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Hot Tips: Taking a taxi; you can walk to everything from these hotels.

Hot Tips: Go to Flemings rooftop terrace for some of the best views of the city and have a relaxing drink.

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Hot Tips: Nothing is free - no extras refills on coffee and water is generally purchased.

Hot Tips: Grun sauce. It's a mix of herbs in a yogurt base usually served cold with potatoes.

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Hot Tips: Watch your wallet for pick-pockets.

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Hot Tips: VAT tax can be refunded. Make sure you have all your receipts on hand.

Hot Tips: Hand-carved wooden toy or cuckoo clocks from the Bavarian region.

Frankfurt Neighborhoods