Do you love German food? We do too, and that's why we dedicate ourselves to finding the best places to enjoy German cuisine in Hamburg. We've diligently scouted out the top eateries, and we've listened to our readers and their reviews of Hamburg restaurants. We share the places that get great buzz, like Restaurant Nil, and we showcase the ones that have proven themselves over time, like Alex im Alsterpavillon. We also point out good neighborhoods for German restaurants in Hamburg - Airport - Ham, for instance. When the craving hits, we'll make sure you get your fix!

Located on the river's bank and within a few steps of great shopping, this restaurant offers a delightful place to have a relaxing lunch. Decorated with a 1950s motif, the house specialties include bouchée à la reine and Finkenwerder trout.

Airport - Ham

This quaint waterfront restaurant serves up local fish specialties to a steady stream of diners. Be sure to try the full menu of regionally prepared seafood items and savor the genius of the chef. The friendly environment and good service make this a real treat.

Airport - Ham

This casual seafood restaurant housed in a simple dining room serves up a full menu of freshly prepared local catches. Try one of the delicious fish entrées that are seasoned to perfection. The strong service adds flavor to every choice. TRANSPORTATION: U3 Rodingsmarkt

This fish market and restaurant serves up daily seafood specials throughout the week. Try the poached filet of salmon, lobster, and oysters. There's also a good selection of soups and salads as well as steaks. Delicious food at a good price.

Airport - Ham

This suburban eatery in Altona is just minutes from the city, but it offers diners a traditional countryside feel. Menu items include marinated herring and spicy duck with vegetables. Interesting artwork highlights the wood-paneled decor. There's also an extensive wine list.

Airport - Ham
Restaurant Nil

This bistro-style restaurant is a favorite for classic German fare. Choose from a selection of four- or six-course meals that are perfect to get the traditional taste and feel this region's cuisine. It's also a popular spot for celebrities to...  Read More

Airport - Ham

This old-style, 17th-century seafood restaurant in the Neustadt section of the city is a favorite of locals and travelers for the fresh fare and excellent service. Try the oyster, lobster, or caviar entrées. A seafaring motif abounds in the...  Read More

Airport - Ham

This classic, riverside eatery in Blankenese features an array of delectable traditional German and seafood entrées. Specialties include the shrimp and potato soup and the full menu of fish entrées. This is the perfect place to take that...  Read More

Work up an appetite strolling the banks of nearby Alster Park's lake then come here for an excellent, substantial meal. Brodersen offers guests a taste of typical Hamburg cuisine, involving fish or meat dishes with healthy portions of fried...  Read More