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Beer halls, palaces, churches, and museums are just a taste of Bavaria.

There are weeks worth of museums, palaces, beer halls, memorials, and activities to see and do in the modern yet historic city of Munich.  Most visitors, however, do not have weeks in Munich, they have days, and so narrowing the list to only the most important, thought provoking, interesting, and exciting of the bunch is crucial for the average tourist.  Here you will find the top attractions, but also tips narrowing down even further what you are there to see and do so that no time is wasted.  Anything on this list is well worth your time and you can be assured that these will please even the most well traveled visitor.  From the opulence of the Residenz to the harsh reality of Germany's dark past in Dachau, Munich is everything you dream a German city should be and more.  This is certainly not a complete list, but is a starting point that will be rank good to excellent depending on your personal preferences and each of these represents an entire list of its own of similar places and things to see in the Munich area. 

Entrance fees are usually quite small in Munich. State owned museums are only one euro on Sunday.



Nymphenburg palace is Germany's largest baroque palace. Built between 1664 and 1675, Nymphenburg is Munich's summer palace and includes a massive main building, a carriage house, porcelain factory, and several out buildings located throughout...  Read More



This is the largest technological and scientific museum in Europe and offers a range of exhibits detailing the development of the sciences and technology. The impressive building sits on a small island on the Isar river. Since the museum is...  Read More



One of the first natural zoological parks in the world, this animal sanctuary houses more than 5000 animals and 460 species. There is also a popular children's zoo, which showcases a wide range of animals from around the world. Daily feeding...  Read More



This interesting automotive museum offers visitors a look at the international car maker through displays that mark the history of the company in relation to the development of the modern automobile. Exhibits, videos, slide collections, and...  Read More



Munich's most impressive art museum as far as masterpieces per square meter is without a doubt the Alte Pinakothek. Established in 1836 by King Ludwig I and designed by Leo von Kenze, its original intent was to allow the public to see the royal...  Read More



This beautiful Gothic cathedral was once simply a massive parish church. Built in the fifteenth century, it was not until the nineteenth century that it became a cathedral. It is one of the two best known symbols of the city. Within the...  Read More



This small village on the outskirts of the city was once a quaint artists' community before it housed the infamous concentration camp of the same name. Tours of the facility show the cruel treatment and elimination of Hitler's political enemies,...  Read More



Olympic Park was the site of the 1972 Summer Olympic Games held in Munich. Although the Olympics were ultimately overshadowed by the massacre of the Israeli athletes, the games is also known for American Mark Spitz winning 7 gold medals, a...  Read More



The oldest church in Munich and dating from the late 12th century, this Baroque masterpiece offers sweeping views of the city and the popular Marienplatz below. There is no elevator, but on clear days the climb to the top of the steeple pays off...  Read More



This grand, 112-room palatial structure on the Max-Joseph Platz features historic pieces from the age of the Wittelsbach, the first ruling family of the region. A tour of the gallery of the ancestors is available, and it outlines the rich...  Read More


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Mike Richardson, originally from Albert Lea Minnesota, moved to Munich for love. What he hadn’t expected was that over the next several years he would constantly live and breathe Bavarian...  More About Mike