Visiting a museum is always a unique experience, as each one has its own distinct characteristics, style, and of course, content. Museum subjects vary greatly from city to city, and can range from firefighter's museums to fine art, to sports. If you need help making a selection, our 10Best list highlights the top spots to visit in Munich.

Designed in 1815 by King Ludwig I, this building sits on the Konigsplatz and houses some of the cities most beautiful sculpture art pieces. The building was originally built to house the king's extensive collection of Greek and Roman sculpture....  Read More

Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

This interesting arts and history museum houses three floors of materials from the history and culture of the region and country. Sculptures, folk pieces, textiles, and scientific memorabilia are all on display. An array of interesting and...  Read More


This interesting automotive museum offers visitors a look at the international carmaker through displays that mark the history of the company in relation to the development of the modern automobile. Exhibits, videos, slide collections, and films...  Read More

Münchner Stadtmuseum

This interesting museum is housed in a historic building in the center of downtown. Exhibits include photo and musical galleries with an array of modern and historic musical instruments and a range of interesting cultural information. Visa and...  Read More

This grand, 112-room palatial structure on the Max-Joseph Platz features historic pieces from the age of the Wittelsbach, the first ruling family of the region. A tour of the gallery of the ancestors is available, and it outlines the rich...  Read More

Deutsches Theater Museum

This popular museum is a draw for theater buffs from around the world. Archives contain scores of manuscripts, musical scores, costumes, and journals. The museum also offers a listing of all theatrical performances currently being staged in the...  Read More

This small, private museum houses an array of historical material pertaining to the treatment of the Jews under Hitler's regime. Artifacts include photographs, letters, and exhibits highlighting the daily lives of the people. It's a moving and informative experience.