Havana Club

Named after the Cuban rum, Havana Club boasts a menu featuring over 100 different varieties. The friendly and capable bar staff serve up a diverse selection of cocktails (from the traditional to the avant garde) in this splash of the Caribbean...  Read More

Haidhausen - Bogenhausen

Near Ostbahnhof, this entertainment complex is easy to find: follow the crowds and the signs. The old noodle factory houses more than 20 themed clubs, including Americano's, Apartment11, Boomerang, Cohibar, Die Bar, Refugium, Kalinka, Koelsch,...  Read More

Synonymous with creative expression, Substanz is in an artistic section of town. As well as a program of live music and DJ's, the club hosts the Munich Poetry Slam and the English Comedy Club. Easy to find, the bar is ten minutes from...  Read More


The longest happy hour continues with the benefits of a full-service kitchen. The location – the basement of the Haus Savoy – is somewhat famous, as one of the first residential buildings in Munich with a concierge desk. Also, the penthouse...  Read More


Owner Charles Schumann is the face of the Hugo Boss Baldessarini line of colognes and perfumes, and the author of several famous cocktail books. After studying politics and journalism, he opened the first Schumann's American Bar on Maximillian...  Read More

Master's Home

This hip and chic bar is a fun diversion while in the city. Enjoy an array of well-mixed drinks in one of the house-themed rooms, including a cocktail in the bathroom or a beer on the double bed. A Munich favorite for drinks and atmosphere.

Irish Folk Pub

This traditional Irish pub has a German flair and is the oldest pub in the city. Sit at the bar, order from the more than 70 whiskeys or the extensive beer menu. If you're hungry why not try the bacontoast and strike up a conversation with the regulars. U-BAHN: Giselastraße


The bar claims the world's longest happy hour – an idea worth taking to the bank. And here's the spot, since the name plays upon "Sparschwein," or piggy bank for German children's coins. A former beer salesman, owner Ralph Pelster chose a...  Read More