Dance Clubs


This fun bar is frequented by students and University-area residents and features good dancing music and regular live entertainment. A definite place to visit after a day spent in business meetings or shopping.

Schwabinger Podium

This hot Wagnerstrasse nightspot draws a weekend crowd of revelers looking for a hot beat and a good mix of people. Grab a local beer and hit the packed dance floor for a night of excitement.


With over 4,000 square meters, three discos, four lounges and 11 bars, this club will keep you going all night. The main foyer has a circular bar, which leads to all the other clubs in the complex. The music ranges from pop and dance to house...  Read More

Put on your most stylish designer ensemble and head to P1 for a glamorous night in one of Munich's most famous clubs. This trendy European dance club is known for its strict door policy, expensive drinks, and elite celebrity clientele. Should...  Read More