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Best Munich Restaurants

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    Seehaus im Englischen Garten

    Grab a Paulaner and take a seat in this beautiful, park-like setting. Draws a young, professional German crowd for the natural views and great beer...

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    If you're looking for a hearty meal of wiener schnitzel and beer, Donisl is just the place. This authentic Bavarian joint, located in the heart of Munich's...

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    Café Glockenspiel

    This café is located in one of the most beautiful regions of the city and affords visitors excellent views of the famous Glockenspiel, for which the café...

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    This Schwabing "haute" culinary treat has been a favorite for business and leisure travelers in the city for quite some time. International chef Hans Haas...

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    Master's Home

    This hip and chic bar is a fun diversion while in the city. Enjoy an array of well-mixed drinks in one of the house-themed rooms, including a cocktail in...

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    Osteria Italiana

    Enjoy beautiful artwork and cuisine in an historic location, where both Lenin and Hitler allegedly ate. In the heart of Schwabing, this restaurant has been...

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    Although Munich is not known for its seafood and is in fact quite far from the sea, that does not mean it doesn't have a top class seafood restaurant. The...

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    Augustiner Restaurant

    This is the epitome of a traditional German beer garden. Housed in an immense hall that is as wide as a city block and with seating for hundreds of diners...

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    This is truly a sight to behold for the traveler who has never seen a "true" beer hall. There are so many people here that you wonder if they have capacity...


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