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What you remember most of any trip is what you ate.

Out of all the restaurants in a city, 10Best narrows the options to those places with the best reputations. We offer carefully vetted selections to let you explore Munich dining on your own. If time is really tight, though, and you don't have the leisure to look through all our offerings, we present our Munich Best Restaurants list. Here, we distill the best businesses down to a special selection of ten. These places promise a stellar experience and a taste of the city that you just can't miss. Anyone coming to Munich should choose to experience traditional Bavarian food for at least one evening. Whether you choose the “Schweinshaxe” (pork knuckle roasted on a spit), the Nürnberger Rostbratwürste (bratwurst from Nuremberg), the “halbes Hendl” (half a chicken) or the Spätzle (a type of egg noodle), the classic place for tourists to find out if your taste buds are made for this “down to earth” cuisine is the Hofbräuhaus. However, Munich has more to offer than traditional Bavarian. How about going back in time and exploring what dining was like in the Middle Ages? Find out at the Welser Kuche. Of course you can also splurge and treat yourself to a true fine dining experience. The obvious choice for this would be the Tantris, awarded with two Michelin stars. 



Grab a Paulaner and take a seat in this beautiful, park-like setting. Draws a young, professional German crowd for the natural views and great beer selection. Offers a traditional Bavarian dining menu, as well as a good selection of vegetarian...  Read More



If you're looking for a hearty meal of wiener schnitzel and beer, Donisl is just the place. This authentic Bavarian joint, located in the heart of Munich's Marienplatz by the town hall, boasts a rich history that dates back to 1715. You can take...  Read More

Café Glockenspiel


This café is located in one of the most beautiful regions of the city and affords visitors excellent views of the famous Glockenspiel, for which the café is named. Located on the fifth floor of the main building on the Marienplatz, the café...  Read More



This Schwabing "haute" culinary treat has been a favorite for business and leisure travelers in the city for quite some time. International chef Hans Haas continues to amaze and astound the taste buds with his gourmet menus. Excellent shellfish...  Read More



This popular restaurant transports diners back in time to a traditional 16th century banquet. Feast on an array of German meats and side dishes and enjoy the beer selection. A definite place to go to experience German history and to enjoy a...  Read More

Master's Home


This hip and chic bar is a fun diversion while in the city. Enjoy an array of well-mixed drinks in one of the house-themed rooms, including a cocktail in the bathroom or a beer on the double bed. In the dining room, a series of small courses is...  Read More

Osteria Italiana


Enjoy beautiful artwork and cuisine in an historic location, where both Lenin and Hitler allegedly ate. In the heart of Schwabing, this restaurant has been serving Munich since 1890 and celebrates its middle-class Italian roots. A romantic and...  Read More



Although Munich is not known for its seafood and is in fact quite far from the sea, that does not mean it doesn't have a top class seafood restaurant. The Austernkeller ("oyster celler") serves Munich's largest selection of bivalves and...  Read More

Augustiner Restaurant


This is the epitome of a traditional German beer garden. Housed in an immense hall that is as wide as a city block and with seating for hundreds of diners and beer connoisseurs. The interior has dark panels with deer heads and old portraits...  Read More



This is truly a sight to behold for the traveler who has never seen a "true" beer hall. There are so many people here that you wonder if they have capacity laws in Munich. It is truly the epitome of the traditional German arm-in-arm beer...  Read More


Meet Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson, originally from Albert Lea Minnesota, moved to Munich for love. What he hadn’t expected was that over the next several years he would constantly live and breathe Bavarian...  More About Mike