Athens' Museums and Attractions Help Bring History Alive

Athens is well-known for her ancient history and this is reflected in the museums centered  on this subject, like the Acropolis Museum, the National Archeological Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art. However there are others which specialize in more recent history, like the Benaki Museum and the Byzantine and Christian Museum.  Most museums also have an art shop where you can buy souvenirs and a coffee shop or restaurant where you can enjoy a relaxing break with a cool drink or a light meal. Special attention is given to present the marvelous exhibits in an interesting and easy to understand way, aiming at bringing visitors closer to ancient civilization and modern art. Many museums organize special courses for children on weekends, which are very popular with the youngsters, and also events, lectures and educational visits for schools. Athenians are extremely proud of their museums and an average family Sunday outing will probably include a visit, giving pleasure to both parents and children. Most museums are closed on Mondays, so make sure you confirm the opening hours before planning your visit. Vary your itinerary with a visit to the Monastiraki Flea Market, enjoy an oriental steam bath at The Hammam Baths, relax on the beach at Grand Beach Lagonissi, discover Athens with a Segway tour or on the Happy Train

Kids and adults of course will love sightseeing Athens with the bright red Athens Happy Train. This sightseeing tour in the historical center of Athens and the most famous ancient sights and monuments, on the hop-on Athens Happy Train, is...  Read More

Discover the city of Athens with the easy, fun and safe way of a segway tour. From the Acropolis Rock to the first Olympic Stadium, from the flea market of Monastiraki to Pnyka-the birthplace of Democracy and from the Ancient Agora to the...  Read More

Outside the City

The Grand Beach at top notch Grand Resort Lagonissi, located in the southern suburbs of Athens on the road to Sounio, is ideal for a one-day holiday in attractive surroundings. The unique beachfront setting and the watersports center are perfect...  Read More

Hammam Baths, situated in the neighborhood of Thission, close to the famous Bath House of the Winds in Plaka, is the authentic hammam in Athens. This simple, contemporary space, is designed like the traditional oriental steam baths. The...  Read More

Monastiraki Flea Market
Photo courtesy of Nelly Paraskevopoulou

A visit to the Monastiraki flea market in Athens is a must. Situated over a large area from Monastiraki square and metro station down to the end of Ermou street, the flea market is open every day, but on Sundays it is even more interesting to...  Read More

The Byzantine and Christian Museum was founded in 1914 and is one of the most important national museums in Greece. The objects which are collected on the premises and are organized in collections are more than 30.000 and date from the 3rd up to...  Read More

The Benaki Museum, actually consists of three separate museums, each specializing in certain subjects and each with its own unique personality. Visit the oldest and main building on Koubari 1, right opposite the National Park, for the...  Read More

The Museum of Cycladic Art, is a great little gem museum in the heart of Athens, housing one of the most important collections of Cycladic Art in the world, as well as an impressive collection of Ancient Greek and Cypriot Art. Founded in 1986,...  Read More

The National Archeological Museum, Patision 44, the largest museum in Greece with more than 11.000 exhibits, offers a panoramic experience of Greek civilization from prehistory to late antiquity. Numerous galleries house five permanent...  Read More


The Acropolis Museum , is an absolute must see. Inside the modern exterior visitors can discover the ancient aesthetic wisdom of the Acropolis and feel the atmosphere of ancient Athens. The Gallery of the Slopes of the Acropolis, the Archaic...  Read More


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