Best Outdoor Activities in Athens

10 Best Outdoor Activities in and around Athens for All Ages

Visitors of all ages will welcome the occasion to see a different and less known view of Athens with outdoor activities in and around the city. Nature lovers will enjoy the parks and watching animals, walking in natural surroundings, bird watching, learning more about sea turtles and much more. Sports activities include biking, tennis and riding, and various fun and educational activities for children are also available.  Diomidous Botanical Garden in Haidari, with more than 2.500 kinds of plants from all over the world provides a wonderful occasion to enjoy nature at its best, The Hellenic Ornithological Society at the Tritsis Park and the Vravrona estuary offers a fascinating experience about birds, Parnitha National Park is ideal for walking, trekking, or even spending the night at one of the shelters, the Cultural Park in the area of Mesogeia is both exciting and educational with the excellent Museum of Ethnography, a visit to the Sea Turtle Protection Society at Glyfada is fun and informative about this ancient and endangered species, Allou Fun Park in Rentis is a popular destination for kids and adults offering many choices for entertainment and fun,  Attica Zoological Park at Spata is the ultimate experience about animals in  natural surroundings, Athens by bike offers the occasion to explore the city riding a bicycle, Athens Segway Tours is a fun and safe way to discover Athens, Scooterise offers specially designed tours that are entertaining  and eco-friendly


Attica Zoological Park in the area of Spata is a private zoo covering an area of approximately 20 hectares which is home to more than 2000 animals from 400 different species. Over the years it now includes a number of themed sections with birds, mammals, marine mammals and reptiles from all over the world. The Park is an excellent destination for education and entertainment for families and animal lovers, who can see the lions, giraffes, monkeys, tigers, bears, penguins and many more while walking through the zoo. Fascinating information about their habits and lives is learned while admiring the animals. The Park also has a cafeteria, a souvenir shop, picnic areas and a playground.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: Fun for all the family watching animals in natural surroundings

Nelly's expert tip: Wonderful entertainment and knowledge about animals

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Allou ! Fun Park in the neighborhood of Rentis, is one of the most popular destinations for kids and adults, offering a wide choice of entertainment and fun. An impressive choice of games for all preferences attract crowds specially on weekends, who enjoy the excitement. Four dimension experiences at the 4D Gate, crazy rotations at Crazy Mouse and Big Apple, rafting at La Isla and many more rides and games for unforgettable moments. At Kidom, the park only for kids, a series of unique games keep children happy, like the Carousel, the Bongo flying elephants, trains, the Youpi Tower, Bloom Bloom boats and the mega colorful inflatable toys. Happenings, events and concerts are often held at Allou, which also provides relaxing moments for all the family at the restaurants and cafes on the location.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: This place is very popular both with kids and adults

Nelly's expert tip: Fun and entertainment for all the family

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Mount Parnitha National Park on the mountain of Parnitha is ideal for a walk with friends and family, enjoying nature and wildlife in the forest. The shelters of Bafi, run by the Greek Mountaineering Club and Flambouri, run by the Acharnes Mountaineering Club, offer the possibility to follow various courses or outdoor activities. Walking, trekking, climbing, biking, canyoning and orienteering, special activities for children, just to mention a few. Both shelters have restaurants with home made food and accommodation. Flambouri is open all year round on weekends except August and Bafi every day all year round. Parnitha is the highest mountain in the region of Attica with the highest peak at 1413 mtrs. a dense forest of fir trees and pines. The rich flora and fauna, amongst which deer, hares, foxes, badgers and birds, make the park an ideal place to appreciate nature. Mount Parnitha has been declared a National Park since 1961 and is part of the European network of protected areas "Natura 2000". The area is still recovering from the terrible fire in 2007 which destroyed a large part and influenced the climate in Attica for many years to come. Visitors can also see the outdoor exhibition "Park of Souls" with sculptures from trunks of burnt trees by Spyros Dasiotis. The "Small Parnitha Museum" close to the funicular railway hosts interesting information about the area�s history. Regency Casino Mon Parnes is a luxurious resort for gambling, with a gourmet restaurant.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: A beautiful region, off the beaten path, to visit

Nelly's expert tip: Ideal for a family outing, enjoying nature

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The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece was founded in 1994 by Archelon in collaboration with the Municipality of Glyfada, and is the only hospital for sea turtles in the country. Wounded turtles are brought here from various areas and are nursed back to health with the help of volunteers from all over the world, with the aim of being returned to their homes when they have recovered. Archelon collaborates with local fishermen, NGOs and all those who wish to reduce the death rate of sea turtles and the preserving of the species, and environmental education plays an important role in this context. The Sea Turtle Protection Society, situated on the 3rd marina of Glyfada is visited yearly by over 17000 people, to learn more about sea turtles and the dangers for the species. Archelon was founded 30 years ago with the aim of protecting sea turtles and their ecosystems and informing the public about sea turtles and the dangers they face.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: The volunteer work with people from all over the world is inspiring

Nelly's expert tip: Fascinating knowledge about this ancient species

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Discover the city of Athens with the easy, fun and safe way of a segway tour. From the Acropolis Rock to the first Olympic Stadium, from the flea market of Monastiraki to Pnyka-the birthplace of Democracy and from the Ancient Agora to the National Gardens, get to know the ancient monuments, as well as the modern side one of the most fascinating cities in the Mediterranean. Experienced tour guides will take you to the most important sites, providing information about the mythical and historical past of the city of Athens, together with the insider's view on life and entertainment in the city.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: An easy, fun and safe way to visit Athens and sightseeing

Nelly's expert tip: An interesting and entertaining way to discover the city of Athens

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Athensbybike was founded in 2009 by a group of people who believe in the importance of bicycling as a means of transport, especially in Athens. Knowing the city well, and in particular the areas around the historical center, the owners also accompany visitors to the many archeological sites of Athens. Visitors can choose to be accompanied on their bicycle tour to historical sites or rent bicycles and visit them on their own, following the instructions on the unique map provided by the company. Bicycles can also be rented for longer periods, together with a padlock, helmet and bicycle lights. Bicycling around town is fun and one of the best ways to see everything in your own time.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: Many visitors enjoy this different tour of Athens combining exercise with sightseeing

Nelly's expert tip: The best way to visit the city

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Visit the top sights of central Athens with revolutionary electric vehicles on this leisurely 2-hour tour. See more and sweat less gliding around the city on your fun and easy-to-ride vehicle and look out for top city attractions such as the Acropolis of Athens and tree-lined Syntagma Square. View the Greek Parliament, Presidential Palace and Panathenaic Stadium, and cruise through the National Garden as well as the colorful neighborhood of Plaka. Perfect for groups, couples, and families with kids, these specially designed tours are the most fun and eco-friendly way to explore and savor Athens' ancient treasures and landscape. A unique experience to remember.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: Visit Athens on these revolutionary electric vehicles and discover the city

Nelly's expert tip: Fun and eco-friendly tours, ideal for families and groups

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Outside the City

The Cultural Park is located in the area of Mesogeia in the direction of the airport, in an expanse of 25.000 sq.m. and is a point of interest for visitors of all ages. Art workshops, a shop selling worry beads, a display of handmade jewelry and areas for childrens activities are amongst the most attractive features. Visitors can learn about Greek folklore and culture or just enjoy the natural surroundings. The Museum of Greek Ethnography is widely visited by tourists from all over the world and also by students from various universities. A special section is dedicated to old fashioned trades and the exhibits include old olive presses, placed in natural surroundings, amongst olive groves and vineyards. Tours for children include ponies and donkeys, retro bicycles and even a small train. Children love planting herbs and aromatic plants, taking care of the animals, learning to cook and hunting for treasure, in the specially planned activities.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: All about Greek tradition excellently presented, with the Museum of Greek Ethnography as a special feature

Nelly's expert tip: Fun for all the family in natural surroundings

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Diomides Botanic Garden is located in the neighborhood of Haidari, on the road to Eleusis and covers an expanse of 1.86 hectares with more than 3.500 different species of plants from all over the world. It includes the oldest natural pine woods of Attica. In the medicinal plants section there are many herbs, well known for their pharmaceutical properties: thyme, luisa, passiflora, lavender just to mention a few. The Garden, which is the largest of its kind in Greece contains sections of great interest and beauty, like the historical plants, many of which are mentioned in ancient Greek mythology: Aphrodite's sacred myrtle, olive tree the symbol of Athens, acanthus from which the Corithian style columns are inspired, a bamboo forest, trees from various continents. In the greenhouses cacti, other succulent plants and rainforest species which need special conditions to develop are kept. The Botanic Garden is an institute of public benefit and endowment of the Capodistrian University of Athens, it is used by the Agricultural University of Athens and Biological section of the Capodistrian University of Athens for studying plants. Ideal for a walk amongst nature for nature loving families.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: Strangely enough the Botanical Garden is not on many tourist itineraries. Definitely worth visiting.

Nelly's expert tip: A paradise of flowers and plants

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The Hellenic Ornithological Society was founded in 1982 with the aim of ensuring a sustainable natural environment for birds, through various actions, protection, research and education. Amongst their most interesting projects is the protection and promotion of the Vravrona Wetland, on the east coast of Attica, restoring the ecosystem, recovering the population of plants and animals, informing visitors of the importance of this natural heritage. Visitors can enjoy these unique surroundings walking towards the coast and the estuary from the Museum of Vravrona. Closer to Athens and definitely worth visiting is the Park of Environmental Information and Sensitization �Antonis Tritsis�, an expanse of 900 acres, with lakes which attract various species of birds. Visitors can follow the environmental paths, visit the exhibition and learn about the habitats and wildlife. The Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS) has been a partner of BirdLife International in Greece, since 1994. There is a low fee for the visits, which must be booked in advance.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: The educational and environmental activities are of great interest

Nelly's expert tip: Learn all about birds in a natural environment

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