Athens' Sightseeing Covers Many Historical Periods, Plus Attractions of Various Types

History and archaeology lovers will certainly appreciate and enjoy the many ancient monuments and historical sites of Athens. All those visiting Athens though are impressed and by the beauty and harmony of ancient architecture, the atmosphere, the variety of things to see. Plan your itinerary on foot, or if you prefer bicycle, follow a guided tour of the city or make your own way with the help of a map. Athenians will be only too happy to help you find your way should you get lost. Leave more time for a visit to the Acropolis which is one of the most celebrated ancient monuments in the world, the continue walking through Plaka and visit the picturesque Anafiotika neighborhood, built in the 19th century. The Ancient Agora is on your way, with the famous Attalus stoa, frequented daily by the ancient Athenians. Visit the Monastiraki Flea Market and discover quaint treasures in the antique shops, memorabilia and great bargains. Hadrian's Arch on busy Amalias Avenue is one of the most impressive monuments in Athens, built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. The National Gardens, with the many different corners to discover,  are ideal for a peaceful walk after sightseeing. For the best panoramic view of Athens, take the funicular up to Lycabettus hill. Further away visit the busy harbor of Piraeus with fish taverns, cafes and interesting shopping. In the center of Athens dont miss the Changing of the Guard outside the Parliament. For an unforgettable sunset the temple of Poseidon at Sounion is by far the best place.

Outside the City


Sounio with the temple of Poseidon, god of the sea, is on many tourist itineraries, as both the archeological site and the environment are of great beauty. Situated on the south coast of Attica at a distance of about 68 klm, the impressive...  Read More

Hadrian's Arch
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Hadrians Arch, on the western side of the temple of Zeus, was built in 131 A.D. by the Athenians as a triumphal arch in honor of the great Roman Emperor Hadrian, benefactor of the city. The famous marble from mount Penteli still maintains some...  Read More

Ancient Agora
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The Ancient Agora, with the renowned Attalus Stoa, includes a complex structure of buildings, which in ancient times were used to deposit the state archives amongst other things. Buildings include temples, the Vouleftirion, the Tholos, where the...  Read More

Changing of the Guards - Parliament
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Visitors to Athens always enjoy watching the Changing of the Guards outside the Parliament on Syntagma Square. The evzones, or tsoliades, are young Greeks doing their military service and are chosen for this honorable post depending on their...  Read More

Monastiraki Flea Market
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A visit to the Monastiraki flea market in Athens is a must. Situated over a large area from Monastiraki square and metro station down to the end of Ermou street, the flea market is open every day, but on Sundays it is even more interesting to...  Read More

National Garden of Athens
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The National Garden of Athens was designed in 1836 by the German architect Friedrich von Gaertner, and was initially an idea of Queen Amalia, who reigned in that period. Until 1974 it was named Royal Garden. The area which it covers,...  Read More

Piraeus Cruise Port
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Piraeus is the largest port not only in Greece, but also in Europe, and is third in the world regarding passenger traffic. Most shipping companies have their offices in Piraeus. It goes without saying that it is the main cruise port in Greece...  Read More

Lycabettus  Hill


The view from Lycabettus, or Lykavittos, hill is spectacular, reaching down to the sea and the closest islands. The tiny 19th century church of Saint George, perched on the summit of Lycabettus, the highest point in Athens, is a favorite for...  Read More

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Anafiotika is a small neighborhood, part of Plaka, built right under the Acropolis, with narrow, uphill streets and village style houses. This picturesque part of Athens, which seems to belong to another century, was created in the 19th century...  Read More

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The Acropolis, considered the emblem of the city of Athens is a complex of temples built on a high rock structure, symbol of the Golden Age of Pericles. The Parthenon, dedicated to the goddess of wisdom Athena is still considered sacred ground...  Read More


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