Best Dance Clubs in Athens

Best Dance Clubs in Athens: Enjoy Vivacious Nightlife Spots Full of Rhythm

From  the high class Akrotiri, the celebrated Island or the famous Rock n Roll, Athens offers a wide selection of  nightlife, satisfying all preferences and tastes.  All time classics at Vinilio, vibrant nights at Pixi in a renovated industrial space in the center of Athens, in the lively nightlife district of Gazi, lively atmosphere, great cocktails and high energy until the small hours at Enzzo de Cuba, Six D.o.g.s. is a favorite for fans of the underground techno scene, Dybbuk is  glamorous, vibrant and with great vibes for dancing until the small hours, at Kitty Cat the excellent house cocktails include classics and also variations with Asian inspiration,  Ciel in Monastiraki is an ideal place to enjoy funky, jazzy, disco and house grooves Most clubs have their own faithful clientele, which depends on age, musical preferences and an exclusive fashion trend code which attracts certain social styles. Dress code can be important at the more posh places, whilst others are more casual. Drinks are an important feature of all clubs and some include a restaurant. In summer nights are even longer and the clubs on the beach become the most attractive  places to cool off.  The lively atmosphere and the musical selections create the ideal conditions for great entertainment.


Enzzo Club is considered an all time classic, as a standard meeting point since 1997 for clubbers in the Attica area and not only. Vibrant atmosphere, great cocktails and high energy until the small hours. During the day you can enjoy your espresso or traditional Greek coffee, snacks and desserts in the afternoon and lively entertainment until late at night. This three in one venue is inspired from Havana Vieja, the historic center of the capital of Cuba, a country with unique culture and inhabitants. The palm trees in the centre of the stone paved square, the capital of mojito, the cigar factory, form part of the scenery of Enzzo de Cuba. Dance classes are also held by professional instructors.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Great vibes, inspired by Cuba, in an attractive environment

Nelly's expert tip: Cuba in Athens for clubbers, with lively entertainment and high energy

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Vinilio is a great favorite with dance fans and this year the summer venue opens at Ribas on the Varkiza coast, south of Athens. A big dance floor placed in impressive scenery, where entertainment peaks every night. Special lighting sets the rhythm and DJs Nikos and Perry play classic disco hits from the 70s and the 80s. Dance along to Boney M and the Abba, Bee Gees and Sylvester, until the small hours, like the good old times.The older generation enjoys remembering old times and the younger feel the vibe of those years. Some nostalgia and also rediscovering the rhythm of dancing.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Fans of older dance music love this classic disco

Nelly's expert tip: Dance to oldies disco music

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Photo courtesy of Ciel

Ciel opened in 2015, in the center of Athens and is an attractive place for drinks, cocktails and selected music. Located in the picturesque neighborhood of Monastiraki, Ciel became immediately a favorite place to enjoy funky, jazzy, disco and house grooves by resident and guest jockeys. Ciel is ideal for passing the nights in good company, and the unique cocktails combined with the quality music keep the vibes high until the small hours. At this new meeting point you can relax completely from everyday city stress. The musical program changes during the week, offering a wide variety to satisfy all tastes.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: A favorite place to enjoy funky, jazzy, disco and house grooves

Nelly's expert tip: Unique cocktails and selected music until the small hours in Monastiraki

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Kitty Cat
Photo courtesy of Kitty Cat

Kitty Cat in an arcade on central Stadiou street in the center of Athens is an intelligent combination of American and Asian elements. Situated in the location of an ex Asian restaurant, whose decor was left almost untouched, it has a unique and attractive atmosphere. Dark red lacquered surfaces, studied lighting, a comfortable bar are focal points. An American menu in an Asian environment, with luxury fast food inspired from food trucks and specialties such as burgers, Peruvian, Italian, Indian and Vietnamese dishes, which contrast and blend together. Gigs are often held, with live music and artists from all over the world, and the karaoke is a great success. You can enjoy the entertainment, whilst eating and drinking. Later in the evening the first clubbers arrive and the atmosphere becomes even more lively and vibrant. The excellent house cocktails include classics and also variations with Asian inspiration. A high end , eclectic public makes this locale particularly sought after and popular.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: The excellent house cocktails include classics and also variations with Asian inspiration

Nelly's expert tip: An interesting blend of American and Asian influences with a vibrant atmosphere

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Photo courtesy of Dybbuk

Dybbuk has been the must destination in Athens nightlife since 2009. Situated in the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Kolonaki, on Loukianou street, this popular club attracts the trend setting youngsters who enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Well known Djs from all over the world set the rhythm on the decks, creating the vibes for dancing until the small hours. Dybbuk is a dynamic combination of music and spectacle, and has been described also as a 'dance theater'. The space functions as a New York style after club with great house music which always impresses. The glamorous environment is ideal also for unforgettable parties. This club is closed during the summer months.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Favorite dance spot, very popular with the young crowd

Nelly's expert tip: Glamorous, vibrant and with great vibes for dancing until the small hours

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Six d.o.g.s is the favorite place to hang out for fans of the underground techno scene. This highly avant garde locale, situated in the business centre of Athens, is actually a day/all night cultural centre which can host live gigs, performances, exhibitions, shows and parties. Open from 10 a.m. until late, with free Wi Fi, a cool garden for the summer months and reasonable prices. The cafe and bar are popular for the interesting cocktails and drinks and the menu is based on seasonal produce. Ice teas, homemade desserts, bagels, soups, draught beers, specially blended vodkas and much more, in a laid back space.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: A day/all night cultural center which can host live gigs, performances, exhibitions, shows and parties.

Nelly's expert tip: Favorite for fans of the underground techno scene

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Pixi is situated in a high end fully renovated industrial space in the center of Athens, in the lively nightlife district of Gazi, filled with music, pixels and electricity. Fans admit that the vibe is remarkable and this makes Pixi especially popular. The unique audio-visual experience, with 3D projections, the energy, the musical selections are some of the secrets of their success in just over a year. The team at Pixi aim to offer guests a different sound experience in town, approaching entertainment mainly with Nu-disco and Electric House. Combining the lively public with the talented up coming djs and artists from Greece and abroad, nightlife really takes off.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Impressive ambience, loads of fun and impressive audiovisual effects

Nelly's expert tip: Lively entertainment with audiovisual effects in a rennovated industrial space

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Rock n Roll is an old favorite with Athenians who prefer timeless class and naturally rock n roll music. Popular with all ages, the club operates as an all day bar-restaurant, offering great pizza made by the Neapolitan chef, juicy burgers, pasta and salads. Coffee and rock-tails are prepared by expert bar tenders. Parties with guest DJs, live events with rock groups, some mainstream music, make this place ideal for laid back entertainment. The decor is inventive and interesting, with two large bars, stylish industrial notes and understated luxury in details. Every Tuesday there is live music. This is a winter hang out and is closed from June to September. During the summer months the club moves to Mykonos

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: All time classic favorite in Kolonaki with rock n roll music

Nelly's expert tip: Best rock n roll in town

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Akrotiri DC Lounge is an all time favorite from April to October. Situated on the coast of Agios Kosmas, Akrotiri restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine and attracts a fashionable crowd. The club is decorated in black and white, with fluorescent notes and the resident djs ensure entertainment until the small hours with r& b music. Mood parties are organized on specific days: Wedenesday – Showtime rnb vibes, Thursday – mainstream vibes by the resident djs, Friday – Can't get enough mainstream vibes, Saturday and Sunday – the real live clubbing with Niko Vertis.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Favorite nightlife spot for the fashionable crowd with an impressive style

Nelly's expert tip: All time favorite for dining and dancing

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Island is the most popular destination of the Athens Riviera, designed to relax and enjoy and has been mentioned in many international publications, amongst which Newsweek. Jetsetters and visiting celebrities always include it on their schedule. Vintage furniture co-exist with design and the temperature under the pergolas is regulated according to the weather. International cuisine with a great sushi bar offer high quality dining, complemented by selected wines. The cocktail bar and the tapas bar offer a magnificent view and the musical selections set the mood for every summer. Thursday parties are a favorite every year and Island;s cds are collector's items. Twenty years of continuous success have made this club one of the best in the world.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Celebrated and exclusive destination for Athenian nightlife with a glamorous atmosphere

Nelly's expert tip: Island is quoted amongst the best clubs in the world with a 20 year history of success

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