Exarcheia's Bars: Favorites for Entertainment, Good Drinks and Music

All day cafe bars, bars open only in the evening, bars with various styles of music and clientele, Exarcheia is always a favorite for nightlife entertainment in Athens.  Visitors can choose a classic style of bar, or something with more entertainment, such as parties, live music or artistic events. Summer or winter, inside or at the tables on the pavement or a cool patio, these bars are for all tastes, from hipsters and students to veteran bar hoppers, artists and intellectuals. At Ginger Ale, music is soul, jazz, funky and latin, and the overall feeling is intelligent nostalgia, Alexandrino is characterized by its Parisian atmosphere and remains a classical favorite,  at Floral cafe and books, the atmosphere can be festive or studious, depending on where you select to sit, Hartes is an all day cafe bar with mainly indie music and reasonable prices which make it extremely popular, Zachari and Alati, is situated in an attractive courtyard with flowers and serves not only good cocktails but also interesting homemade cuisine, Beatniks RoadBar is ideal for those who prefer the counterculture atmosphere, Tziz bar is famous for its excellent musical selections, Circus bar is very popular with the young crowd, Blue Fox has a wonderful atmosphere with dance music from the forties and fifties, The Drugstore serves the most reasonably priced drinks in town, 



The Drugstore
Photo courtesy of The Drugstore

The Drugstore operates in two spaces, one in Exarchia and another in Psyrri, with the same concept of "cheaper than staying home". At these bars and function rooms, which are also ideal spaces for events, the more you consume the less you pay. Open all day, they can be booked free of cost for parties or private gatherings, offering also the use of fully equipped decks for playing your favorite music and the possibility to decorate the space according to your preferences. Drugstore also hosts various events, such as bazaars, book presentations, exhibitions, concerts, stand up comedy, karaoke, theatrical performances. The prices for drinks and snacks follow the rule of lower prices for larger quantities. Vintage clothing, cds, books, collectible t-shirts are also sold on the premises. You can also discover vintage and rare spirits, such as whiskey, gin, rum and bitters, which you can taste at the bar or buy for a special gift.

Recommended for Exarcheia's Best Bars because: The Drugstore combines good fun with an arty atmosphere and reasonable prices

Nelly's expert tip: Affordable and entertaining, for parties, events, enjoying an evening out

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Beatniks RoadBar

Two old friends with a passion for music made their dream come true and opened Beatniks RoadBar in the neighborhood of Exarcheia. The sound of blues by Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, T-Bone Walker, Boogie, Canned Heat and Lighting Hopkins were their main influences. The melodies of Carl Perkins, Johnny Burnette and Garage music, are also amongst their favorites. This Rock & Roll Bar centers on this specific type of music and is decorated with old furniture and vintage pickups, photographs of Kerouac, Burroughs, and other famous personages from the Beatnik culture. The cocktail list includes old school specialties such as margaritas, kamikazi, gin fizz, bloody Mary, white Russian, rusty nail, and of course all time classics malt whiskey, gin and vodka.

Recommended for Exarcheia's Best Bars because: Great atmosphere, passion for music and counterculture style in this Exarcheia bar

Nelly's expert tip: Beatnik culture in Exarcheia in a Rock & Roll bar

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Blue Fox
Photo courtesy of Blue Fox

Blue Fox since 2007, aims to host and also to revive the dance music of the forties and the fifties. In this lively space you can listen to rock n roll, swing, boogie woogie, jive and all the music which was popular in those times. Blue Fox was the first to successfully launch this type of revival and was followed by many others, organizing theme evenings with retro music. You dont need to know how to dance to visit Blue Fox, the only condition is the desire to have a good time. Interesting house cocktails, such as Boogie Woogie, Charleston and Peppermint Twist are worth trying.

Recommended for Exarcheia's Best Bars because: Blue Fox is an all time classic, considered a must in Exarcheia nightlife

Nelly's expert tip: Dance music of the forties and fifties in a lively space

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Hartes, which means maps in Greek, is situated on the pedestrian street of Valtetsiou, where bars are one next to the other, and the young crowd prefers to relax and enjoy themselves in an entertaining environment. Hartes is an all day cafe bar with mainly indie music and reasonable prices which make it extremely popular. The atmosphere is full of positive energy and with a fun attitude. Here you can enjoy your coffee, tasty snacks, desserts and drinks for special evenings. The tables outside and the warm welcoming atmosphere inside make this bar a favorite all year around. Many clients like to write their own message on the strategically placed blackboards.

Recommended for Exarcheia's Best Bars because: The young crowd love Hartes, which is considered a focal point of the neighborhood

Nelly's expert tip: The positive energy and the fun attitude are by far the focal points

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Zachari and Alati (which means Sugar and Salt) is a bistrot bar in a quiet pedestrian street in Exarcheia, situated in a neoclassical building painted deep red. The ambience is tasteful and welcoming, with a cool courtyard full of flowers and a wooden sun lounge, reminiscent of another era. The warm atmosphere is enriched with the excellent homemade cuisine based on traditional recipes and original innovations. One of the favorites is Greek coffee brewed on embers. In the courtyard or on the upper floor, inspired cocktails are served, and an exceptional variety of drinks. The musical selections are old rock and jazz in the evening and ballads during the day.

Recommended for Exarcheia's Best Bars because: The courtyard with flowers and the tasteful ambience make this place very attractive

Nelly's expert tip: The tasteful ambience and the variety of drinks make this place an excellent choice

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Floral café & books, located at the edge of Exarchia Square in the heart pf a bohemian, neighborhood that is becoming bobo, this large literary café occupies a 1930s building built by a student of Le Corbusier. This magnificent space is furnished with vintage chairs and decorated with large black - and-white photographs from the 1960s covered with stencils of roses. The atmosphere is both festive and studious: some choose to enjoy the air on the terrace before the evening concerts, which take place on a small stage, and others, groups of architects and intellectuals, take advantage of the small round tables set up at the back around the bookshop filled with all sorts of books, on cooking as well as films. In the menu, you can choose from a variety of coffees, juices, tea, omelets, sandwiches, salads, crepes, meat dishes, desserts, ice creams, cocktails, and many more.

Recommended for Exarcheia's Best Bars because: Floral is central, lively and ideal both for drinks, music or browsing

Nelly's expert tip: Favorite hangout for students, intellectuals, artists, book lovers

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Photo courtesy of Tziz

Tziz on Navarinou street, where Exarcheia and Kolonaki overlap, is very popular with the young crowd, who enjoy the lively, vintage design atmosphere. Unique homemade tastes, selected music for day and night, quality drinks are the focal points of this attractive space. Tziz opened with a new approach to the concept of the all day bar restaurant and special attention was given to each detail. The decor includes vintage lighting reminiscent of Berlin during the fifties and seventies, which is placed above the bar, on the walls or in surprising places and also installations which define an original perspective. Comfortable couches and large tables can accommodate groups of friends. The floor with Moroccan style tiles adds to the allover aesthetic. During the warm months of the year, customers can sit outside on the sidewalk, amongst the olive trees in big pots. At Tziz you can taste the juiciest Tzizburger, fresh spinach salad, mouthwatering Tzizcake, just to mention a few specialties. Aromatic teas and coffee, an excellent cocktail list by an awarded bartender. The music depends on the day and the hour, and is chosen by expert radio producers, for unforgettable rock, swing, funky evenings. Special prices for students and happy hour until nine in the evening.

Recommended for Exarcheia's Best Bars because: Tziz has a lively, vintage atmosphere and music selected by expert radio producers

Nelly's expert tip: Vintage design, selected music and excellent cocktails

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Circus bar is situated on the border between Kolonaki and Exarcheia, on Navarinou street and is ideal to enjoy a coffee, a drink or a cocktail in an attractive, casual environment. Delicious meals are also served, with pasta, bruschette, salads and plates of the day on the menu. Depending on the weather, you can choose to sit in the internal courtyard or on the tables on the sidewalk. Music for all tastes, indie, pop, rock, electronica and contemporary Greek melodies. Cocktails with prosecco include favorites such as Rose Petal and Russian Spring and no alcohol cocktails are also available for those who prefer them. Taste the burger with barbecue sauce and potatoes and the carbonara from the main courses.

Recommended for Exarcheia's Best Bars because: An attractive environment, with music for all tastes and interesting cocktails

Nelly's expert tip: A lively space, popular with the young crowd

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Ginger Ale
Photo courtesy of Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale in Exarchia is a neighborhood favorite and is often chosen for after theatre drinks by spectators and actors. This original place is not just another place for coffee, but has its own retro chic character, with flowered wallpaper, lime surfaces, posters of Audrey Hepburn and Man Ray, banana trees planted in pots, and differently deigned lounge corners. Music is soul, jazz, funky and latin, and the overall feeling is intelligent nostalgia. This cozy place is generally love at first sight for many visitors. who immediately feel at home. Popular both in summer, sitting outside on Exarcheia square, or in winter in the warm interior, for coffee or drinks.

Recommended for Exarcheia's Best Bars because: Ginger Ale has a unique, friendly atmosphere which makes you feel at home

Nelly's expert tip: "Retro chic locale with a lively atmosphere ideal both for coffee or drinks"

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Photo courtesy of Alexandrino

Situated in the student-bohemian area of Athens, a classy bistro with retro atmosphere and artistic clientele, favorite hangout for writers, actors, socialites. Interesting details and special attention to high class service, tea and coffee is served in porcelain cups, reminiscent of Alexandria in Egypt, and eastern opulence. The cocktails are famous and also the interesting variety of teas, served with special attention to detail. The overall atmosphere is Parisian, understated elegance, quality and class. The wine selections are excellent. Alexandrino is a favorite in the neighborhood for meeting friends over coffee, or in the evening for a drink and has its own unique character.

Recommended for Exarcheia's Best Bars because: Alexandrino is classy and elegant with a pleasant atmosphere night and day

Nelly's expert tip: Jazz and tango musical selections are a central feature.

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