Best Late Night in Athens

10 Best Late-Night Spots in Athens with Various Styles


Depending on age and taste, visitors to Athens can enjoy various styles of late night entertainment, ranging from  sophisticated  to more alternative, with several all time classic spots, mainly in the districts of the center, Glyfada, Kifissia.  Drinks, dining, dancing, music are the main features, which vary depending on the style of the locale. Galaxy bar and restaurant on the Athens Hilton roof top is a wonderful place to pass the evening, with a breathtaking view, elegant atmosphere and high quality service,   at 42 Bar ,close to Syntagma,  the atmosphere is relaxed and laid back, attracting a varied clientele, from professional bar hoppers to hipsters, Rock n Roll, in Kolonaki,  is an old favorite with Athenians who prefer timeless class and naturally rock n roll music, Six Dogs, in downtown Athens,  is the favorite place to hang out for fans of the underground techno scene,  Three sixty cocktail bar in Monastiraki features  a panoramic view, industrial decor and awarded cocktails, Kitty Cat on Stadiou street, combines American and Asian influences in an attractive environment, Duende, close to the Acropolis is an old fashioned bar with a cozy atmosphere, Ipitou on a quiet pedestrian street is  an ideal  day or night hangout, Jazz Point on Akadimias street has interesting musical selections, Low Profile is an old favorite with Athenians




Photo courtesy of Nelly Paraskevopoulou

Duende in the busy area of Makrigianni, just off Areopagitou street, is a wonderfully atmospheric place, with just the right aura of mystery. Named after the Spanish word for passion, the retro style is extremely attractive. Leather couches, an old gramophone, an English style bar, marble topped tables with white candles, make this old fashioned bar a cozy place to pass the evening. Drinks and cocktails are at affordable prices and the specialties include mouthwatering homemade spaghetti bolognaise, stuffed cabbage leaves, roast meat with real mashed potatoes, chicken with prunes and apricots and delicious panna cotta, chocolate pie and almond pie. This low profile, elegant locale attracts artists, actors and intellectuals who enjoy the unpretentious atmosphere and the friendly service.

Recommended for Late Night because: An old fashioned bar with a cozy atmosphere, close to the Acropolis

Nelly's expert tip: Romantic and exclusive with retro atmosphere

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Photo courtesy of Ipitou

Ipitou bar has the same name as the pedestrian street it is on, just off Voulis street, very close to Syntagma square in downtown Athens. This quiet area seems very far off from the busy center, even though it is so close and the atmosphere could be any large metropolitan city. Neoclassical buildings give an idea of old Athens. Ipitou bar is an all day bistrot, with small marble topped tables, a striped awning, a wooden bar and attention has been given to every detail. Enjoy the aromatic coffee, the fresh pastries, the original cocktails and the jazz, soul, swing and funky music. Definitely taste the Bandidos de Maracujas and the Cumulus Nimbus cocktails.

Recommended for Late Night because: Original cocktails, vibrant music and a friendly atmosphere at Ipitou bar

Nelly's expert tip: All day bistrot and cocktail bar on a quiet pedestrian street

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Jazz Point
Photo courtesy of Jazz Point

Jazz Point is situated very close to central Syntagma square, and is ideal for a coffee, a glass of wine, a light snack with home made pies, tasty sandwiches and fresh salads, or a cocktail, any time of the day, until late at night. The musical selections are a focal point, including a wide range of jazz, blues, world. Interesting books and magazines are also available to look through or buy. In the evenings the atmosphere changes style, with live music from the Athenian jazz scene. The program changes monthly and is always high standard. On Tuesday and Thursday entrance is free.

Recommended for Late Night because: Ideal for coffee, a glass of wine or enjoying live entertainment

Nelly's expert tip: Interesting musical selections with live music almost every night

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Low Profile Coffee & Whiskey

The history of Low Profile started in 1996, when a small butcher shop on Lykavittou street in Kolonaki was transformed into a Whisky Bar which immediately attracted people from all over Athens and all age groups and social classes, who enjoyed clean drinks and good all time classic music. At the end of 2014they moved to the Bolani arcade, off Voulis street, where their faithful customers now meet. At Low Profile more than sixty whisky labels are available, which are accompanied by snacks. The music is jazz, Blues and rock n'roll. The atmosphere is friendly and this bar remains an all time classic. It is interesting to note that several contemporary Greek writers have mentioned Low Profile in their articles and short stories.

Recommended for Late Night because: Stylish but casual, Low Profile is a favorite with Athenians

Nelly's expert tip: All time classic meeting point with a faithful clientele from all age groups

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Six d.o.g.s is the favorite place to hang out for fans of the underground techno scene. This highly avant garde locale, situated in the business centre of Athens, is actually a day/all night cultural centre which can host live gigs, performances, exhibitions, shows and parties. Open from 10 a.m. until late, with free Wi Fi, a cool garden for the summer months and reasonable prices. The cafe and bar are popular for the interesting cocktails and drinks and the menu is based on seasonal produce. Ice teas, homemade desserts, bagels, soups, draught beers, specially blended vodkas and much more, in a laid back space.

Recommended for Late Night because: Six d.o.g.s. is not only an avant garde locale, but also a multipurpose cultural center

Nelly's expert tip: Six d.o.g.s. is a favorite for fans of the underground techno scene

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Kitty Cat
Photo courtesy of Kitty Cat

Kitty Cat in an arcade on central Stadiou street in the center of Athens is an intelligent combination of American and Asian elements. Situated in the location of an ex Asian restaurant, whose decor was left almost untouched, it has a unique and attractive atmosphere. Dark red lacquered surfaces, studied lighting, a comfortable bar are focal points. An American menu in an Asian environment, with luxury fast food inspired from food trucks and specialties such as burgers, Peruvian, Italian, Indian and Vietnamese dishes, which contrast and blend together. Gigs are often held, with live music and artists from all over the world, and the karaoke is a great success. You can enjoy the entertainment, whilst eating and drinking. Later in the evening the first clubbers arrive and the atmosphere becomes even more lively and vibrant. The excellent house cocktails include classics and also variations with Asian inspiration. A high end , eclectic public makes this locale particularly sought after and popular.

Recommended for Late Night because: High end and eclectic club in the center of Athens

Nelly's expert tip: An interesting blend of American and Asian influences with a vibrant atmosphere

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42 Bar
Photo courtesy of 42 Bar

The choice of name is certainly interesting, 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, according to Douglas Adams A Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe. Located in an atmospheric alley, with a shady plane tree and an intimate interior space, this successful bar has become a favorite in Athens, since last year when it opened. Professional expertise is definitely one of the main reasons, with a cocktail menu which is renewed four times a year, presenting blends for every different season. At 42, they make their own syrups, serve five different kinds of ice depending on the drink of your choice, and present cocktails in different shapes and sizes of glass or cup. Recipes are extremely creative, including various herbs which combine ideally with the liquor and other ingredients.

Recommended for Late Night because: Bar 42 has its own unique style and makes you feel welcome anytime

Nelly's expert tip: Try the Perfidia cocktail at 42 Bar, with lime, tequila, chili and diktamo herbs

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Rock n Roll is an old favorite with Athenians who prefer timeless class and naturally rock n roll music. Popular with all ages, the club operates as an all day bar-restaurant, offering great pizza made by the Neapolitan chef, juicy burgers, pasta and salads. Coffee and rock-tails are prepared by expert bar tenders. Parties with guest DJs, live events with rock groups, some mainstream music, make this place ideal for laid back entertainment. The decor is inventive and interesting, with two large bars, stylish industrial notes and understated luxury in details.

Recommended for Late Night because: Rock n' Roll is classy and fun, one of the best places to see and be seen

Nelly's expert tip: Best rock n roll in town at rock n' Roll

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The new industrial space right next to Monastiraki square is named 360 Degrees and has a breathtaking view of the Acropolis. On the second floor Greek creative cuisine is served, prepared exclusively with local ingredients and on the third floor you can enjoy sixty different cocktails. The view from the terrace on the top floor is panoramic and covers the whole of Athens. This locale attracts a mixed, mainly young, but not only crowd, from socialites to cool teenagers, and well known mixologists from abroad are hosted, alternating with live jazz groups in the restaurant. The barteam has created fifteen imaginative cocktail recipes and were awarded as New bar of the year for 2012 at the Athens bar show. The names of dishes on the menu are all inspired by construction materials and include spinning top as a starter, networking salad and brushed cogwheel as a main dish. Definitely surprising.

Recommended for Late Night because: The view from the terrace of Three-sixty is breathtaking and the atmosphere casually sophisticated

Nelly's expert tip: Three-sixty is easy to reach, guarantees fun and inspired food and drinks

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Galaxy bar on the rooftop of the Athens Hilton is a wonderful place to pass the evening, with a breathtaking view, elegant atmosphere and high quality service. Modern and ultrachic, the décor includes wooden decking and a glass top bar and is very popular with jetsetters and visitors at the Hilton. In the evening you can enjoy the stylish air with cocktails and boutique brand drinks, whilst listening to hip electro music and later on appreciate one of the most fashionable venues in town with vibrant ambience. Galaxy bar has been a favorite for many generations of Athenians, following fashion and trends over the years. The summer 2015 menu includes delicious dishes such as Dynamic Shrimp Duo and Salmon Avocado and a mini BBQ at your table. Dont miss the signature cocktails Andromeda Secret , with rum, ouzo and almond syrup, Molecular Cloud with vodka, mandarin and almond liquor, Metaxa Passion with grape juice and jasmine tea, and all time classics gin tonics in many original variations.

Recommended for Late Night because: Galaxy Bar features a wonderful view and an elegant environment

Nelly's expert tip: Galaxy Bar is an all time classic Athenian favorite

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