Athens Restaurants Offer Meals Both Satisfying and Affordable

Lunch or dinner, local specialties or ethnic cuisine, traditional or innovative, Athens offers you the choice of enjoying a delicious meal without spending much in multiple versions. Join the Athenians, who recently have rediscovered the joy and the necessity of spending less on entertainment, and now prefer the value for money restaurants more than ever. The choice is wide and includes French crepes in many versions,  like those at Au Grand Zinc,  savory or sweet,  accompanied with kir or cider, , excellent Spanish specialties at Paella Barcelona, in Pangrati,  served in a friendly atmosphere, with paella in various tastes top of the list,  Greek and French cuisine at Ama Lachi, in Exarcheia,  in two separate restaurants in the same building, simple, contemporary  dishes with affordable and good quality selections of beer, wine and cocktails at central Makalo, close to Syntagma,   an interesting menu at collectively run punk bistrot Holy Goat, in Petralona,  timeless value at Olymbos Naousa close to Syntagma, delicious falafel and other specialties, at reasonable prices at Babaganush, traditional Greek cuisine developed to a new level at Zampano, 7 Food Sins is friendly and welcoming gastro pub with creative cuisine, Taqueria Maya serves Latin American specialties at reasonable prices

Olymbos Naousa
Photo courtesy of Nelly Paraskevopoulou


Easy to access, very near Syntagma, this historic restaurant opened in Thessaloniki in 1927 and more recently in Athens, where it is a favorite with shop owners and people who work close by, especially for lunch. The simple, delicious tastes are...  Read More

Ama Lachi
Photo courtesy of Ama Lachi


Ama Lachi, which translates into Whatever, is situated in a historical building with a lovely garden on Kallidromiou street in the neighborhood of Exarchia. Two young girls, with unique personalities, decided to give new life to the space,...  Read More

Taqueria Maya
Photo courtesy of Taqueria Maya


Taqueria Maya was created with the aim to offer fresh, everyday food like that found on the streets of Latin America. Tacos, burritos, bowls, quesadillas, Cuban sandwiches and salads which are prepared daily, accompanied with aqua frescas,...  Read More

7 Food Sins
Photo courtesy of Constantine Mitilineos/ 7 Food Sins


Located in an atmospheric neoclassical building in the picturesque neighborhood of Plaka, 7 Food Sins also has a charming courtyard where you can relax and enjoy your meal. Brunch is served from 9 a.m to six p.m. and includes delicious...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Zampano


A new entry on the gastronomy map of Athens. Inspired by the main character of Federico Fellini's masterpiece "La Strada," Zampano takes traditional Greek cuisine to a new level with modern, creative elements always based on fresh, seasonal...  Read More

Baba Ghanoush Falafel Shop
Photo courtesy of Baba Ghanoush


A small and cozy vegan and vegetarian restaurant, located in the urban neighborhood of Varnava Square, in Pangrati, with very reasonable prices, Baba Ghanoush serves falafel on a pita or a plate, hummus, babaghanoush, delicious salads,...  Read More



After Mexico City and Barcelona, Timo and Beatriz opened their tiny, bright red Spanish restaurant in Pangrati, aptly named Paella Barcelona. In the warm interior and outside on the pavement during the spring and summer months, excellent Spanish...  Read More



Makalo initially owed its name to a specialty of Northern Greece, a sauce similar to bechamel with garlic, parsley and sweet paprika, which usually accompanies meatballs, fish, eggs and cheese. However the word also means surprise or miracle in...  Read More

Au Grand Zinc
Photo courtesy of Nelly Paraskevopoulou


Au Grand Zinc is probably the best place to eat authentic French crepes in Athens. The owner learned the art and secrets of the perfect crepe during his sojourn in Paris from the local experts and brought this delicious dish to Exarcheia twenty...  Read More

The Holy Goat
Photo courtesy of The Holy Goat


Holy Goat restaurant chose its name from a well known Greek short story, written in 1931, by Giannis Skaribas and is a space which combines a bucolic atmosphere with elegance, elements of finesse side by side with the punk scene in a Brooklyn...  Read More


Meet Nelly Paraskevopoulou

Born and bred in Athens, Nelly went on the move after finishing high school and spending some years working in textiles.  For her, Italy was the next chapter. But, after 12 years, it was back...  More About Nelly