Best Farm to Table Restaurants in Athens

Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Athens Offer the Best of Local Produce

Athenian farm to table restaurants include some of the best in town, whose owners have realized the importance of guaranteed fresh produce and many employ scouts who search for the best products all over the country. Combining  more ‘primitive’ products with haute cuisine to create succulent dishes is a challenge which many chefs find intriguing and the results are always pleasantly surprising. Greek cuisine has been reinvented in recent years with humble dishes like beans and lentils becoming fashionable and granny’s recipes have been promoted to gourmet levels.

Dinner at Milos restaurant at the Athens Hilton is considered a unique gastronomic experience, with top chef Kostas Spiliadis creating simple but excellent dishes with some of the best products from all over Greece. At Electra Palace  the Roof Garden restaurant not only offers one of the best views in town, but also exclusive cuisine.   Mani Mani, close to the Acropolis Museum, specializes in dishes and products from the area of Mani in the Peloponnese, with ingredients cultivated and farmed locally.   Cretan specialties at Katsourbos, a favorite hangout in Pangrati, tastes from all over Greece at Fanaki in the suburb of Melissia, fresh ingredients direct from the Margi Farm at Malabar, delicious Greek specialties made with seasonal, local products and some surprises at Seychelles, Dishes which have made history and excellent gastronomic creations at Xrysa-Xrysa, Delicious traditional dishes with products directly from Crete at Eros-Iros, Specialties with products from the island of Naxos at Musique Cafe.


Musique Cafe
Photo courtesy of Musique Cafe

Musique Cafe in Pangrati, with specialties from the island of Naxos, has already become popular in just over a year when it first opened, with a menu which is continuously renewed with tasty surprises. The modern, industrial style space which combines coffee, food and entertainment, is ideal for every hour of day or night. Enjoy a cold or hot drink all day, prepared by expert baristas, in a warm atmosphere, taste the delicious specialties which chef Dimitris Vlachos makes with many products from Naxos. The menu includes snacks, finger food, salads, pasta, risotto, and meat dishes. In the evenings the atmosphere becomes lively with original cocktails and interesting musical selections in nu jazz, soul and funk by the resident dj, from Thursday to Sunday. Musique Cafe is available also for individual celebrations with a special menu chosen according to the occasion.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Delicious specialties from a menu which is constantly renewed

Nelly's expert tip: Specialties with products from the island of Naxos at a reasonably priced all day space in Pangrati

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Katsourbos is a small traditional Cretan restaurant in Pangrati which serves home made mammas cuisine prepared with ingredients straight from local producers. The decor is simple and essential, with an old grocers fridge, a large antique mirror, wooden tables, an overall arty style. At Katsourbos the main attraction is the food and the convivial atmosphere. Evenings revolve around tasting as many as possible of the delicious specialties, in small quantities, accompanied with Cretan wine or raki. The menu includes apaki - smoked pork- cheese direct from the producers, tender goat meat, olives and fresh vegetables. Try the apaki with orange, gruyere cheese with honey, the delicious wedding rice, the dakos- barley rusk with olive oil, fresh tomatoes and goats cheese.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Mamas cuisine with genuine Cretan products direct from the farms of the island

Nelly's expert tip: Home made Cretan cuisine with tasty specialties in a traditional environment

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Eros Iros

Eros Iros is the only restaurant in Athens exclusively with cuisine from the mountain region of Chania Crete. Traditional, authentic, without experiments of any kind. Most of the ingredients are shipped from Crete from small, local producers and the food is prepared by the owner and chef Antonia Botonaki, also descended from Crete. Eros Iros won the public's preference immediately and is open all day for coffee, lunch and dinner. The atmosphere is original and interesting, with artistic photos, antiques and books. During the summer months you can eat outside on the wide sidewalk amongst the flowers and the aromatic herbs. Definitely taste the handmade small pies with cheese and herbs, the delicious varieties of cheese, the special rice with goat, the wild boar sausage with potatoes au gratin ad for dessert the chocolate soup with black pepper, fresh strawberries and ice cream.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Delicious traditional dishes with products shipped directly from Crete

Nelly's expert tip: Cuisine from the mountain region of Chania, Crete, by chef Antonia Botonaki

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Photo courtesy of Seychelles

Seychelles restaurant in the center of Athens, in the downtown neighborhood of Metaxourgeio is a pleasant surprise and became immediately popular on opening. The attraction of the place is not the exotic tastes as one would imagine judging from the name, but the easy and natural way in which difficult combinations are obtained, namely reasonable prices and excellent quality. The cuisine is gourmet and the atmosphere is casual. You can choose to sit at a table or at the bar, enjoy lunch or dinner. At Seychelles the menu is based on products from small, local producers which enhance the interesting and mainly classic tastes. Seychelles are a favorite hangout where you will feel welcome and will definitely want to return. Try the papardelle with jellied veal and the mushrooms with smoked pork.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Delicious Greek specialties made with seasonal, local products and some surprises

Nelly's expert tip: Reasonable prices and excellent quality with a menu based on products from small, local producers

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Photo courtesy of Fanaki

Fanaki, in the northern suburb of Melissia, is a small traditional restaurant (also known as "kafenio") serving simple, authentic dishes accompanied by ouzo, raki or Greek wine. All products are from all over the country and arrive daily from selected small producers, including hard to find varieties of cheese, such as oil cheese from Zakynthos, goats cheese from Andros, cured pork and traditional sausages with fennel seed from Tinos, Kalamata olives and many more regional specialties. Some of the favorite dishes are fried eggs with greek pastrami served in the pan, octopus with sweet and sour dressing, balsamic vinegar, almonds and raisins, creamy fava topped with capers and diced onions and the famous smoked egg plant dip. The delicious salads include among others, rocket with beans, and zucchini marinated in lemon with Cretan goats cheese and are all prepared with fresh ingredients and organic olive oil. For desert, Fanaki offer to all its guests Greek yogurt with sweet cherry preserve. The atmosphere at Fanaki is casual and relaxed and sometimes even, friends bring their bouzouki and guitar and gather to sing along old Greek songs.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Regional Greek cuisine with carefully selected products from small producers on the mainland and the islands

Nelly's expert tip: Simple, authentic dishes with products from all over the country and a relaxed atmosphere

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Xrysa Xrysa
Photo courtesy of John Calivas

Xrysa-Xrysa, located in Petralona, is a restaurant with a long history. For many years Xrysa Protopapa, the first well known Greek chef with great experience in Greek and Greek-Creative cuisine, has presented dishes which have made history and continues to impress with her gastronomic creations in her new space. Her secret is the fresh ingredients which are bought daily from the market and small local producers and also her knowledge and personal approach for refined tastes which enchant the senses and are as light as homemade cooking. Xrysa, who is descended from Asia Minor, continues and enhances family recipes of three generations aiming to develop them to the utmost. The decor of the restaurant has been planned by interior designer Lian Vermeer and is unique in its style. The menu has many specialties, but dont miss the shrimps with fennel and ouzo, the home made pasta with fermented milk, tomato and basil, the lamb fricasee with fennel, leeks and seasonal greens, the pork hock with aromatic beer marinade and honey, and for dessert the delicious halvas with cream, pistachio nuts and caramel.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Dishes which have made history and excellent gastronomic creations

Nelly's expert tip: Memorable experience of gastronomic creations by a talented chef

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Mani Mani, close to the Acropolis Museum, is a restaurant inspired by the owners birthplace of Mani in the Peloponnese, from where many of the ingredients used to prepare the menu are obtained. Small farms and producers in the region provide homemade traditional Greek pasta and organic eggs from Gythio, syglino (a variation of bacon), sausages and poultry from Areopolis. The house wine is from Laconia, well known for the excellent cultivation of vineyards on arid ground close to the sea. Genuine olive oil produced by the owners of the restaurant in Gythio is used in the preparation of all plates, which include specialties like tsouchtes (goat cheese topped with a fried egg), Lentils with fresh oregano, sundried tomato, onion, cappers, siglino (smoked pork) and orange sauce, Lamb with greens, celeriac cream and sauce of its own broth, Rooster cooked in red wine with thyme, hilopites (Greek pasta) and sour mizithra cheese

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Specialties from Mani in the Peloponnese prepared with regional produce

Nelly's expert tip: Local cuisine at it's best

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Electra Palace Roof Garden restaurant is the top choice in Plaka, the oldest and most picturesque neighborhood of Athens, easy to reach and utterly enjoyable, both for the breathtaking view and for the exclusive cuisine, prepared by chef Petros Kalevrosoglou. Local organic products provided from small farms includes the renowned lentils from Lefkada, vegetables from Messinia, olive oil, olives, smoked pork from the Peloponnese and wild mushrooms from Epirus. The excellent flavors, the view and the service are the reason this remarkable restaurant has been awarded for four consecutive years with Toques d? or & Greek cuisine awards. Definitely an aesthetic unforgettable experience. Gluten free dishes such as rocket salad with aromatic cheese and olive oil, grilled vegetables with Chios mastelo cheese, mint and olive oil, without sauce, grilled salmon with steamed vegetables without sauce, grilled chicken fillet with small potatoes without sauce, veal fillet with potatoes and grilled vegetables without sauce, can be adapted from the menu on notification.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: A top choice in Plaka, with a menu which includes local organic products

Nelly's expert tip: Wonderful view, exquisite menu, excellent choice for business or leisure dining

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Milos Restaurant created by restaurateur Costas Spiliadis at the Athens Hilton is one of the world?s best Greek restaurants, respecting traditional values and techniques and using exclusively seasonal and local products. Suppliers are chosen personally after extensive research and travel to discover the best ingredients from Greek gastronomy. Top chef Konstantinos Spiliadis opts for simplicity in the kitchen, and amongst the specialties served at Milos is fresh fish and seafood. Excellent honey and salt from the island of Cythera add genuine flavor to dishes. The menu includes delectable plates like fried shrimps from Aigina, grilled cuttlefish with capers from Santorini, traditional vegetable pies and much more. Meals are served in an elegant ambience, inside or in the refreshing garden. Visitors with gluten intolerance do not need to sacrifice the enjoyment of tasty dishes, as the menu is based mainly on fish and vegetables, with high nutritional value. The restaurant pays great attention to individual preferences and needs and can plan a menu to satisfy personal choices. An exceptional, favorite dish is risotto with squid ink, which is gluten free and remarkably tasty.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Delectable tastes prepared with the best ingredients from Greek gastronomy

Nelly's expert tip: One of the best Greek restaurants in the world with traditional values and high quality cuisine

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Photo courtesy of The Margi

Malabar restaurant at The Margi Hotel, situated on the Athenian Riviera, offers a remarkable gastronomic experience with a menu based on fresh, high quality ingredients produced on The Margi Farm. Talented executive chef Panayotis Giakalis creates dishes inspired from Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, such as salmon with poached broccoli, bottarga and Hollandaise sauce with tomato; orzo with asparagus, jamon bellota and parmesan flakes; delicious chocolate mousse with chocolate sorbet and ganache. Seasonal vegetables, fruit and eggs are from The Margi Farm. Dont miss the special cocktails prepared also with ingredients from the Farm. The Margi Farm is located in a large expanse in the area of Kalyvia, where the climate permits the cultivation of a large variety of fruit trees and vegetables. Natural methods are used for watering and fertilizing. Cold pressed olive oil, rose wine, distilled spirits, fresh goat's cheese, artichokes, wild asparagus, herbs and vegetables, seasonal fruit, wild greens and eggs are some of the healthy and nutritious produce, which arrives from the farm to the table.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Everything fresh from the Farm straight to the table

Nelly's expert tip: Excellent Greek and Mediterranean cuisine prepared with ingredients from the Margi Farm

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