Dining in Kolonaki Is Elegant and Cosmopolitan, with a Variety of Choices

Kolonaki is  well known for all time favorites for dining and drinking, which range from high end restaurants to multiethnic cuisine and several Italian restaurants, which are very popular in Greece. Some are reasonably priced others more expensive,  these restaurants are the best choice for entertaining in style and enjoying sophisticated flavors and luxurious surroundings.  Spiros & Vasilis is a landmark in Athens since 1974 with  a menu  based on traditional tastes from French cuisine, Malconis  with minimal, artistic decor, offers an inspired menu based on contemporary Italian cuisine,  Seventeen bar and restaurant is an establishment in itself and has a long and interesting history,  reputedly  they serve the best dry martini in Athens, Abreuvoir is a top choice for dining out in Athens for connoisseurs of French cuisine, Kiku is the first authentic Japanese restaurant in Athens since 1993, Hug pizza and past bar serves a new approach to Italian and Greek cuisine, Taverna Catalana is ideal for tasting Spanish specialties and a variety of wines in a warm atmosphere, at Nice n easy bio-restaurant the emphasis is on natural and healthy products, Bistrot le Mignon is an authentic French bistrot with delicious French cuisine, at Food and Wine you can taste the inspired dishes prepared by talented chef Olivier Campanha


Taverna Catalana
Photo courtesy of Taverna Catalana

Taverna Catalana on Sina street is a wine bar and restaurant, with a large variety of wines both from Greece and from Catalonia. The wines combine ideally with the dishes on the menu, which include specialties such as cream of mackerel with dates, pork fillet with prunes, pine nuts and sweet wine, chicken with sesame seeds and cream of sweet potato, just to mention a few. The wild boar sausage, the buffalo boiled in wine and the Catalana custard flambee are also mouthwatering to taste. More than fifteen kinds of cold cuts from Catalonia are also served in this atmospheric restaurant, decorated in vibrant colors.

Recommended for Kolonaki's Best Restaurants because: Spanish specialties and a large variety of wines in a warm atmosphere

Nelly's expert tip: Vibrant colors, delicious specialties from Catalonia and a variety of wines in a cozy atmosphere

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Nice n' easy, inspired from Frank Sinatra's well know song, is an attractive restaurant, with a menu based on quality and organic ingredients. Images of famous celebrities Frank and Marilyn, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando are part of the decor and the sound of jazz music adds to the overall atmosphere. The owner, with experience from the restaurant business in L.A., together with the chef, created a unique menu with many delicious surprises. Simple ingredients, chosen with care and many organic products. On the menu, the place of origin of each ingredient, the calories and the nutritional value of each dish are mentioned, making the experience of eating not only tasty but also healthy. You can visit Nice n' easy in Kolonaki or in Kifisia. Open all day for lunch and dining, coffee and cocktails.

Recommended for Kolonaki's Best Restaurants because: An interesting menu with emphasis on healthy, natural ingredients

Nelly's expert tip: Bio restaurant in Kolonaki and Kifissia, with special attention to quality

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Hug pizza & pasta bar
Photo courtesy of Naya Poultidou

Hug pizza & pasta bar in Kolonaki is a new presence and food concept for all day & night eating. The owners with the chef created a cozy food bar, where Italian recipes co-exist with unique Greek ingredients and local agricultural products. The result is very interesting and completely different from what one usually finds in a classic trattoria. Some examples are the bruschette with gruyere from the island of Naxos and smoked pork, the risotto with mushrooms and truffle oil, the spaghetti with eggplant, tomatoes, mint and dry goats cheese. The delicious thin crust pizza is crisp externally and soft inside and is served in ten inspired variations, which include caramelized onions, small tomatoes from Santorini, sausage, dried figs, just to mention a few. The main dishes are enriched with locally grown aromatic herbs, such as sage with veal and marjoram with chicken, or fruit mustard with pork. A new approach to Italian and Greek cuisine, with interesting results. Hug pizza & pasta bar is open for lunch or a shopping break, until late at night.

Recommended for Kolonaki's Best Restaurants because: Pizza and pasta with a twist in an attractive environment

Nelly's expert tip: An interesting new approach to Italian and Greek cuisine in Kolonaki

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Italian taste is always a favorite and Malconis in Kolonaki is an excellent example. Open from morning to night, this ultra chic locale, with minimal, artistic decor, offers an inspired menu based on contemporary Italian cuisine. Enjoy your beloved spaghetti or a wonderfully thin pizza, fresh aromatic salads, classic tagliatta, the avant garde dishes cooked in sous vide, the heavenly coconut mousse for dessert. Recent additions to the renewed menu include mesclun salad with fruit marinated in honey and lemon, white fish tartare with quinoa and wakame, bresaola with shitake mushrooms. Gluten free choices include all dishes with meat and fish which are prepared with natural broth, spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, penne with veal fillet, parmesan sauce and fresh marjoram, veal carpaccio, fish tartare. During the warm season meals at Malconis are served outside, in an internal patio or on the sidewalk. All time favorites are the pizza cooked in the traditional oven and the home made gnocchi. Sunday brunch is a major event and recent additions to the menu include delicious specialties such as bagels with jambon fouet and brie or smoked salmon and avocado. Definitely try the panini with chicken or roast beef, and the new entry club sandwiches classic or with seafood, cucumber, mango and spicy mayo. The must taste eggs benedict can also be enjoyed with green tea hollandaise, crab meat, shrimps and avocado. The scrambled eggs with bacon or salmon are an all time classic favorite and the pancakes with maple syrup and red berries or praline and banana are by far the best dessert.

Recommended for Kolonaki's Best Restaurants because: Malconis is friendly and chic and the menu is frequently renewed.

Nelly's expert tip: Inspired Italian cuisine at Malconis

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Bistrot le Mignon
Photo courtesy of Bistrot le Mignon

Bistrot le Mignon on Charitos street in Kolonaki brings an authentic Parisian air to the neighborhood. Genuine, refined French tastes in an atmospheric space which combines luxury with simplicity and a romantic style. Classic and contemporary French cuisine prepared with expertise, in a small, cozy space, furnished with leather couches, marble topped tables and vintage elements. Classic favorites and new dishes on the menu, based on excellent quality ingredients. Specialties include pumpkin soup with chestnuts and nutmeg cream, steamed mussels with ginger and lemon, warm Nicoise salad with lightly cooked salmon and softly boiled egg in a crust of aromatic herbs. Definitely try the entrecote Cafe de Paris with finely cut French fries. On Saturday and Sunday at lunch, the most popular dish is croque monsieur and croque madame. Delicious desserts such as chocolate mousse with chestnut, pears, hazel nut crumble and vanilla ice cream and the creme brulee with fresh vanilla. On the wine list there are many Greek and French varieties, which accompany your meal ideally.

Recommended for Kolonaki's Best Restaurants because: Classic and contemporary French cuisine in a bistrot atmosphere

Nelly's expert tip: Refined French tastes in an authentic Parisian bistrot

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Food and Wine restaurant (F+W) is a new destination in Kolonaki Athens, with excellent cuisine by talented chef Olivier Campanha. In an attractive, modern space the chef creates refined dishes with French influence and a cosmopolitan twist, which are accompanied by excellent wines, selected by expert sommelier Yannis Makri Aiws. The menu is renewed four times a year aiming at emphasizing the high quality ingredients and seasonal produce. The wine cellar is enriched in the same way, including wines and distilled beverages from the Greek and international winery and many interesting choices for wine by the glass.

Recommended for Kolonaki's Best Restaurants because: Refined dishes with French influence in an attractive modern space

Nelly's expert tip: Inspired French cuisine in Kolonaki by talented chef Olivier Campanha

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Seventeen bar and restaurant is an establishment in itself and has a long and interesting history, since 1957, which has been described in one of the owner's books, and includes reminisces about visiting celebrities, political events in Greece and comments by foreign correspondents and journalists. Reputed to serve the best dry martini in Athens, Fotis Krikzoni¢s fame has reached the New York Times and has also been mentioned by Frank Sinatra. His inventive cocktails have been awarded and are now served in many other countries. The cuisine is based on traditional Greek dishes for lunch and an international menu for dinner. Later in the evening, piano music adds a pleasant note to the atmosphere. During the summer months Seventeen is open only for lunch.

Recommended for Kolonaki's Best Restaurants because: 17 makes the best martini in Athens and has remained a landmark for many years

Nelly's expert tip: 17 is a classic favorite with old fashioned charm

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Embassy District

Spiros & Vasilis is a landmark in Athens since 1974, very close to the American Embassy and the Athens Music Hall. This successful family business has maintained an excellent level of quality cuisine and service, making it a favorite for important occasions. The menu is based on traditional tastes from French cuisine mainly from Provence, and some of the specialties are Entrecote Cafe de Paris in the authentic version, homemade pate foie gras, frog legs, Burgundy snails, grilled salmon with finocchio sauce. An interesting wine list accompanies the menu. The atmosphere is elegant and in the summer months meals are served in a cool garden. This restaurant is often selected by groups, both for lunch and dinner, all year round.

Recommended for Kolonaki's Best Restaurants because: Spiros & Vasilis is the ultimate experience for French cuisine from Provence

Nelly's expert tip: It is advisable to make a reservation at Spiros & Vasilis

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Kiku Japanese restaurant in Kolonaki, since 1993, is the first authentic Japanese restaurant in Athens, and over the years has brought the spirit of Japanese gastronomic culture closer to the public. Simplicity, high aesthetics of presentation and natural flavors are the main characteristics of Japanese cuisine, which are followed at this elegant and refined restaurant. At Kiku, guests discover a new gastronomic journey and every dish is exceptional. The extensive menu, which is constantly renewed, is always based on classical flavors while introducing modern tastes. The elegant and minimalistic atmosphere, with its sophisticated decor is in perfect balance with Japanese tradition. At the Kiku bar the unique tastes of Japan meet those of fresh fruit, creating a variety of cocktails. Executive chef Polichronis Damalas and his team, together with two outstanding sushi chefs , Shoji Morita and Masahide Isomoto create exceptional dishes, true to the true spirit of Japanese cuisine. For the summer season of 2014, Kiku moved to the island of Mykonos, at prestigious hotel Cavo Tagoo, with great success. Kiku is also present in the neighborhood of Neo Psychico with a fun atmosphere and lively music.

Recommended for Kolonaki's Best Restaurants because: The first authentic Japanese restaurant in Athens, which has remained a favorite for many years.

Nelly's expert tip: Superb Japanese cuisine since 1993 in Kolonaki

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Abreuvoir is definitely a top choice for eating out in Athens. Since 1965 when the restaurant first opened, its fame has spread amongst Athenian and visiting connoisseurs of French cuisine. Situated in a cool, shady garden during the summer and in a comfortable inside space during winter, this restaurant is a favorite for anybody who wants to enjoy French delicacies and high quality. Abreuvoir is a tradition in Athens, with a menu which is often renewed and a faithful clientele. Some of the favorites remain filet au poivre, Steak Tartare, Canard orange and definitely Crepes Suzette or creme brullee with espresso for dessert. Recent additions to the menu include tuna fish with topinambur, leeks and parsley, marinated salmon with fennel, lime, orange and ginger, served with quinoa, mustard seeds and avocado, pheasant with pears and red cabbage, wild boar with mushrooms and bacon. Definitely taste the salmon marinated in honey, served with grilled, marinated vegetables. The wine list will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Abreuvoir celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2015, with a specially priced menu all year.

Recommended for Kolonaki's Best Restaurants because: French cuisine at its best in high class surroundings

Nelly's expert tip: Authentic French dining at Abreuvoir since 1965

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