Best Late Night Restaurants in Athens

Athens Never Sleeps, so Enjoy Late-Night Restaurants until the Small Hours

Athenians have the habit of dining late in the evening compared to other countries, so many restaurants in Athens remain open until quite late at night. Some specific restaurants remain open even later than midnight up to the small hours, and are mainly frequented by theater goers who enjoy  a meal after attending a performance, or by the many latenighters in town.  At Mama Roux the theme  is to offer high quality foods that the owners and staff know and love, from their lives, their work and from travels, Tamarind in Metaxourgeio, serves authentic Thai cuisine, prepared by talented chef Ben Provis, at Seventeen the cuisine is based on traditional Greek dishes for lunch and an international menu for dinner and later in the evening, piano music adds a pleasant note to the atmosphere, tasty dishes in a warm atmosphere, traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a twist and many surprises at Trapezaria, at Facce Strane specialties include tagliatelle with truffles and mouthwatering semifreddo, Gaidaros in Kolonaki specializes in revisited Geek Chic and simple comfort food with a vintage aura, Holy Chicken in Glyfada is the place to visit if you love chicken, Nonna in Psyrri serves delicious traditional dishes made with grandmas recipes, The Shy Horse offers a high quality gastronomic experience with a menu curated by a multi awarded chef, Pasaji is a favorite for after dinner dinner and a celebrity hangout. 


Holy Chicken is the sibling of the well known cocktail bar Holy Spirit and is a single themed restaurant centered on chicken. The menu also includes delicious appetizers, salads and several interesting cocktails, and is planned in a fun mood. Freedom, a funky approach and quality are the characteristics of this restaurant, and the prices are reasonable. All the ingredients are fresh and seasonal and the chicken are exclusively bred on corn. The chicken specialty appears in many variations, all prepared following strict quality measures. You can order your chicken in pieces or whole, served in various marinades, such as Mediterranean, Mustard of Caribbean, with puree, buttered corn, grilled vegetables, sweet potato on the side. A meal at Holy Chicken is an all round, enjoyable experience, with excellent service and friendly atmosphere.

Recommended for Late Night because: A single themed restaurant in Glyfada with excellent chicken specialties

Nelly's expert tip: Chicken in many variations with delicious sauces and side dishes

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Facce Strane
Photo courtesy of Facce Strane

Facce Strane is a new arrival in town, open all day with coffee and snacks, panini for lunch and pasta in the evenings. Named after the song by famous Italian singer Jovanotti, the restaurant is owned by Dario Fagnoni, who continues the family tradition started by his father with the renowned Al Convento. Specialties include tagliatelle with truffles and mouthwatering semifreddo. Sketches by Tasos Georgiou on the walls, magazines artfully arranged on sideboards, an authentic record player side by side with a fluo plexiglass little horse make up the original decor. Dont miss the panini with homemade bread with various italian ingredients such as prosciutto,coppa,gorgonzola and scamorza.

Recommended for Late Night because: Italian specialties prepared with great attention to every detail

Nelly's expert tip: The semifreddo is irresistible and the thin crusted pizza delicious

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Photo courtesy of Nonna

Nonna means grandma in the dialect of the island of Zante and of course in Italian. Lianka and Leonidas, friends since childhood and great cooking lovers, decided to share their passion for food with the public. The concept is cooking with love and attention, with different ingredients every day, just like grandma would prepare something delicious with whatever was available, but mainly with her best care. The menu changes daily, as the central market is very close and the cook finds inspiration from the fresh produce. Several vegan dishes are included and also vegetable burgers. Do taste the home made lemonade with ginger and curcuma. If you prefer, you can choose a cup of herbal tea served in an old fashioned teapot. At Nonna they prepare daily traditional Greek dishes and also some variations, using high quality ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil from Zante and Mani, desserts based on mamas recipes and grandmas rabbit specialty. The organic wine Tzivani from Euboea accompanies your meal ideally. The atmosphere is friendly and the prices reasonable.

Recommended for Late Night because: Tasty, healthy and nutritious food in a warm atmosphere in the neighborhood of Psyrri

Nelly's expert tip: Healthy, traditional Greek food prepared with simple recipes, at reasonable prices

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Photo courtesy of Gaidaros

2015 is the year of the Donkey in Kolonaki. This new all day Greek bistrot bar, named Gaidaros (Donkey in Greek), offering excellent music and rare spirits, is located on central Skoufa street. The concept is to revive the vintage aura of other, more relaxed times, and rediscover Greek Chic. Music plays a central role every evening, with jazz swing, funk and soul creating the ideal party atmosphere. Speakeasy parties are all about the magic of the twenties, thirties and forties. Food and cocktails are original and high quality and tea is served in vintage cups. At lunch time the menu includes some of the best tastes of local produce with simple comfort food which satisfies the senses, and the cocktails have revisited Greek names with a humorous twist.

Recommended for Late Night because: Vintage aura, original and high quality food and a humorous approach

Nelly's expert tip: Revisited Greek chic with a twist, excellent musical selections and friendly atmosphere

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Mama Roux
Photo courtesy of Mama Roux

Mama Roux is the place to start your day; Go for fluffy pancakes, greek yoghurt with fruits, bagels, fried or scrambled eggs accompanied by a generous glass of fresh juice --always with a twist-, tea or coffee. Breakfast is served every Monday- Saturday from 10:00-12:30. It is followed by a lunch service of multicultural plates; Delectable salads, mexican wraps and tacos, falafel, pasta, noodles, tandoori chicken, classical burgers, inspired by Mid Eastern, Asian, Mexican and Syrian cuisine. There are ample options for vegetarians. A wide variety of desserts such as Créme Brulee, New York cheese cake, Lemon pie and more, complete your meal. Mama Roux serves selected beers and wines. A full range of mouthwatering cocktails is offered; Happy hour - every Tuesday-Friday from 19:30-21:30. On Sundays, from 12:30 to 18:00, an American style brunch is served with Eggs (benedict, florentine, scrambled, omelettes), Pancakes, Croque Monsieur, Croque Madame, New York bagels and lox etc, paired with tempting cocktails. The theme at Mama Roux is to offer high quality foods that the owners and staff know and love, from their lives their work and from travels; the menu is drawn from several cultures. The prices of the food and drinks are moderate. The menu is typified by high quality ingredients and hand made food, but there is a determination to keep prices down while upholding this commitment to 'doing it right.'

Recommended for Late Night because: The casual atmosphere and the delicious menu make Mama Roux a favorite in downtown Athens

Nelly's expert tip: Delicious dishes with high quality ingredients from several cultures in a friendly atmosphere

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Trapezaria means dining-room in Greek and is a clever name for the well known restaurant which moved recently to the neighborhood of Kallimarmaro. The idea behind the name is that a dining-room is a place where families gather to share meals and company, and the concept is exactly that. Tasty dishes in a warm atmosphere, traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a twist and many surprises. Seasonal ingredients from small producers, specialties like the ?winter choriatiki salad?, the squid with aromatic herbs, the cheese pie with figs, almonds, ginger and smoked pork. Recent additions to the menu include potato chips with vanilla oil, gruyere and cocoa grains, steamed mussels with cauliflower, peppers and bulgur, baked pears with saffron, hazelnuts and vanilla icecream. The menu, which is renewed every two days, includes many vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes and meals can be tailor made to meet your personal preferences.

Recommended for Late Night because: A restaurant which has many fans of the selected quality tastes

Nelly's expert tip: Traditional mediterranean cuisine with a twist prepared with selected local produce

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Shy Horse in Kolonaki is a space with a classic bistro atmosphere. The high quality gastronomic creations, the attention to every detail, the careful selection of ingredients and the innovative combinations created by Executive Chef Stefanos Kolimadis, who has been awarded six Toques D'Or, make Shy Horse ideal for business lunches, an after shopping meeting point, weekend brunch or an evening outing in the center of Athens. Enjoyment, taste, environment and quality are the key qualities, and here you can taste contemporary gastronomy at reasonable prices and enjoy a drink from the carefully selected wine cellar. The menu is simple and each dish is an experience. Try the orzo with shrimps or the lightly smoked salmon in maple. The large variety of petites bouchees, the plates of the day which rotate depending on customers preferences and the original "Do It Yourself" category offer an interesting approach.

Recommended for Late Night because: A quality gastronomic experience for lunch, after shopping, weekend brunch or dinner

Nelly's expert tip: Bistro atmosphere, an original approach and an interesting menu by awarded executive chef Stefanos Kolimadis

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After three years of success, Tamarind now has a renewed menu, planned with the help of chef Ben Provis, of Thai descent, who has first hand experience of the traditional methods used to prepare authentic Thai food. Fresh ingredients are one of the secrets of delicious Thai cuisine, which also aims to improve mind and body health. Simple, nostalgic tastes, without frills, from the smiling country. A typical meal would include a soup, such as hot and sour soup with prawns, bamboo sprouts, baby corn and carrot with fresh Thai herbs, an appetizer like grilled pork balls on skewers with sweet chili sauce, a main course which could be fried perch with oyster sauce, colorful pepper, bamboo and vegetables, a refreshing salad with fresh mango, green apple, iceberg, spring onion, lime juice and dried baby shrimps, a variety of curries, rice, noodles, and mouth watering desserts. Consult the cocktail menu for more interesting and original enjoyable drinks.

Recommended for Late Night because: Excellent food in exotic surroundings with mouthwatering specialties in the district of Metaxourgeio

Nelly's expert tip: Genuine Thai cuisine in a suggestive environment prepared by a talented chef

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Photo courtesy of Pasaji

Inside the beautiful arcade of Spirou Miliou, well-known gastronomic location , Pasaji, now bears the signature of the famous chef Aris Tsanaklidis. This is where the shopping and the theatrical heart of the city beat and the awarded chef keeps the vibe high with his team of chefs. He mixes Greek flavors and traditional products with exotic dishes and fusion creations inspired by his own “passage” through acclaimed restaurants on the Virgin Islands, in New York, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong and Hawaii. In the menu, the mixed green salad with crab and spicy citrus dressing coexist harmoniously with the Misoyaki black cod marinated in miso and mirin. Thus, your “passage” continues also through the sushi bar and the refreshing signature cocktails of the awarded mixologist John Samaras at the renewed bar.

Recommended for Late Night because: Taste delicious fusion dishes and signature cocktails at this elegant restaurant

Nelly's expert tip: Ideal for a light lunch, dinner or after theater, also for business lunches or events

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Seventeen bar and restaurant is an establishment in itself and has a long and interesting history, since 1957, which has been described in one of the owner's books, and includes reminisces about visiting celebrities, political events in Greece and comments by foreign correspondents and journalists. Reputed to serve the best dry martini in Athens, Fotis Krikzoni¢s fame has reached the New York Times and has also been mentioned by Frank Sinatra. His inventive cocktails have been awarded and are now served in many other countries. The cuisine is based on traditional Greek dishes for lunch and an international menu for dinner. Later in the evening, piano music adds a pleasant note to the atmosphere. During the summer months Seventeen is open only for lunch.

Recommended for Late Night because: Excellent cuisine, piano music and old time elegance in this famous restaurant

Nelly's expert tip: Classic favorite for Athenians and socialytes

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