Best Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus in Athens

Athens Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus Suit All Tastes

Visitors to Athens with gluten intolerance can enjoy delicious and healthy meals at several restaurants, without sacrificing the enjoyment of taste. Several restaurants suggest their own gluten free menus, whilst others can adapt certain dishes to customers needs. Gluten free pasta, pizza made with dinkel flour, fresh salads and vegetables, various kinds of meat and fish, even desserts contain all the taste without gluten.  At Novagea in Plaka fruit and veggie juices and smoothies, at Avocado all pasta dishes be served with a gluten free pasta and all pizzas can be served with a gluten free dough from flax seeds,  at Milos restaurant, an exceptional, favorite dish is risotto with squid ink, which is gluten free and remarkably tasty, at Pure Bliss interesting gluten free dishes are the penne with pesto or chicken and sundried tomatoes and  the chickpeas with polenta, at Peonia the menu is based on macrobiotic diet, at Bazaki in Halandri raw and gluten free desserts, together with fresh fruit and vegetable juices can be savored, at Rosebud the gluten free dishes are many and varied, at Makalo there is a variety of gluten free specialties, at Alatsi you can enjoy your own tailor made menu, at Eat at Miltons most dishes are gluten free


Eat at Miltons in Plaka, on the corner of Adrianou and Nikodimou street, is a great favorite with visitors and passers by who cant help noticing this attractive locale, known for the Greek-Mediterranean cuisine with the inspiration of awarded French chef Alain Parodi. After five years of successful collaboration, this season the Michelin awarded chef is present daily and prepares all the delicious dishes which are served in the restaurant. He also follows closely every detail, educates his team and offers a unique gastronomic experience to customers. Every day gourmet dishes are prepared, with ingredients from Greece, France and Spain, combined with organic products, at reasonable prices. Eat at Miltons, with a warm, pleasant atmosphere also has tables outside on the sidewalk and the pedestrian street and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee, desserts and savory snacks are served all day. The fresh salads, the delicious fish and sea food and the meat dishes are ideal choices if you are following a gluten free diet. The newly designed wine bar is popular with wine lovers, with a large variety of wines, accompanied by small portions of degustation dishes from the basic menu, at even more affordable prices and the bar is open on week days until 01.00 and on weekends until 01.30.

Recommended for Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus because: Ideal for lunch or dinner, a modern environment with a variety of dishes

Nelly's expert tip: Gourmet experience by awarded French chef Alain Parodi

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Makalo initially owed its name to a specialty of Northern Greece, a sauce similar to bechamel with garlic, parsley and sweet paprika, which usually accompanies meatballs, fish, eggs and cheese. However the word also means surprise or miracle in some African dialects. The menu is based on value for money dishes prepared with seasonal products and respect for each ingredient. Simple, contemporary dishes with affordable and good quality selections of beer, wine and cocktails based on the principle of food matching and homemade drinks. Some delicious dishes are lahmanjoun with veal mince, in pitta bread with yoghurt and tomato, pesto of grilled pepper with tagliatelle, feta cheese and almonds, salmon fillet with courgettes sauteed in wine, lemon and fennel. Vegetarians will also find many tasty dishes to their liking. Easy to access, very close to Syntagma square and Plaka, Makalo is open all day for coffee, lunch and dinner. Customers will find several gluten free dishes such as salmon fillet with sauteed zucchini, veal with beetroot, a variety of salads and dishes which can be prepared on the spot following your preferences.

Recommended for Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus because: Good value for money and simple contemporary cuisine with quality as a focal point

Nelly's expert tip: Excellent quality food, friendly service, ideal for lunch or dinner

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Pure Bliss on a quiet side street in the central shopping district of Athens, is popular with the alternative crowd and also with vegetarians, vegans and health food fans. The space operates as a multispace where events and courses are held and the restaurant and café serve only organic produce and healthy cuisine, inspired from all over the world. Breakfast includes omelet with turkey and cheese, poached eggs with toast and sauteed spinach, pancakes with honey and cinnamon or white chocolate sauce, various combinations of yoghurt with fresh or dried fruit. Taste the healthy herbal teas with lemon, peach, ginger, strawberries, raspberries, mango, passion fruit, the wake up call with cocoa, banana, peppermint, honey, milk, espresso and chia seeds, the vegetable juices with super foods. For brunch try the sandwiches with grilled vegetables, yoghurt sauce and cheese, the veggie burger, the pitta bread with chicken tandoori, salad, yoghurt sauce, or the wrap tortilla with avocado, cheese and salsa fresca (tomato, onion, fresh coriander and lime). Indian samosas and a Peruvian appetizer complete the ethnic selection. The fresh salads, such as the alternative tabbuleh or the protein salad with chicken, rocket, greens, cucumber, carrot, avocado, coliander and onion, are also very good choices. Interesting gluten free dishes are the penne with pesto or chicken and sundried tomatoes, the chickpeas with polenta and for dessert the melomakarona-traditional Greek Christmas sweet- with gluten free flour and dipped in honey.

Recommended for Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus because: The ambience is attractive and the tastes original and researched

Nelly's expert tip: Favorite alternative and vegetarian hang out for families

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Avocado - food for life, a vegan restaurant opened recently on Nikis street at a very convenient location near Syntagma and Plaka. The people behind the well-known NYSY Studios for yoga and pilates, situated just across the road, are the creators of these tasty veggie snacks and meals, and cool, delicious healthy drinks for total wellness , inspired by the slow food movement, Avocado offers exclusively seasonal, traditional products, combined in recipes made with love. Local and exotic fruit and vegetable juices, fresh salads, soups and specialties inspired from the Mediterranean, India and the East, like the Ginger Passion juice, with carrots, apple, ginger and beetroot, the sweet Mango Nectar, the vibrant vegan pizza. Gluten free choices on the menu include Vegetarian Saffron Spanish Paella with traditional rice, oven roasted squash, seasonal vegg, nori Seaweed, mushrooms and saffron broth, Organic red and white Quinoa, served with Ragou sauce and homemade organic sausage, A triple mushroom risotto with porcini, shiitake and Portobello mushrooms, pesto served with Avocado's special basil and pine nut pesto cream, Putanesca pasta with Kalamata olives, Mani Seaweed, Capers, oven roasted garlic, oven roasted tomato sauce, Maha Porcini Pasta, served with oyster and Portobello mushrooms, rosemary and parmesan sauce. All Pasta dishes be served with a gluten Free pasta and all pizzas can be served with a gluten free dough from Flax seeds. Avocado is especially popular with families who can sit comfortably in the upstairs zen room with floor cushions. The menu includes several favorites with kids, such as smoothies, pasta and pizza

Recommended for Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus because: One of the most popular vegan restaurants in Athens with excellent quality food

Nelly's expert tip: Tasty veggie snacks and meals with specialties inspired from the Mediterranean, India and the East

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Novagea on Vironos street in Plaka is a unique place to enjoy natural juices made with seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs. Full of vitamins and nutrients, these juices are the ideal solution for a healthy snack whilst exploring Plaka. The concept is based on the passion of the team behind Novagea for healthy living. Entering the space, you immediately notice the attention given to each detail and the harmony of colors and shapes. The decor is inspired by Cycladic architecture, simple and essential, a place where old and new coexist in absolute harmony. The characteristic blue windows have been created by artist Xanthi Ioannidou. At Novagea you can choose between a menu of specific juices made with fruit, vegetables, mixed or smoothies. Depending on your preference try the nerve tonic, the anti age, the vitamin, the athlete's, the nurturing, the anti-cholesterol, just to mention a few. The yoghurt with fruit and honey is also delicious. Novagea juices are prepared with recipes specifically designed by an expert nutritionist , contain no additives or preservatives and are served in glass jars.

Recommended for Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus because: A unique place to enjoy the best of natural fruit and vegetables

Nelly's expert tip: Healthy, delicious fruit and veggie juices and smoothies

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Rosebud in Kolonaki first opened in 2001 and soon became a favorite meeting point in the neighborhood for coffee, meals and drinks, in a space inspired by Orson Wells. Quality and a warm atmosphere were the focal points. In 2007 Rosebud extended to the first floor with a stylish restaurant, decorated with mementos, pleasing colors and movie lovers objects and music. Many parties, musical happenings and events were hosted in this space. In October 2012, Rosebud made yet another change going green and is now a vegetarian/vegan restaurant proving that healthy food can be tasty and reasonably priced. Try the Guacamole with mango and homemade nachos; the Tempeh pastrami ,organic , with Russian salad; theHumus flavored with basil , with crunchy pie; other delicious dishes not to miss are the Mango salad , with a variety of fresh green lettuce , cashews and fresh peppermint sauce; theJapanese , with fresh vegetables , wakame seeweed, with miso ,lime and ginger dressing; the Thai yellow curry , an original recipe with vegetable cooked with a sweet and sour turmeric sauce, served with jasmine rice; the vegetarian version of Moussaka, with grilled vegetables and organic soya meat; and the dessert definitely the Walnut pie ,flavored with mastiha , ( a traditional greek sweet ) , option : ice cream. Gluten free dishes on the menu include delicious combinations such as tofu souvlaki with grilled tomato, onion and yellow pepper, mexican salad with lentils, avocado, maize and vegetables, spinach with beetroot, green apples, raisins and warm goat's cheese, quinoa spaghetti with avocado cream and smoked tofu, risotto with nettle pesto, broccoli and white cheese.

Recommended for Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus because: Tasty and healthy specialties with a varied menu which includes gluten free dishes

Nelly's expert tip: Delicious vegan and vegetarian food with a twist in an attractive locale

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Peonia is a tea house , specializing in herbs, plus deli shop located in the heart of the Historical Athens, in a Neo classical building very close to the Parthenon. They offer a big variety of chinese herbs and teas, and serve selected quality organic vegetarian, vegan and gluten free snacks, and a home made cooked meal of the day. Their recipes are based on macrobiotic diet and they believe that food must elevate our consciousness! The ingredients they use are mostly locally sourced and their goal is to support small local producers and organic farming towards a sustainable future. Taste the delicious soup of the day, or healthy specialties such as sandwiches with sitan or tempeh, spinach pie and lentil pie with dinkel flour, falafel with pita, miso soup, wakame cucumber salad and desserts with dinkel and Zea flour.

Recommended for Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus because: Recipes based on macrobiotic diet, made with locally sourced ingredients

Nelly's expert tip: Delicious, healthy specialties prepared with knowledge of nutrition

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Two friends decided to open Bazaki juice bar in Chalandri after observing that they felt healthier and happier eating mainly juices, salads and dried fruits. Bazaki opened in May 2014 and aims to share this important nutritional knowledge with the public. Greece produces a lot of healthy and delicious fruit and vegetables, many of which are organic, which are the basic ingredients of the juices they prepare. At Bazaki you can enjoy your favorite juice, made with first quality locally grown seasonal organic produce. Fruit, vegetables, salads, soups, sandwiches, raw and gluten free desserts, energy bites in an attractive and eco-friendly environment

Recommended for Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus because: Fruit and vegetable juices, raw and gluten free desserts in an eco-friendly environment

Nelly's expert tip: Delicious and healthy organic juices and other high nutrition snacks

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Alatsi, which means natural sea salt in the Cretan dialect, is situated very close to the Athens Hilton and is a favorite hangout for celebrities, politicians and journalists. Specializing in simple Greek cuisine, all the products are acquired from small quality controlled units all over Greece and dishes are prepared with simplicity and respect to tradition. Alatsi has been repeatedly awarded for the high quality of cuisine and the excellent service. Definitely try the grilled free range chicken breast with tomato, cinnamon and homemade pasta , the white grouper in the oven with tomato, garlic, parsley and potato puree the fava beans from Feneos with smoked eel and for dessert "Esperina" with wheat, pomegranate seeds, roasted almonds and nuts. The delicious salads, dishes with fish or meat and other specialties are gluten free. You can also order your own tailor made menu without gluten, either adapting an existing dish or creating something specially for you. Their chef Vassiliki and her team of young cooks offer a delectable choice of the best seasonal vegetables and local produce that varies depending on the day. All the dishes are cooked with olive oil and the influence of Cretan cuisine is strong.

Recommended for Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus because: A prestigious restaurant which centers on local products and also serves tailor made menus

Nelly's expert tip: The best of Greek cuisine prepared with expertise and imagination

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Milos Restaurant created by restaurateur Costas Spiliadis at the Athens Hilton is one of the world?s best Greek restaurants, respecting traditional values and techniques and using exclusively seasonal and local products. Suppliers are chosen personally after extensive research and travel to discover the best ingredients from Greek gastronomy. Top chef Konstantinos Spiliadis opts for simplicity in the kitchen, and amongst the specialties served at Milos is fresh fish and seafood. Excellent honey and salt from the island of Cythera add genuine flavor to dishes. The menu includes delectable plates like fried shrimps from Aigina, grilled cuttlefish with capers from Santorini, traditional vegetable pies and much more. Meals are served in an elegant ambience, inside or in the refreshing garden. Visitors with gluten intolerance do not need to sacrifice the enjoyment of tasty dishes, as the menu is based mainly on fish and vegetables, with high nutritional value. The restaurant pays great attention to individual preferences and needs and can plan a menu to satisfy personal choices. An exceptional, favorite dish is risotto with squid ink, which is gluten free and remarkably tasty.

Recommended for Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus because: Excellent quality, elegant ambience and timeless class at the prestigious Hilton Hotel

Nelly's expert tip: One of the best Greek restaurants in the world with traditional values and high quality cuisine

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