Best Restaurants with Healthy Menus in Athens

Enjoy Healthy, Delicious Menus in These Athens Restaurants

Athens offers an interesting variety of restaurants with healthy menus, ranging from vegetarian and vegan to slow food, pizza and pasta, juices and smoothies, or just simple, authentic dishes prepared with fresh ingredients from local producers with emphasis on quality.   Regional cuisine with specialties from all over Greece with raw materials ffrom small producers at Magikes Katsaroles,  delicious, healthy food at Pure Bliss, favorite alternative hangout  in the center of Athens, delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes in original variations at Rosebud in Kolonaki, healthy pizza and pasta with a twist at Mystic Pizza, in a colorful, laid back atmosphere, in Exarcheia, Pangrati and Cholargos, specialized vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies at Novagea in Plaka, freshly prepared juices at Frutteria in the same area, the best of local produce in healthy combinations to drink at To Bazaki in Halandri, healthy vegetarian and vegan cuisine at reasonable prices at Mama Tierra in downtown Athens, tasty savory and sweet specialties at Graffito Health Bar, enjoy quality cuisine with selected local products at Nice n' Easy in Kolonaki and Kifisia, where the menu, the place of origin of each ingredient,  the calories and the nutritional value of each dish are mentioned, making for an overall nutritional experience


Magikes Katsaroles, which means magic cooking pots, specializes in traditional Greek cuisine with ingredients and recipes from all over Greece. All the dishes are prepared with quality regional products, depending on the season, and the menu includes a wide variety of appetizers, grilled meat and Greek pasta. Cheese from various areas of the country complements the taste experience. The freshly made mouthwatering desserts are not to be missed. The new menu emphasizes selected locally produced meat from farms on Naxos, Pindos and Corfu. All the meat is from grass fed animals, without any additives. The menu also features a variety of fresh seafood cooked with extra virgin olive oil. Vegetarian choices follow the season and are more varied during the spring and summer months. During autumn and winter mushrooms are a must taste specialty. Accompany your meal with one of the selected wines on the interesting winelist and enjoy the jazz music. The atmosphere at Magikes Katsaroles is casual and relaxed, the prices are reasonable, and the attractive decor focuses on vibrant colored art works.

Recommended for Restaurants with Healthy Menus because: Tastes from various regions of Greece made with locally grown products

Nelly's expert tip: Traditional Greek cuisine with specialties from all over the country

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Photo courtesy of Frutteria

Frutteria Juice and Smoothie Bar is a destination for excellent smoothies, as only real fruit and fresh-squeezed juice is used to prepare them. The goal is to spread the health benefits of juicing, because the way one looks and feels is a direct result of the quality of the ingredients one eats. That is why at Frutteria they make sure all of the produce comes in fresh. This tiny storefront sells everything nutritious and delicious that you could want. Frutteria Juice and Smoothie Bar has an extensive menu of fresh juices and whole fruit smoothies to choose from and every one of them comes with one free enhancer. You can also create your own custom fruit and veggie juice combo. And while you're at Frutteria, try some of their amazing Fruit & Veggie salads and Sandwiches. All natural, great tasting and nutritious.

Recommended for Restaurants with Healthy Menus because: an extensive menu of fresh juices and whole fruit smoothies to choose from

Nelly's expert tip: Healthy, delicious, fresh juices and smoothies

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Two friends decided to open Bazaki juice bar in Chalandri after observing that they felt healthier and happier eating mainly juices, salads and dried fruits. Bazaki opened in May 2014 and aims to share this important nutritional knowledge with the public. Greece produces a lot of healthy and delicious fruit and vegetables, many of which are organic, which are the basic ingredients of the juices they prepare. At Bazaki you can enjoy your favorite juice, made with first quality locally grown seasonal organic produce. Fruit, vegetables, salads, soups, sandwiches, raw and gluten free desserts, energy bites in an attractive and eco-friendly environment

Recommended for Restaurants with Healthy Menus because: At Bazaki you can enjoy your favorite juice, made with first quality locally grown seasonal organic produce.

Nelly's expert tip: Delicious and healthy organic juices and other high nutrition snacks

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Nice n' easy, inspired from Frank Sinatra's well known song, is an attractive restaurant, with a menu based on quality and organic ingredients. Images of famous celebrities Frank and Marilyn, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando are part of the decor and the sound of jazz music adds to the overall atmosphere. The owner, with experience from the restaurant business in L.A., together with the chef, created a unique menu with many delicious surprises. Simple ingredients, chosen with care and many organic products. On the menu, the place of origin of each ingredient, the calories and the nutritional value of each dish are mentioned, making the experience of eating not only tasty but also healthy. You can visit Nice n' easy in Kolonaki or in Kifisia. Open all day for lunch and dining, coffee and cocktails.

Recommended for Restaurants with Healthy Menus because: Simple ingredients, chosen with care and many organic products

Nelly's expert tip: Bio restaurant in Kolonaki and Kifissia, with special attention to quality

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Pure Bliss on a quiet side street in the central shopping district of Athens, is popular with the alternative crowd and also with vegetarians, vegans and health food fans. The space operates as a multispace where events and courses are held and the restaurant and café serve only organic produce and healthy cuisine, inspired from all over the world. Breakfast includes omelet with turkey and cheese, poached eggs with toast and sauteed spinach, pancakes with honey and cinnamon or white chocolate sauce, various combinations of yoghurt with fresh or dried fruit. Taste the healthy herbal teas with lemon, peach, ginger, strawberries, raspberries, mango, passion fruit, the wake up call with cocoa, banana, peppermint, honey, milk, espresso and chia seeds, the vegetable juices with super foods. For brunch try the sandwiches with grilled vegetables, yoghurt sauce and cheese, the veggie burger, the pitta bread with chicken tandoori, salad, yoghurt sauce, or the wrap tortilla with avocado, cheese and salsa fresca (tomato, onion, fresh coriander and lime). Indian samosas and a Peruvian appetizer complete the ethnic selection. The fresh salads, such as the alternative tabbuleh or the protein salad with chicken, rocket, greens, cucumber, carrot, avocado, coliander and onion, are also very good choices. Interesting gluten free dishes are the penne with pesto or chicken and sundried tomatoes, the chickpeas with polenta and for dessert the melomakarona-traditional Greek Christmas sweet- with gluten free flour and dipped in honey.

Recommended for Restaurants with Healthy Menus because: Vegetarians, vegans and health food fans enjoy the original and tasty dishes

Nelly's expert tip: Favorite alternative and vegetarian hang out for families

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Novagea on Vironos street in Plaka is a unique place to enjoy natural juices made with seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs. Full of vitamins and nutrients, these juices are the ideal solution for a healthy snack whilst exploring Plaka. The concept is based on the passion of the team behind Novagea for healthy living. Entering the space, you immediately notice the attention given to each detail and the harmony of colors and shapes. The decor is inspired by Cycladic architecture, simple and essential, a place where old and new coexist in absolute harmony. The characteristic blue windows have been created by artist Xanthi Ioannidou. At Novagea you can choose between a menu of specific juices made with fruit, vegetables, mixed or smoothies. Depending on your preference try the nerve tonic, the anti age, the vitamin, the athlete's, the nurturing, the anti-cholesterol, just to mention a few. The yoghurt with fruit and honey is also delicious. Novagea juices are prepared with recipes specifically designed by an expert nutritionist , contain no additives or preservatives and are served in glass jars.

Recommended for Restaurants with Healthy Menus because: A juice for every preference is this highly specialized juice bar

Nelly's expert tip: Healthy, delicious fruit and veggie juices and smoothies

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Graffito Health Bar
Photo courtesy of Graffito Health Bar

Graffito Health Bar on busy Solonos street in Kolonaki is a favorite destination, which can also be combined with shopping at Graffito concept store. Taste the excellent coffee, selected and roasted by the Greek company Kudu, the fresh energy juices or the Verve juices prepared with the cold press method. For a nutritious taste try the delicious hand made protein bars with oats, sunflower seeds and egg whites, or the energy bars with dried fruits, oats, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, Varlhona chocolate and honey. Graffito Health Bar is ideal for a shopping break and a quick snack, such as sandwiches, or the mouth watering Chocamole desserts, gluten free, without sugar and lactose, ideal for vegans and vegetarians. Accompany your snack with a cold or warm herbal tea, made from locally grown organic herbs.

Recommended for Restaurants with Healthy Menus because: A favorite destination for a shopping break, lunch or healthy snacks

Nelly's expert tip: Try the gluten free cheesecake, it is memorable

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Mystic Pizza an Pasta
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Its mystic and its pizza. Mystic pizza an pasta is unique in its kind, with three restaurants in Athens. The first one opened in Exarcheia in 2002 and two more followed, in Cholargos and in Pangrati, close to the Kallimarmaro Stadium. Supporting healthy nutrition, the pizzas are made with extra virgin olive oil from Crete, natural stevia sweetener, organic cannabis flour, dinkel flour and sea salt. The nutritional value of each dish is mentioned on the menu, to make things easier. The colorful, laid back restaurant specializes also in pasta, such as home made tagliatelle or spaghetti with spirulina or sea food, amongst other choices, delicious fresh salads, lachmatzou-minced beef sauce, tomatoes and onions, and mouthwatering desserts such as hot choco souflee and panacotta with hemp seeds. The menu includes pizza with dinkel flour which contains less gluten. At the new Mystic Pizza in Pangrati you can also taste delicious appetizers with traditional distilled spirits (raki) from Crete, baby goat prepared with a recipe from the island of Samothraki, and healthy herb cocktails. Live music events and art exhibitions art also held.

Recommended for Restaurants with Healthy Menus because: Exceptionally tasty pizza at reasonable prices, following the rules of healthy nutrition

Nelly's expert tip: Delicious healthy pizza with a twist in a laid back environment

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Mama Tierra
Photo courtesy of Mama Tierra

Mama Tierra (Mother Earth in Spanish) is a new vegetarian and vegan restaurant in downtown Athens which serves quick, healthy meals all day. One of the main reasons for which Mama Tierra was created was to show the wide public the large variety of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Chef and co-owner Polash Alam, with his experience and talent, proves this fact, finding inspiration from multiethnic cuisine and combining tastes from the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Many of the ingredients are organic and from small local producers. At Mama Tierra you will discover that healthy and quality cuisine can be reasonably priced.

Recommended for Restaurants with Healthy Menus because: Discover the wide variety of healthy cuisine at this cozy locale in downtown Athens

Nelly's expert tip: Healthy vegetarian and vegan cuisine at reasonable prices

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Rosebud in Kolonaki first opened in 2001 and soon became a favorite meeting point in the neighborhood for coffee, meals and drinks, in a space inspired by Orson Wells. Quality and a warm atmosphere were the focal points. In 2007 Rosebud extended to the first floor with a stylish restaurant, decorated with mementos, pleasing colors and movie lovers objects and music. Many parties, musical happenings and events were hosted in this space. In October 2012, Rosebud made yet another change going green and is now a vegetarian/vegan restaurant proving that healthy food can be tasty and reasonably priced. Try the Guacamole with mango and homemade nachos; the Tempeh pastrami ,organic , with Russian salad; theHumus flavored with basil , with crunchy pie; other delicious dishes not to miss are the Mango salad , with a variety of fresh green lettuce , cashews and fresh peppermint sauce; theJapanese , with fresh vegetables , wakame seeweed, with miso ,lime and ginger dressing; the Thai yellow curry , an original recipe with vegetable cooked with a sweet and sour turmeric sauce, served with jasmine rice; the vegetarian version of Moussaka, with grilled vegetables and organic soya meat; and the dessert definitely the Walnut pie ,flavored with mastiha , ( a traditional greek sweet ) , option : ice cream. Gluten free dishes on the menu include delicious combinations such as tofu souvlaki with grilled tomato, onion and yellow pepper, mexican salad with lentils, avocado, maize and vegetables, spinach with beetroot, green apples, raisins and warm goat's cheese, quinoa spaghetti with avocado cream and smoked tofu, risotto with nettle pesto, broccoli and white cheese.

Recommended for Restaurants with Healthy Menus because: Reasonably priced healthy dishes in original variations in a popular locale in Kolonaki

Nelly's expert tip: Delicious vegan and vegetarian food with a twist in an attractive locale

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