Take-Out Restaurants in Athens: These Popular Spots Serve Delicious Specialties

Take out is not only practical and affordable, but also a way of life for lazy or busy people, students, housewives, office workers,  tourists. Whether eating on the go, or taking your meal back home, to the office, the hotel, this way of eating can be as healthy and satisfying as any regular meal eaten at a restaurant, if not more fun.  In Athens take out is very popular, with many restaurants providing easy to transport meals, from salads and sandwiches, to falafel and pies, souvlaki, pizza by the slice, hamburgers, tortillas and wraps,  you name it. Make your choice and enjoy! The burgers at New York Sandwiches are made with 100% premium beef, hand formed and griddled to perfection,  handmade pizzas,  calzone and pasta with seven different sauces can be enjoyed at Tuttitalia, savory snacks, salads, delicious desserts and a healthy breakfast at Meliartos on busy Ermou street, at Tortuga in Pangrati,  tortillas are home made, made in house daily, and  served with fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, falafel  made with chick peas grown in the foothills of Mt. Olympus plus a great selection of Middle Eastern and Greek wraps and dishes at Not Just Falafel, the smell of home made baking at Pieworks on Amerikis street  attracts passersby, slow food regulations are followed at Mother's in Law pies in Kolonaki, serving delicious specialties, regional pie recipes at Fillo very close to Syntagma, fish and sea food to eat on the go at Captain Fisheye close to Omonia square, souvlaki in many variations at Derlicatessen in Kolonaki

Photo courtesy of Derlicatessen


Derlicatessen, on Tsakalof pedestrian street in Kolonaki, is part of a chain which started in Thessaloniki in 2003. Open every day from noon until the small hours, they are famous for their delicious souvlaki at very reasonable prices. Pork and...  Read More

Captain Fisheye
Photo courtesy of Captain Fisheye


Captain Fisheye is a new restaurant close to Omonia square, serving quick snacks and also full course meals based exclusively on fresh fish, at affordable prices. At the entrance of the restaurant you can see a window display with all the...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Fillo


Fillo Cafe in the center of Athens, very close to Syntagma square, has a nostalgic atmosphere, reminiscent of the 19th century. Crystal chandeliers, a large gold framed mirror, aromatic coffee served in porcelain cups with floral designs, add to...  Read More

Mother's in law pies
Photo courtesy of Mother's in law pies


Mother's in law pies in Kolonaki is a small attractive space, serving an interesting variety of freshly baked, traditional pies, prepared on the premises. Choose amongst the many mouthwatering selections, such as mountain greens in wholegrain...  Read More

Pie Works
Photo courtesy of Pieworks


Two best friends made their dream come true and opened Pie Works in May 2014. The space is small and minimal with an open bench kitchen where they prepare daily their delicious pies, which became a favorite take out snack in the neighborhood...  Read More

Not Just Falafel
Photo courtesy of Not Just Falafel


At Not Just Falafel, very close to Syntagma square, you can enjoy falafel made with chick peas grown in the foothills of Mt. Olympus plus a great selection of Middle Eastern and Greek wraps and dishes. Plenty of vegetarian/vegan selections,...  Read More

Tortuga Food Bar
Photo courtesy of Tortuga Food Bar


Tortuga Food Bar opened in October 2014 in the neighborhood of Pangrati and is the first slow food bar in town, with specialties such as the international tortilla and sophisticated but affordable street food. The tortillas are home made, made...  Read More



Meliartos in the district of Monastiraki, on busy Ermou street, is a popular destination for shoppers, tourists and passersby, with a wide variety of delicious savory snacks, salads, desserts and more. The concept of Meliartos is to combine...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Tuttitalia


Tuttitalia restaurant is situated on Valaoritou pedestrian street in the center of Athens and offers an authentic experience of Italian cuisine. In this warm, friendly and elegant space, the Italian chef prepares specialty dishes at trattoria...  Read More



New York Sandwiches in the neighborhood of Ambelokipi serves some of the most delicious burgers in Athens, in an environment which will remind you of New York. The burgers are made with 100% premium beef, hand formed and griddled to perfection....  Read More


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