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Athens Boutiques Offer Unique Fashion and Excellent Quality

The fashion industry in Greece has developed over the years, not only following trends but making its own statements. Young upcoming designers with innovative ideas, all time classics who have won the appreciation of the public over the years, original styles can all be found in various boutiques in Athens, several of which import international brands. Orsalia Parthenis continues her fathers tradition in the creation of “chic sportif” based on the same concept and quality evoking a bohemian mood.  Minimal designs and a discreet polymorphism are characteristics of Akira Mushi fashion, Hallelujah by designer Eleftheria Domenikou, expresses genuine and uplifting concepts on clothes and through these on the body and the soul,  Ioanna Kourbela collections are based on natural fabrics, linen, silk, wool and are well known for their subtle movement, minimalistic aesthetic and the charm of classical harmony,  at the Rita Pateroni boutiques , you can find clothes for every occasion, from simple every day dresses to haute couture and bridal creations, Juju de Kokimo is all about silk, cotton and wool used creatively and with sophisticated style, at Suvenir in Halandri you can find elegant creations by Greek and Cypriot designers, Treasure House in Psyrri is the ideal place to discover vintage treasures, Zooms Fabrica designs playfully with special attention to each garment, at Favela you can find impressive fashion selections with great personality



At Favela in Kolonaki you can find many small treasures. This boutique is a veritable fashion treasury. Alternatively, extreme, romantic, definitely unique brands and great quality for women of all ages who like to dare to be different. Brands which have been distinguished , during the last few years, for diversity, prices and originality. You will definitely love the MINKPINK clothes from Australia with the exclusive prints, the vintage aspect and original style. Jeffrey Campbell shoes are beautifully designed and offer you the comfort you need in your daily life. You can also find sensational handbags at great prices and exclusively stylish MINKPINK sunglasses. Choices which impress, for fashion addicts.

Recommended for Boutiques because: Extreme, romantic, unique brands and great quality for women of all ages

Nelly's expert tip: Elegant and trendy clothing for fashion addicts

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Zooms Fabrica
Photo courtesy of Zooms Fabrica

Zooms is a group who design womens and childrens garments and also accessories. They like colors, quality fabric and love buttons. This small company produce a limited quantity of items, with special attention to each single garment, which are mostly hand made. They design mainly impressive theatrical dresses, but also minimal, playing creatively with classic patterns. The childrens collection is fun wear, which are distinguished by primitive appliques, reminiscent of childrens drawings. In their boutique close to Syntagma, Zooms Fabrica, you can find a varied collection for all ages, collectors garments made with vintage fabric and interesting offers. Zooms can also sew custom made garments and will help you choose the most suitable pattern and fabric for your style, personality and body type.

Recommended for Boutiques because: Creative designs for all ages with special attention to each single garment

Nelly's expert tip: Colorful garments for women and children, creatively designed

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Hallelujah is a brand based on an idea by designer Eleftheria Domenikou, which started in 2008, aiming at exploring the identity and the form of contemporary clothing and also to free it from exaggerated decorative elements which she always considered pointless. The material must be friendly, practicality a necessary prerogative for contemporary women who live in busy towns, and humor also is a necessary element, making everything easier to face. Inspiration comes from literature, contemporary dance, the Doric island grandmothers, anything genuine and uplifting is worth expressing on clothes and through these on the body and the soul. With great personal dedication and the help of friends-collaborators of Hallelujah, the boutique has two locations, one near the Kallimarmaro and the other in Plaka. An e-shop is also on line and a mens collection is being prepared, selected childrens clothing and accessories by talented Greek designers.

Recommended for Boutiques because: Practical, humorous and inspired fashion inspired by uplifting elements

Nelly's expert tip: Contemporary, practical fashion inspired by genuine uplifiting elements

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Treasure House
Photo courtesy of Eleni Onasoglou Model: Noelle M. Con DelaTou @ VN models

Treasure House started out in 2006 as a private collection of collector George Karras. This collection contains clothes of special value, many of which are well known brands, and accessories mainly from the fifties, sixties and seventies, from remainders of manufacturers and also from private collections from Italy and France. Part of this collection was presented to the public in 2008 with the creation of Treasure House Showroom in the center of Athens. Treasure House Boutique opened in the neighborhood of Psyrri in 2014 and here you can see the vintage collection enriched also with more recent items from the eighties and nineties and also reproductions made with authentic vintage fabrics of excellent quality. Treasure House continues to offer an all over experience of new destinations through travel and research, timeless values like the special look and feel of vintage clothing.

Recommended for Boutiques because: The pure enchantment and glamor of vintage clothing in a boutique in Psyrri

Nelly's expert tip: Beautiful vintage garments for special fashion conscious consumers

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Akira Mushi is a small Greek company producing clothes and accessories. Suitable for all ages and body types, their clothes adapt to each individual personality. Using a wide variety of fabrics, with a limited but continuous production, new ideas appear in their stores approximately every ten days. Minimal designs and a discreet polymorphism are characteristics of their designs. Prices vary and you can always find affordable selections which will suit your needs. Akira Mushi follows strong values and ethics, providing a safe and developed working environment, are active members of animal and environmental welfare and collaborate with several organizations on this. Their clothes are funwear and easywear, offering a simple, fresh approach to fashion.

Recommended for Boutiques because: A favorite with women who make their own trends

Nelly's expert tip: Simple, minimal fashion for funwear and easywear by a small Greek company

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Suvenir means memory, remembering, reminiscence. This is how Suvenir appeared, in December 2012, like a memory from a dream. Situated in the lively neighborhood of Halandri, north of Athens, Suvenir is an original fashion space, where you can find a wide range of unique creations by Greek and Cypriot designers. Inspired by Alexia Kirmitsi, designer of Hysteria Asteria brand, this boutique has a unique personality and is a distinguished point on Agiou Georgiou street. In the minimal, contemporary space brands such as Joanna Cave, Ippolito, Paul Sarz, AnnaKoumoushi, Pringipo , Dreamer, Εvisk, Lolen, together with Ηysteria Αsteria are hosted. Genuine talents, which have already met with success abroad and have also a dynamic presence in Athens. This space of high quality aesthetic and fashion statement, offers a voyage into inspiration and a unique experience of choice, which will be remembered forever.

Recommended for Boutiques because: A wide range of unique creations by Greek and Cypriot designers

Nelly's expert tip: A space that transforms the idea of shopping into a more conceptual experience.

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Tzo Babaris is the designer behind the Greek Fashion brand JUJU DE KOKIMO, which means '' the charm of the warrior''. Tzo always loved designing most of her own clothes until she decided in 2011, in the heart of the economic crisis in Greece, to open a store with her creations in Pangrati, a neighborhood of Athens, the capital of Greece. Tzo uses silk, cotton and wool in a very creative and eco friendly way. What makes Juju De Kokimo so different and distinctive (besides its name) is the fact that each piece of clothing is handmade and unique, as it is offered in only one piece . So her clients are sure that no one else is going to wear the same piece of clothing. Tzo finds inspiration inspired in everything around her: the texture and colors of the fabrics she is using, by the different fashion cultures she sees in her trips around the world, by the styles of people she meets in her walks around the beautiful city of Athens. So, she can transform a traditional Japanese kimono into a beautiful coat, a woolen poncho inτο a very feminine dress .

Recommended for Boutiques because: Garments in silk, cotton and wool used in a very creative and eco friendly way

Nelly's expert tip: Beautiful, unique fashion creations by a talented designer

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Ioanna Kourbela, with sartorial, stage directing and fashion design studies, is head of the creative department of Kourbelas Knitwear since 2003, when she presented her first collection. Two years later the company was renamed K3 wearable Thinking and three new Exclusive Shops Ioanna Kourbela opened in Plaka, which immediately attracted a public with distinctive taste. From 2009 onwards, characteristic creations of previous years and designs which became favorites are relaunched in the Basics collections. In 2011 the first mens collection is a great success, which can be found in the first Exclusive Male Shop in Plaka, and in the spring of 2013 the White Collection is launched, the first made to measure bridal collection by Ioanna Kourbela. The vibrancy and the richness of the color palette follows the dynamics of Greek light and every six months five new tones are presented. Ioanna Kourbela collections are based on natural fabrics, linen, silk, wool and are well known for their subtle movement, minimalistic aesthetic and the charm of classical harmony.

Recommended for Boutiques because: The subtle charm of this brand is ideal for contemporary women

Nelly's expert tip: Exclusive, elegant and original fashion by a talented Greek designer

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The Rita Pateroni brand, has three boutiques in Greece, two in Athens, and one in Thessaloniki. Rita was the founder, and her daughter Liana is the lead designer of the fashion house, for some years now. Her designs are distinguished for the quality , aesthetics and timeless class. Every season the fashion house is not just following the trends, but makes sure it creates fashion. Fashion Creations that emphasize on femininity and true elegance with harmony on woman�s body. At the Pateroni boutiques , you can find clothes for every occasion and tailor made service . Pret a porter dresses, haute couture, bridal gowns, little girls special occasion dresses. You can also order any item you like, with any variation on cut, color, size.

Recommended for Boutiques because: Rita Pateroni creates fashion and is a classic favorite

Nelly's expert tip: Elegant, feminne fashion with timeless class and high quality

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Dimitris Parthenis opened his first store in Athens in 1970. His next venture was the Mykonos¢ store in 1978, a great source of inspiration for the designer, but also the stepping stone for international recognition. Today the Parthenis look remains timeless and simple with a unisex easy-living feel of pure Greek elegance. Orsalia Parthenis continues her father¢s tradition in the creation of “chic sportif” based on the same concept and quality evoking a bohemian mood. Using natural fibers, mainly silk and cotton and a relaxed silhouette which hugs the body, the Parthenis line is constantly refreshed while remaining true to its essence. Mykonos, Alefkandra Sqr., tel.: 22890-23089 Chania, 1, Nik. Foka & Daskalogianni Str., tel.: 28210-42838

Recommended for Boutiques because: Orsalia Parthenis fashion has class, style and character, it is simple but elegant

Nelly's expert tip: Timeless chic sportif fashion in excellent quality

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