Best Christmas Shopping in Athens: Colorful and Inspiring, with Many Surprises

When visiting Athens for the holiday season you can choose amongst a variety of gift shops to do your Christmas shopping, which offer a wide selection of objects, ranging from the downright artistic to the fun ideas, with the good old traditional symbols always popular. Christmas in Greece is not as important as New Year and that is the reason you will see  so many lucky charms in the shops during the holiday season. Lucky charms or “gouria” as they are called in Greek are a must for everybody so as to guarantee good fortune for the new year. They come in many shapes and sizes, usually with traditional good luck symbols and some are a real fashion statement and of artistic value. Dont miss them if you are visiting Athens during the festive season. At Mati you can find many beautiful, gold plated lucky charms designed by Rodi Kostantoglou with traditional symbols, at Diplous Pelekys the festive atmosphere includes a large variety of Christmas decorations, for the home and the table, small gifts and stocking fillers, at Yanni Souvatzoglou the impressive sculptures depicting maternity and offering love are ideal for the Christmas spirit, at the Benaki Museum Shop the collection of festive objects is mainly inspired by the Museums collections and includes small works of art, at El. Marneri Galerie the lucky charms are mostly jewelry designed with originality and imagination, shop for inspired jewelry at Yannis Sergakis Adornments, find unique handmade jewelry and accessories at Venia Mitropanou, guaranteed good luci with a charm from Studio Pi,    pamper yourself with a gift from L'Atelier du Parfum,   welcome the New Year with the taste of Aristokratikon chocolates. 



Aristokratikon is one of the oldest chocolateries in Athens, a family business famous since 1928, considered the non plus ultra chocolate experience. Very near Syntagma, on Voulis street, and also in Kifisia, the tasteful packaging competes with...  Read More



Diplous Pelekys has a long history which started in Crete many years ago, with Florentini Kaloutsis woven works of art inspired by ancient Minoan patterns and continues until today, with handcrafted objects from all over Greece. Blown glass,...  Read More

L' Atelier du Parfum
Photo courtesy of L' Atelier du Parfum


Scent plays an important role in our personal life and in the home. At Atelier du parfum on Solonos street you will find a large variety of perfumes both for personal use and for giving your space an exquisite aroma. They can also prepare your...  Read More

Yannis Souvatzoglou
Photo courtesy of Yannis Souvatzoglou


Yiannis Souvatzoglou is an artist with wide inspiration who offers us the chance to rediscover the fascination of simplicity. His sculptures, which include small decorative objects and magnificent statues two meters high, express an innovative...  Read More

Studio Pi
Photo courtesy of Pinelopi Manousaki


Pinelopi Manousaki is a talented young artist and photographer who opened her own space in Kolonaki in 2013, selling inspired hand made creations based on innovative ideas. At Studio Pi, as her space is named, you can find beautiful artworks...  Read More



El.marneri galerie is the only gallery of contemporary jewelry in Greece. Situated very close to the Akropolis Museum, it features contemporary jewelry, artistic creations and objects that suggest inspiration and innovation. By hosting...  Read More

Venia Mitropanou
Photo courtesy of Venia Mitropanou


In a stylish space, with theatrical atmosphere, Venia Mitropanou creates her unique jewelry. On the workbench, Venetian beads, silk ribbons, antique miniatures, vintage fabrics, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, all kinds of objects...  Read More

Yannis Sergakis Adornments
Photo courtesy of Yannis Sergakis Adornments


Yannis Sergakis Adornments first shop in Athens opened in May 2015, on elegant central pedestrian Valaoritou street, in a listed building constructed in 1933. The store resembles a luxurious office with a window on the street and is a simple but...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Mati


Mati is a reference point in Athens for those searching for authentic local art. Under the direction of Rodi Konstantoglou, who for many years has specialized on the topic, the shop offers a wide selection of gifts inspired mainly from...  Read More



The Benaki Museum Shop in the main building is the first Museum Shop which opened in Greece and since then has supported the activities of the Benaki Museum. The objects on sale are mainly copies of the museums exhibits, manufactured with...  Read More


Meet Nelly Paraskevopoulou

Born and bred in Athens, Nelly went on the move after finishing high school and spending some years working in textiles.  For her, Italy was the next chapter. But, after 12 years, it was back...  More About Nelly