Best Gift Shops in Athens

10 Best Gift Shops in Athens for Buying Souvenirs to Bring Home

When visiting Athens, shopping for gifts is part of the enjoyment and offers an occasion to bring souvenirs back home, as reminders of a vacation in Greece. El.marneri galerie close to the Acropolis Museum features contemporary jewelry and artistic creations, the three Benaki Museum shops specialize in copies of exhibits and objects inspired by the collections,  blown glass, original jewelry, decorations for the house, paintings and small sculptures, traditional hand woven fabrics are some of the items one can buy at Diplous Pelekys, Mati offers a wide selection of gifts inspired mainly from traditional designs, with their timeless beauty, Filotexni Kivotos is an exclusive art shop with museum and art reproductions from all over the world, Yannis Souvatzoglou  sculptures,  express an innovative mind and are inspired from Cycladic art, find beautiful handcrafted objects inspired by Greek folk art and motifs at the Museum of Greek Folk Art, discover that different kind of souvenir to take home at Forget Me Not, ArtShot is an artistic and creative space with excellent selections for original gifts, unique objects designed by three talented artists, fashion items, jewelry and decor at Skoumoky, 


Filotexni Kivotos
Photo courtesy of Nelly Paraskevopoulou

Filotexni Kivotos on Alopekis 8,Kolonaki is an exclusive art shop with museum and art reproductions from all over the world. Umbrellas with works of famous artists, jewellery with designs from ancient civilizations, decorative items and gifts with personality. Elegant office decor, ties and cufflinks with famous works of art, roman glasses, breakfast cups with motifs from Klimt, Dali, Degas. Catlovers will certainly prefer the collection of miniature Egyptian cats for good luck and protection.Two of the most interesting collections of objects feature real four leaved clover and handmade roman and medieval glasses and vases. The pens and coasters are also useful and elegant accessories. For Christmas shopping the champagne glasses with Gustav Klimt art, the plates with 17th century gravures, the coffee mugs with Antonio Gaudi art or the silk tie with Van Gogh art are ideal. The lucky charms for the new year and the earrings with miniature decorative festive balls are perfect for special gifts.

Recommended for Gift Shops because: Filotexni kivotos offers a wide selection of original and attractive gifts

Nelly's expert tip: Filotexni kivotos is ideal for gifts for people who have everything

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Diplous Pelekys has a long history which started in Crete many years ago, with Florentini Kaloutsis woven works of art inspired by ancient Minoan patterns and continues until today, with handcrafted objects from all over Greece. Blown glass, original jewelry, decorations for the house, paintings and small sculptures, traditional hand woven fabrics, items inspired by Greek folk tradition, selected with care and knowledge. The Double Axe shop, run today by the third generation of Kaloutsi family keeps the vision of it founder alive by supporting local artists and traditional handicrafts and is ideal for buying gifts and souvenirs with authentic color.A favorite for Christmas shopping, with charming decorations for the tree, the festive table, candles and wreaths, made of wood or metal and many more attractive ideas for small gifts and stocking fillers.

Recommended for Gift Shops because: Diplous Pelekys has a long history and remains one of the best places in Athens to find handcrafted objects

Nelly's expert tip: Handmade items from all over Greece at Diplous Pelekys

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Three well known and experienced designers, united their inspiration in the same space for the first time n Greece, at Skoumoky. Industrial designer Christina Skouloudi, pottery artist Christina Morali and felting designer Elena Kyriakarakou, created the name of this contemporary art space with the first syllables of their names and communicate directly with the public. Skoumoky, located very close to the Acropolis Museum, hosts and reflects the three designers' desire for group creation, collaboration and exchange of artistic ideas, aiming to enhance to the utmost the possibilities of their art and techniques. As a contemporary shop and also exhibition space, Skoumoky approaches in a different way the concept of tourist souvenir, gifts and objects for everyday use, including fashion items and jewelry. In this colorful and imaginative design shop you can find a wide variety of unique objects, which are continuously renewed and enriched, designed exclusively by the three designers, such as: lighting, small pieces of furniture, decorative objects, jewelry, ladies and men's scarves, fashion items and original gifts.

Recommended for Gift Shops because: Skoumoky approaches in a different way the concept of tourist souvenir, gifts and objects for everyday use

Nelly's expert tip: Unique objects designed by three talented artists, fashion items, jewelry and decor

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ArtShot Sofia Gaitani is an artistic space very close the Acropolis Museum, on arty Lebesi street. Since February 2013 ArtShot operates with a specific artistic aim, a fresh approach and continuous surprises. New Greek artists, pop up events, conceptual art exhibitions and artistic courses for children are some of their main activities. During summer 2015 visitors can see a mini Greek Festival with the general title Summer Lovers, in which artists, musicians, actors, fashion and accessories designers, photographers take part, expressing through their creations a pop approach to contemporary Greece. During the festival, which is organized in collaboration with multispace Hitchcockctales, visitors can also taste delicious dishes prepared with genuine Greek products.

Recommended for Gift Shops because: New Greek artists, pop up events and conceptual art exhibitions

Nelly's expert tip: An artistic and creative space with excellent selections for original gifts

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Forget Me Not, on Adrianou street in Plaka is a new style shop which aims to showcase some of the best contemporary Greek designers and collaborates with well known and upcoming names, such as Greece is for Lovers, Dreamer, Ble Aspro, LoveGreece, Typokomeio just to mention a few. The objects on sale range from t-shirts to sunglasses and from notebooks to books, cds, fashion, handbags, decorative objects and much more. The collections are continuously renewed with items from all the specter of design and applied arts and is a great success both with locals and with visitors who are looking for that different kind of souvenir to take home. This Greek designers giftshop located in the heart of Plaka, hosts more than 100 names and brands in a two level store. Objects, gifts, souvenirs, fashion (Ancient Greek Sandals, Angelos Bratis, Zeus and Dione, Join Clothes), books and handbags (Katerina Psoma, Salty Bags, Redo) sunglasses (Zylo, Deep Shallow Exposition), t-shirts, stationery, a list which will satisfy any design lover,

Recommended for Gift Shops because: Find that different kind of souvenir to take home in this shop

Nelly's expert tip: Contemporary Greek design in fashion, decor, applied arts and more

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The Greek Folk Art Museum was founded with the aim to collect, study and promote Greek culture of recent years. The gift shops of the Museum play an important role in this objective, exhibiting and selling selected art objects by Greek artists, such as copies of the exhibits of the collections or contemporary creations inspired by traditional subjects. Each individual object is a unique handmade creation by talented artisans and is of high aesthetic quality. Ideal for Christmas shopping or any occasion when you want to find an original and authentic gift, the objects are practical and imaginative. Greek folk art has many interesting aspects, such as pottery, silver and gold creations, embroidery, wood carving, hand woven fabrics, paintings, music, glass creations and many more applications. Choose amongst hand painted wooden spinning tops, blown glass objects, embroidered textile jewelry, traditional hand painted masks, miniature dolls, ornaments for the house and many more beautiful objects for your Christmas gifts.

Recommended for Gift Shops because: Hand painted wooden spinning tops, blown glass objects, embroidered textile jewelry and much more

Nelly's expert tip: Beautiful handcrafted objects inspired by Greek folk art and motifs

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Yannis Souvatzoglou
Photo courtesy of Yannis Souvatzoglou

Yiannis Souvatzoglou is an artist with wide inspiration who offers us the chance to rediscover the fascination of simplicity. His sculptures, which include small decorative objects and magnificent statues two meters high, express an innovative mind and are inspired from Cycladic art. Minimal shapes, abstraction are some words which can describe his art. For thirty years he has been researching his techniques and exploring materials. Bronze, aluminum, glass, are combined to create figures from mythology, butterflies, angels, fairies, ethereal powerful being which exist on more dimensions. He has taken part in many international exhibitions and his works are included in many private collections. For Christmas shopping the impressive jewelry is a perfect gift and also the statues of maternity and offering love, which express everlasting ideals of mankind.

Recommended for Gift Shops because: The art of Yanni Souvatzoglou is renowned in Greece and has its own exclusive style

Nelly's expert tip: Yanni Souvatzoglou is perfect for finding original gifts and for art collectors

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Photo courtesy of Mati

Mati is a reference point in Athens for those searching for authentic local art. Under the direction of Rodi Konstantoglou, who for many years has specialized on the topic, the shop offers a wide selection of gifts inspired mainly from traditional designs, with their timeless beauty. Amongst the most popular items are the indigo blue glass objects, decorated with silver emblems, small glass eyes to ward off the evil eye, which can be worn on bracelets, special gifts for weddings and christenings, small bowls for sweets made from antique belt fastenings. Mati also offers a wide selection of worry beads in amber, semiprecious stones, coral, and works by contemporary Greek artists. Favorite Christmas shopping destination, at Mati you can find many attractive gifts, such as delicate, goldplated lucky charms designed by Rodi Kostantoglou, depicting the tree of life, pomegranates, four leaved clover, horsehoes, keys and other fortunate symbols, to decorate the house.

Recommended for Gift Shops because: Mati is famous for authentic local art and the indigo blue objects are very popular as gifts

Nelly's expert tip: The timeless beauty of tradition at Mati

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El.marneri galerie is the only gallery of contemporary jewelry in Greece. Situated very close to the Akropolis Museum, it features contemporary jewelry, artistic creations and objects that suggest inspiration and innovation. By hosting group, individual and themed exhibitions, it functions as an incentive as well as a stage for Greek and international artists to create and present their inspiring work. It showcases contemporary jewelry pieces bound with precious gems and rare-cut stones in gold, platinum and silver, as well as more humble materials like, various fabrics, paper, clay and wood in unique designs. The gallery also hosts a series of art exhibitions –objects, sculpture, painting, video-art and other installations. El.Marneri Gallery invites artists to participate in building a collection of jewelry and art objects that revisits the age-old notion of the protective charm. One-of-a-kind or limited edition objects tap the ancient tradition of apotropaic symbols; they revise it, reinvent it, comment on it. The collection – that is to be permanent and exclusive to the Gallery – will constitute a work in progress that is to evolve through the addition of both participating artists and new acquisitions. The project is to be completed in a year's time and will be launched at a special event held at the Gallery this coming Christmas.

Recommended for Gift Shops because: El. marneri is a unique artistic gallery, which also hosts interesting exhibitions

Nelly's expert tip: El. marneri galerie features inspired and innovative contemporary jewelry and artistic objects

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The Benaki Museum Shop in the main building is the first Museum Shop which opened in Greece and since then has supported the activities of the Benaki Museum. The objects on sale are mainly copies of the museums exhibits, manufactured with traditional methods and are of classic value and aesthetic quality. Gold plated silver copies of garlands and statues, votive articles, cups and jewelry, from ancient Greece and Byzantium, are some of the objects on sale. Creations by young upcoming artists are also sold in the shop, which have been inspired by the Museums exhibits, interpreted in contemporary forms. The Shop in the Benaki Museum on Pireos Street has a different approach, providing original artistic creations rather than faithful reproductions of Museum exhibits. The Shop also contains a bookshop specializing in art books where one can find catalogues of museum exhibitions from abroad, and books on the exhibitions held at the Pireos Street Annex. The Shop, at the Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghika Gallery sells new works, inspired in their majority by the works of N. Hadjikyriakos-Ghika and the artists of the interwar generation. Among the artist chosen, some have been collaborating with the Shop for years, but many new ones have also been chosen. Top designers and creators in the applied arts share the space with new groups of designers. Special constructions for children designed by us, and collaborations with shops in museums abroad are part of this rich section that hopes to help expose the young to art. The Islamic Art Museum Shop sells objects Islamic art, made with traditional techniques, from countries such as Turkey, India, Pakistan and Egypt. For Christmas shopping there are many attractive gifts, such as lucky charms in various original designs, papier mache festive decorations, calendars in the shape of spinning tops, and many more artistic and colorful ideas.

Recommended for Gift Shops because: At the Benaki Museum Shops you can find beautiful objects inspired from the exhibitis

Nelly's expert tip: The Benaki Museum was the first to open a Museum Shop in Greece which set the example for more to follow

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