Selections for Every Preference When Shopping in Glyfada

Glyfada shopping is an interesting and varied experience, ranging from trendy fashion to precious jewelry, healthy tastes to distinguished perfumes, bargain shoes to sportswear. Located on the coast, Glyfada is popular also for the beach and water sports, which are the reason for the profusion of stores selling sports goods and specialized accessories. You will also find many boutiques with famous brands for men, ladies and children’s wear, many of which are located in the shopping arcades. Whether you are looking for something for yourself or to take back home as a gift, the variety of style is sure to satisfy any taste. High end shopping is a specialty in Glyfada, but you can also find some surprisingly affordable stores. Lelis boutique for classy and trendy fashion, Profilo Italiano for the best bargains in shoes and bags, ZerTeo for inspired jewelry, New Cult for the latest fashion in sporty clothing and accessories, Fystiki Shop for healthy delicacies are some of the best choices. Definitely visit  Tea’s fashion boutique for stylish clothes, shoes and accessories, Slam for sailing, yachting and casual wear by the famous Italian brand, Funky Jewel for personalized jewelry made with semi precious stones and metals, everything about sneakers at specialized store Phat Soles, distinguished perfumes and beauty products at Rosina’s Perfumery.

Profilo Italiano
Photo courtesy of Profilo Italiano


Profilo Italiano opened its first shop in 1998, featuring one of the most beloved fashion objects for women: comfortable and fashionable shoes. The owner discovered the best manufacturers in Italy, famous for their taste and quality in shoes,...  Read More



Fystiki Shop in Glyfada is all about dried fruit, nuts and much more, with pistachio nuts in the first place. Varieties of chocolates and herbal teas are also available, from various regions of Greece and the world. Choose your favorite from...  Read More

Phat Soles
Photo courtesy of Phat Soles


Phat Soles was the first sneakers boutique to open its doors in Greece in 2007. Run and operated by people who share the same passion for sneakers with their customers, it is specialized in selling a combination of limited edition footwear and...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Nelly Paraskevopoulou


Lelis boutique moved to Glyfada after many years in central Athens and then Mykonos. Well known for the good taste and value for money, the ladies clothing and accessories cover a wide range of tastes and preferences. From nifty embellished...  Read More

Funky Jewel
Photo courtesy of Funky Jewel


Discover unique, enchanting pieces at Funky Jewel, in their industrially designed space in Glyfada. Depending on your personal taste and preference, you can order your very own unique jewelry, which will combine ideally with your personality and...  Read More

Rosina Perfumery
Photo courtesy of Rosina Perfumery Athens


Rosina Perfumery is a luxury perfume boutique, where you can find a large collection of exclusive selected perfumes, personal care items and scents for the home from famous brands all over the world. This highly specialized store was created...  Read More

New Cult Stores
Photo courtesy of New Cult


New Cult stores in Glyfada have been a reference point in the neighborhood for twenty five years, offering all the most recent sport fashion clothing and accessories on the market. Clothes are not only a means of dressing, but also a part of our...  Read More

Slam Shop
Photo courtesy of Slam


Internationally renowned Italian brand Slam, with men's, ladies and children's casual and sailing wear has a flaghsip store in the center of Glyfada. The store, with minimal style decor based on white and red following the brand's colors,...  Read More

Tea's Fashion
Photo courtesy of Tea's Fashion


Tea's Fashion boutique is present in Glyfada, Faliro and recently also in Nea Smyrni, and during the summer months on the island of Antiparos. With many years of expertise and highly tuned fashion sense the owners have a passion for style. The...  Read More

Photo courtesy of ZerTeo


ZERTEO Jewellery was founded in 2006 in Glyfada, by the identical twin brothers Zerar & Teo Karavanis. Their vision to create sophisticated and elegant jewelry pieces was soon acknowledged by the market and the business expanded to a second...  Read More


Meet Nelly Paraskevopoulou

Born and bred in Athens, Nelly went on the move after finishing high school and spending some years working in textiles.  For her, Italy was the next chapter. But, after 12 years, it was back...  More About Nelly