Shopping in Piraeus includes everything, from fashionable clothing to traditional delicacies


Shopping in the cruise port of Piraeus is lively and interesting, offering visitors the occasion to find all they might need and much more. Piraeus is a bustling city with many picturesque neighborhoods and wonderful views of the sea from high up. The shops range from traditional delicacies to trendy fashion and jewelry and include original places where one can find high quality artistic objects. At John Trabakopoulos jewelry you can find gifts for children, ladies and men, beautifully crafted objects which accompany important moments in life,  Gant Store specializes in quality casual wear Epilekton is an original and interesting gift shop, specializing in folk art from every corner of the planet,  Halvas Drapetsonas Kosmidi Gavrili is considered the best in Greece since 1924 and is still prepared with the traditional method in their shop in the neighborhood of Piraeus, Secreto Fashion Boutique in the center of Piraeus, is well known for their selected collections in fashion, Kanellopoulos pharmacy is conveniently located on central Navarinou street, close to the harbor of Piraeus, The Art Point is a small, charming shop in the  center of Piraeus with mainly handmade accessories, costume jewelry, t-shirts and shoes, Mandragoras is a unique shop, considered one of the best in its kind, with groceries and delicacies from many regions of Greece,  at Photoshop you can find anything you need for your camera, at Laouta Shop you will find Natural handmade soaps made with extra virgin olive oil and other natural cosmetics



When travelling, photography is a great pleasure, which allows to keep all your wonderful memories forever, so if you need anything at all, you can find it at Photoshop, located on a central street of Piraeus and easily accessible if you are homeporting or transiting on a cruise which makes a stopover at the central port of Athens. They stock mainly Nikon cameras but also other brands and you can find all you need for your camera. Films, memory cards, batteries, special cases and much more. You can also develop your film here in just twenty minutes. The owner, George Giannakis, is an expert on aerial and maritime photography, with an interesting portfolio of photographs.

Panagiotis Kanellopoulos Pharmacy
Photo courtesy of Kanellopoulos Pharmacy


Kanellopoulos pharmacy is conveniently located on central Navarinou street, close to the harbor of Piraeus. In this well stocked pharmacy you can find anything you need regarding health matters. From medicines and vitamin supplements to homeopathic remedies, natural cosmetics, over the counter pharmaceutical cosmetics and all you need for beauty and makeup. Sunscreen, foot balms, small gifts, even flower and herbal remedies. If its aspirin you need, bandaid, perfume, deodorant, shampoo, body lotion, comfortable soles for your walking shoes or ointment for mosquito bites, you are sure to find it here. All the most well known brands in medicines and cosmetics can be found in Kanellopoulos pharmacy, so if you forgot something at home or need to replenish your medicine and beauty case, you are sure to find the item you are looking for.



Epilekton is an original and interesting gift shop, a family business since 1991, specializing in artifacts from all over the world selected with unerring good taste. Folk art from every corner of the planet, ideal objects for gifts or for decorating your home, from various civilizations and cultures. The owner travels continually with the aim of finding new interesting objects from different countries. At Epilekton you can find handmade carved objects from Ethiopia, papier mache creations from Cuba, amber from Lithuania, antique worry beads from Egypt, rare treasures which are waiting to be discovered. The damask tablecloths, the wooden frames from India, the pewter objects from Italy and Belgium are only a few interesting ideas from which to choose and the variety will satisfy even the most hard to please collector. Epilekton also have a shop at Oia, on the island of Santorini

The Art Point
Photo courtesy of The Art Point


The Art Point is the sibling of All about Beads in Psyrri, and is a happy, positive place, full of lively colors and playful inspiration. At the Art Point you will find only handmade works of art, which include costume jewelry, decorated shoes and sandals, collectors worry beads, original gifts and lucky charms. The beads from all over the world, the colorful accessories and the seasonal decorations for Christmas and Easter, are also very popular. For summer or winter you are sure to find something to fall in love with, whether a handpainted bag, a fabric necklace of a simple cotton scarf in you favorite color.

Gant Store
Photo courtesy of Gant Store


GANT combines American Sportswear with a European twist. Its values are based on the true American legacy of the East Coast which dates back to 1949 when GANT was launched for the first time. Since then, it's expansion has been great with influences from Europe which led it to be a brand of worldwide recognition with modern and quality apparel. GANT has a large variety of clothes and shoes for men, women and children. Casual and easy to wear clothing for people who like to follow fashion on their own terms and style. Quality fabrics, simple design and timeless class are the characteristics of this brand.



Secreto Fashion Boutique is a space dedicated to fashion in the center of Piraeus, where you can find all the latest fashion and style trends from well known designers. The expert salespersons will give you the best advice on what clothing and accessories to choose so as to enhance your own unique personality. Whether you are looking for the perfect item for casual or elegant wear, you are sure to find it amongst their collections, which include brands such as Italian Compagnia Italiana and Roberta Biagi, British Forever Unique evening wear , Greek designers Stili Deligianni and E.f.i. They also stock, exclusively for Piraeus, Jeffrey Campbell shoes.



Laouta shop in Piraeus is a small and friendly space where you can find an interesting selection of perfumes, essential oils, natural oils, and handmade extra virgin olive oil soaps. Laouta soaps are made with wild herbs and other natural products of Karpathos, a small island in the southern Aegean, using extra virgin olive oil, natural sea clay, pure thyme honey and beeswax, as well as goats milk, ingredients known for their healing and cosmetic qualities. They do not contain coloring substances, preservatives, parabens or any kind of chemical substance and the production does not in any way harm the environment. The face and body creams and oils are made from natural, high quality ingredients, and can be prepared according to your personal necessities and preferences. At Laouta shop you can also choose from a variety of essences to create your own tailor made perfume.



John Trabakopoulos is a well known jewelry shop in Piraeus since 1979. Over the years and continuous development, they have maintained their priorities on flawless workmanship and excellent customer service. The jewelry is created with precious metals, and each piece has its own unique personality. Timeless class is their style, with contemporary influences, and their collections will satisfy a variety of tastes and preferences. At Trabakopoulos you will find selected watch brands, and beautiful creations for casual or evening wear, which will enhance your favorite look. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, but also wedding rings and solitary rings for that special occasion, as well as matching sets of jewelry. There is also an interesting collection of more affordable bracelets in a young trendy style, and some very pretty kids pins and lucky charms for new born babies.

Halvas Drapetsonas
Photo courtesy of Nelly Paraskevopoulou


Halvas is a traditional Greek sweet, prepared from sesame seeds which are ground to make tahini, to which sugar is added, following a special procedure, which includes kneading by hand. Almonds, chocolate or cranberry are further additions, giving a singular taste to this delicious sweet. Halvas Drapetsonas Kosmidi Gavrili is considered the best in Greece since 1924 and is still prepared with the traditional method in their artisan workshop in the neighborhood of Drapetsona, close to Piraeus, from where it is delivered all over the country. Halvas is not only tasty but also very healthy, as it contains ingredients which are beneficial for the heart and the skeletal system, lower cholesterol and antioxidants which contribute to all over well being. Drapetsona Halvas can also be bought at their shop in the center of Piraeus, where many other traditional delicacies are sold, such as honey, sweet and savory biscuits, candies, chocolate and much more.

Photo courtesy of Mandragoras


Mandragoras is a unique shop, considered one of the best in its kind, with groceries and delicacies from many regions of Greece. Traditional and rare tastes, selected with gourmet expertise are packed on the shelves and are requested by many of the top chefs in Athens and Piraeus. Varieties of cheese and rustic salami, all kinds of honey, home made pasta, bread and rusks, savory tidbits and delicious sweets, olives and excellent quality olive oil, are just some of the favorites. The variety of spices and herbs is also impressive and the many kinds of teas, dried fruits and healthy, nutritional foods for overall wellness and energy, are carefully selected with quality as the basic factor.


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