10 Best values culinarily wise on the Big Island for great food at a good deal

Best values are something most of us are always on the lookout for, and it's no different while on vacation. After you've most likely spent a pretty penny on airfare getting to the Big Island, it's a help to find some good deals when it comes to eating and drinking. A broad spectrum of cuisines can be enjoyed all over the Big Island for great deals, so wherever you are you can find affordable places to eat and drink.

For a homes style breakfast with great views of the ocean and lava fields, the Kalapana Village Cafe along the Puna Coast is an affordable morning eatery that delivers satisfying standard fare. Fill up and then take a leisurely hike out to the ocean and see the steam from the lava running into the ocean, an awesome attraction on its own.

In Hilo, Cafe 100 serves up true local food that's served up fast food style, but it's made on the spot. With order at the counter service and outdoor seating, you can take it on the go or eat it there. Local dishes like loco mocos, spam musubi, and mix plates, it's a good venture into local food - at an affordable price.

While wandering Hawaii's biggest island (the rest of the islands scan fit into it, twice), remember that good affordable food isn't hard to find.

Over 200 vendors of all kinds frequent the Hilo Farmers Market. This outdoor market is like many restaurants combined into one. Thai food, vegetarian, coffee, desserts, Hawaiian food and other cuisines can be found here. Although it's open...  Read More

Island Lava Java

An easy stop with and an affordable menu, Island Lava Java has a broad array of meals and drinks that can be enjoyed out front or on the go. Coffee fans love the Big Island for many reasons, and this place is one of them. You'll find freshly...  Read More

Royal Siam

Thai food can be found in abundance on the Big Island, and luckily for hungry folks it can be enjoyed at an affordable price. Do a bit of exploring in downtown Hilo, and you'll likely find a cornucopia of hidden-away gems, neat little stores and...  Read More

Full Moon Caf� is a family owned and operated (by two brothers) restaurant that uses much local and organic ingredients in their menu. They call the menu new American and Asian fusion seafood. The international menu has a Pacific emphasis...  Read More

Ken's House of Pancakes

As a tried and true Hilo breakfast staple, Ken's stays open 24-7. Breakfast is a serious affair, no matter what time of day, and the waitstaff ensures that patrons stay "well oiled" by leaving a full pot of steaming coffee at each table. Favored...  Read More

Caf-- 100 has been around for years, and it continues to offer great, filling food at unbeatable prices. In fact, it's the ideal place to try Hawaiian comfort food. Take the Loco Moco, for instance – it's a heap of white rice topped with a...  Read More

Volcano National Park
Lava Rock Café

Serving three meals a day at an affordable price, volcano-themed Lava Rock Caf� is where locals refuel. Breakfast includes traditional egg dishes and the Big Island's own Loco Moco, a heap of rice with a hamburger patty and fried egg, all...  Read More

Despite a distinctly American-sounding moniker, Charley's has become a Big Island favorite for luscious, flavorful Thai fare - and it's affordable too. While there might not be a lot of attention given to ambiance, the focus is clearly on the...  Read More


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