Visiting a museum is always a unique experience, as each one has its own distinct characteristics, style, and of course, content. Museum subjects vary greatly from city to city, and can range from firefighter's museums to fine art, to sports. If you need help making a selection, our 10Best list highlights the top spots to visit in Honolulu.

US Army Museum of Hawaii


Housed in a former weapons battery, this museum documents Hawaiian military history from its ancient beginnings but especially during the period from WWI to Vietnam. Exhibits offer both visual and auditory effects, bringing to life the various...  Read More

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park


Artifacts honoring the military submarine are enormous draws at this facility. In its confines, you'll view photos and posters, scale models, and missile displays. However, the real attraction is the USS "Bowfin" herself, a WWII-era vessel whose...  Read More



Since its founding in 1889 as a repository for Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop's family artifacts, this museum has ascended to become the state's premiere institution for documenting the area's cultural and natural histories. Today, its holdings...  Read More



A monument to the influence of Christian missionaries on the Hawaiian islands, this building complex includes original structures from the early 19th century, when New Englanders settled the island to spread the Gospel and instill the Protestant...  Read More

Damien Museum


The altruism displayed by this 19th-century Belgian priest is well-known in the islands, where he ministered to a leper colony before finally succumbing to the disease himself. Born Joseph de Veuster but better known as Father Damien, the...  Read More

Hawaii's Plantation Village


Sugar cane plantations changed both Hawaii's landscape and its ethnic makeup, and this recreated village offers a window into its immigrant workers during the early 20th century. Homes replicating those used by the variety of peoples can be...  Read More



Take a ferry to Ford Island to tour one of the country's original aviation fields at the Pacific Aviation Museum. Hangars, battle tested from WW-II, still stand and several famous aircraft, including a Japanese Zero fighter and the B-25 Mitchell...  Read More

Maikiki Heights


Occupying a lovely estate in the hills above Honolulu, this wonderful museum takes as its focus art created since 1940. It also places an emphasis on Hawaiian artists. A variety of media and of aesthetic styles is presented, and you'll find both...  Read More

Honolulu Academy of Arts


Boasting extensive holdings of Western and Asian art, this comprehensive museum is one of America's best. It also echoes Hawaii's multiculturalism, thanks to its collection of items from the Pacific, Africa, America, and Europe. Japanese...  Read More

Diamond Head
Shangri La


A private residence unlike any other, this seasonal home of early 20th-century heiress Doris Duke is a breathtaking showcase of Islamic art and design. During her honeymoon, the philanthropist developed an interest in Middle Eastern aesthetics,...  Read More