10 Best Things to Do with Kids in and around Honolulu

Oahu is the perfect island to take kids to. There's tons of kid friendly activities ranging from exploring the underwater world to flying down a huge water slide into a pool. Kids won't stop having fun while visiting the island because there's no lack of fun things to do for them. Each side of the island offers activities and places to eat that will leave a smile on kid's faces for days and memories that will stay with them forever.

A family visit to Honolulu will not be remembered as the classic family vacay where kids ask "are we there yet" as the car ride continues. In Honolulu children of all ages have the option of a dolphin show at Sea Life Park on the east side of the island. Or the whole family can submerge themselves in the ocean for epic snorkeling at Hanauma Bay or swim with sharks with North Shore Shark Adventures.

For landlubbers, drop into the Polynesian Cultural Center for an extravagant cultural experience through the show, Ha. PCC has many other activities and displays to keep kids entertained for the day. The whole family can trek up the side of a cliff on the North Shore by taking the Ehukai Bunker Hike. A rewarding panoramic view of the coast offers a nice place to rest before heading back down.

From the mountains to the bottom of the ocean kids will love exploring Oahu.

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Ehukai Bunker Hike
Photo courtesy of Jade Eckardt

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