10 Best Hotel Bars in Honolulu Offer Sunset Cocktails, All-Night Partying

Honolulu's bars are some of the hottest places for drinks on the island. Although Honolulu hotels have always housed the classic resort lounge, but in recent times many have evolved to make a home for clubs that rage all night long. So in Honolulu hotels you have plenty of options from places for romantic sunset cocktails to places to dance and drink until the wee hours of the morning.

Whether you're staying on the North Shore or just spending a day at the beach, drop by Turtle Bay Resort for North Shore action and head into the resort's Surfer, the Bar for late night live music and DJs.

For a mix of gourmet cuisine along with drinks and a classy bar atmosphere, RumFire in the Sheraton Waikiki is one of the most popular bars on the island. Another tried and true bar renowned for blending good food and drinks in a fun atmosphere is Duke's Canoe Club in the Outrigger Hotel. This is a Hawaiian staple, popular with locals and visitors alike. You can just enjoy a mellow dinner, or hang late and dance. Those in search of a modern sleek atmosphere will enjoy Mac 24/7 in the Hilton Waikiki, where a unique blend of 24 hour comfort food is offered along with great drinks.

So enjoy the convenience of a great bar in you're own hotel, and put our list to use.

Nashville Waikiki


If you can't imagine leisure hours without a bit of line-dancing and some honky-tonk fun, Nashville Waikiki is the perfect destination. Located in the Ohana West hotel, it's adorned with western memorabilia and full of fun-loving patrons. The...  Read More



Set right along Waikiki Beach in the Moana Surfrider, this open-air bar offers the best of Hawaii, from balmy temperatures and gentle sea breezes to views of Diamond Head in the distance and terrific people-watching as well. In the evenings, as...  Read More



No matter what time of day or night it is, MAC 24-7 in the Hilton Waikiki is open and ready to satisfy your hunger cravings. This 24-hour joint has an all day menu of hearty pancakes, soups, sandwiches, pastas, steaks, appetizers...and the list...  Read More

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Part exquisite gourmet restaurant, part exquisite place to enjoy a couple of lovely drinks before the night goes on, Orchids is a solid bet no matter what. Located in the Hilton Waikiki Beach, this bar boasts lovely views of Diamond Head and an...  Read More



Located inside of the luxurious Halekulani Hotel, Lewer's Lounge is a hidden gem. Offering jazz piano nightly and top shelf, custom cocktails in a classy lounge make this place different than any other in Honolulu. Dale DeGroff, universally...  Read More

Lobby Lounge at Turtle Bay
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Sitting inside of the luxurious Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore, the Lobby Lounge is open from 6 a.m. to p.m. daily and turns from cafe to bar and lounge at 2 p.m. Enjoy freshly brewed coffees, latt�s, cappuccinos, espresso drinks,...  Read More



If college is more memory than experience for you, this nightclub may be just what you're looking for. Located in the Ala Moana Hotel, its slightly older clientele appreciates good times but not to the point of blacking out. Rather, they enjoy...  Read More



In tribute to Duke Kahanamoku, Hawaii's renowned swimmer, surfer, and Olympic athlete, this casual bar and restaurant in the Outrigger Waikiki offers patrons a wealth of island culture. Memorabilia, live Hawaiian music, fruity cocktails, and...  Read More



Hugely popular thanks to great music and incredible views of Waikiki Beach, this hotel nightclub is a sure bet any night of the year. Yet it's more than just a night club, you can also stop in for a few great cocktails before moving down the...  Read More

Surfer, the Bar
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Always a good bet for nightlife, Surfer, the Bar is Turtle Bay Resorts new endeavor into nighttime entertainment. Opening at 6 p.m. daily, Surfer is part bar, part restaurant and part night club. Great happy hour cocktails are offers along with...  Read More


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