10 Best Honolulu Restaurants for Curry, Pho and So Much Mo'

Hawaii is a cultural melting pot, and that's reflected in the diversity of cuisines offered in restaurants throughout the islands. Asian food is particularly available in Honolulu and hungry travelers can go on a culinary journey through Thailand, Japan, China, Vietnam and more. Whether in search of sushi on the North Shore or Thai food on the West Side, menus offering delicious Asian dishes can be found island wide. 

Those in the mood to dress up and enjoy a night out on the town with amazing sushi, great drinks, and modern decor, are best suited to make reservations at Nobu Waikiki or Morimoto Waikiki. Both of these eateries offer a blend of inventive Japanese menus with a lively and sleek atmosphere.

Visitors in search of delicious food in a more laid back and casual atmosphere have Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese options. Waipahu's Thai Kitchen is a true hidden gem, offering delicious traditional Thai food with friendly service by the family who runs it. To please a palate craving Japanese food, Irifune in Waikiki serves everything but sushi - katsus, curries, ahi tar tar, and noodles. Meanwhile Hale Vietnam is the go-to place for a bowl of warm and soothing pho in the heart of Waikiki.

From the North Shore to the streets of Waikiki, Oahu offers delicious and traditional Asian food all around the island.

Opal Thai


After spending years serving up great Thai food out of a lunch wagon in Haleiwa, Opal Thai moved into a restaurant just down the street and has now opened its doors, much to local's excitement. This family run eatery has stuck around thanks to...  Read More

Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Photo courtesy of sansei


Traditional Japanese entrees and some of the freshest sushi around are on offer at this resort mainstay. Let superb ocean views soothe you as you indulge in dishes like Asian shrimp cakes and Japanese calamari salad. Inventive sushi rolls...  Read More



A bit out of the way from Honolulu's main drag, this Vietnamese favorite doesn't lack for business. Rather, patrons seek it out for vegetable-laden dishes, which are both flavorful and good for you. Pho soup also has a siren's call that can be...  Read More



The Nobu mystique is alive and well at this Honolulu outpost, which counts Robert De Niro among its owners. Even without a celebrity connection, the restaurant would be a culinary destination, courtesy of chef Nobu Matsuhisa's spectacular food...  Read More



Yanagi's been around for decades and is a favorite destination of celebs, so it's frequently crowded, especially at dinner. That's hardly a surprise when you consider its impeccable food and convivial atmosphere. Sushi is outstanding, and the...  Read More

Banzai Sushi Bar
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Sushi, sushi, and more sushi - all made from locally caught fresh fish and seafood can be found at the North Shore's Banzai Sushi Bar. And yes, there's definitely a full bar boasting a varies amount of beers, wine and specialty cocktails. Live...  Read More



Really great Thai food can be enjoyed here, with Laotian options too. The owner is from Thailand and her, her mother, and some other elderly Thai women do all the cooking and it's awesome! The decor is very, well, plain. But it's clean and...  Read More


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