10 Best Japanese restaurants in Honolulu servue up sushi, sake and everything else

Sometimes, the urge to have Japanese food strikes, and nothing satisfies until you get it. When that happens, count on 10Best to point you in the direction of Honolulu's best Japanese restaurants. We understand the desire to have a great meal, and we work hard to bring you the top places to eat in Honolulu. We vet restaurants carefully for quality, and when we recommend popular eateries like Kobe Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar or tell you that Nobu Waikiki gets good reader feedback, you can believe it. We'll make sure you get - and eat - what's best.

But Japanese food in Honolulu isn't just about sushi. With our guidance, it's not hard to find some of the best home style Japanese eateries serving up classic dishes such as curries, katsus and miso soups. Irifune Home Style Japanese on Kapahulu is one of the town's longest standing family style Japanese restaurants.

Yanagi Sushi is another home style joint serves a lot more than sushi. In it's main dining room as well as it's private rooms, traditional dishes such as shabu shabu and grilled fish and meats are the most sought after in Honolulu. Being that it's open till 2 a.m., you'll get the feel that it's serving those looking for that classic, like home restaurant that will keep you company all night long.



The Nobu mystique is alive and well at this Honolulu outpost, which counts Robert De Niro among its owners. Even without a celebrity connection, the restaurant would be a culinary destination, courtesy of chef Nobu Matsuhisa's spectacular food...  Read More

Restaurant Suntory


Although prices run a bit steep, no one can quibble over the quality of Suntory's food or its terrific preparation. Authentic cuisine draws on the best culinary traditions, and rooms devoted to sushi, shabu shabu, and the like are set aside for...  Read More

Banzai Sushi Bar
Photo courtesy of Tristan Kenney


Sushi, sushi, and more sushi - all made from locally caught fresh fish and seafood can be found at the North Shore's Banzai Sushi Bar. And yes, there's definitely a full bar boasting a varies amount of beers, wine and specialty cocktails. Live...  Read More



Yanagi's been around for decades and is a favorite destination of celebs, so it's frequently crowded, especially at dinner. That's hardly a surprise when you consider its impeccable food and convivial atmosphere. Sushi is outstanding, and the...  Read More



In a textural, contemporary space, this well-received restaurant tempts diners with its updated Japanese cuisine. The original location of the expanding chain offers a number of innovations, most notably Kumi's Special, an appetizer composed of...  Read More

Kobe Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar


It's dinner and entertainment rolled into one at this Japanese hot spot. Vivacious chefs chop, slice, and sauté steak, chicken, shellfish, and vegetables right before your eyes in an exuberant display of teppanyaki cooking. It's just the place...  Read More

Sushi Sasabune


Aficionados clamor to this upscale sushi joint, where everything from crab to sea urchin has a story and a provenance. While you sit at the bar, the chef gifts you with what he desires, so you may end up with scallops, squid, blue-fin, or even...  Read More

Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Photo courtesy of sansei


Traditional Japanese entrees and some of the freshest sushi around are on offer at this resort mainstay. Let superb ocean views soothe you as you indulge in dishes like Asian shrimp cakes and Japanese calamari salad. Inventive sushi rolls...  Read More


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