Best Sightseeing Experiences on Kauai Will Leave You Blissfully Content

Kauai may be the smallest of the main Hawaiian Islands, but it has a multitude of exquisite sights to see and amazing experiences to be had. From its coastline dotted with white sandy beaches and the rugged Na Pali Coast,to the inland canyons and parks, Kauai offers sightseeing experiences as varied as the terrain itself.

Whether you have a week on Kauai or just one day, we've got you covered here at 10 Best with our list of the ten best sightseeing experience on the island. Those who like to explore will get a thrill out of the helicopter ride to a forbidden island with Ni'ihau Helicopters, where you can snorkel untouched reefs and shell hunt on rarely visited beaches.

To continue the adventure, book a snorkeling boat tour with Na Pali Explorer to venture down 17-miles of undeveloped and barely touched coastline. You'll be treated to front row views of hidden valleys, beaches, and caves while on the ocean.

Back on land, Glass Beach on the West Side is a wonderful place for treasure hunting and photo opportunities. At Polihale Beach Park you will find what is hands down that best seat on the island to watch the sunset. Spend a day in the sun at the uncrowded beach and end it with the sunset over Ni'ihau.

Always have a bathing suit and camera with you on Kauai, and you'll never miss any amazing opportunities to enjoy the island.

Waimea Canyon
Photo courtesy of Jade Eckardt

This amazing, yawning chasm seems almost incongruous on a tiny, tropical island, but the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" harbors a wealth of scenery, lush vegetation, and native fauna. Its multi-hued brilliance attracts thousands of visitors, who...  Read More

Hanalei Bay

This large, crescent-shaped bay on the North Shore hosts a number of enviable beaches, which all share golden sands and clear, calm waters. The bay is protected by coral reefs, and along its two-mile stretch, folks soak in the sun, build...  Read More

Wailua Falls
Photo courtesy of Jade Eckardt

Many visitors recognize these twin falls as the ones pictured in the opening sequence of the "Fantasy Island" TV show. Their dramatic, 80-foot double tumble is the subject of many tourist photographs, a distinct difference from the days when...  Read More

Glass Beach
Photo courtesy of Jade Eckardt

On the west side, Glass Beach proves that one person's trash is another person's treasure. Here the black and gray sand beach is blanketed in a thick layer of colorful beach glass that offers hours of treasure hunting and sparkles beautifully....  Read More

Hanalei Valley Overlook

Just beyond Princeville, a highway overlook affords travelers a view of the Hanalei Valley's incredible beauty, which spreads out in a lush panorama of color, texture, and dimension. Set against rugged mountains are the shimmering strands of...  Read More

Spouting Horn
Photo courtesy of Jade Eckardt

Arguably one of Kauai's most popular natural sites, this geyser-like attraction delights visitors with its spectacle and energy. Incoming surf rushes into an ancient lava tube and is forced upward and outward in a dramatic display of sea water....  Read More

Ho'opi'i Falls
Photo courtesy of Jade Eckardt

Take a low impact walk through a rainforest that leads you to two waterfalls along the Kapa'a Stream. You could go along the stream for a while, so it's hard to say exactly how long it is, but it's a quick few minutes from the trail head to the...  Read More

Ni`ihau Helicopters
Photo courtesy of Jade Eckardt

Fly to Hawaii's Forbidden Island of Ni`ihau, owned by the Robison family, the same owners of the helicopter company. Hop on the chopper mid-morning and then across the west side channel to the desolate island. Here you'll explore beaches,...  Read More

Na Pali Explorer
Photo courtesy of Nani Maloof

Na Pali Explorer does just that, they explore the Na Pali Coast but they are based out of the west side in Waimea. Their tours are offered on a 26 foot RIB, a 48 foot RIB, or a 46 foot inflatable hull RIB. Exploring the ocean and Na Pali Coast...  Read More


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