Best Restaurants near the Cruise Port in Hong Kong

Stomach-Pleasing Restaurants near Hong Kong's Cruise Ports

Cruising into Hong Kong from the South China Sea is a sensational experience. In the blink of an eye, the unobstructed view of crystal blue is scene-shifted into daunting skyscrapers towering beside Victoria Harbour; and the fresh and slightly salty smell of the sea is replaced by aroma of steaming, sizzling and stir-fry.

One good thing about stopping over in Hong Kong is that the cruise terminals are fairly central, and being a super compact city – 30 minutes by cab can get you from Kowloon Peninsula to Hong Kong Island.

The two major international cruise terminals, Ocean Terminal and Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, are on Kowloon side. A 15-minute or less taxi ride from either will get you to top-notch gourmet treats, ranging from decadent dim sum at Spring Moon of The Peninsula Hong Kong hotel or Ming Court at Langham Place to cha chaan teng chain Tsui Wah, the locals' answer to McDonald's.

From Tsim Sha Tsui, the southernmost-tip of Kowloon and a buzzing commercial hub, crossing Victoria Harbour is a mere 10-minute ride on the slow, soothing Star Ferry or five minutes on the super-punctual Hong Kong subway, MTR. Once there, a brand new dining scene rolls out, from the world's first three-Michelin-star Cantonese restaurant Lung King Heen,  to a Chinese molecular gastronomy feast at Bo Innovation.


Hong Kongers love soupy dishes for breakfast or a snack, such as soup dumplings, noodles and congee. The chain restaurant garners much praise for its soup wonton noodles, in which shrimp dumplings are served together with silky and delicious noodles in a seafood-based broth. There is also an option to have the dish with only wontons. Adding to its local flavor, the Cantonese canteen is so popular that it's normal and necessary to share a table with complete strangers. Seafood congee with roe-loaded crabs, noodles with braised beef chunks and fried chicken wings are other highlights. Eating here is as much about the experience as the food.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: The popular chain restaurant offers a selection of thumb-up Cantonese light eats, such as wontons, noodles and congee.

Tracy You's expert tip: Bring back a bottle of shrimp roe paste or XO sauce from Chee Kee. They're unique and delicious travel souvenirs.

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A glass of milk tea accompanied by a pork chop burger or a deep-fried French toast is the best way to experience one of Hong Kong's oldest cha chaan tengs. The bare-bones diner is said to be the origin of Hong Kong's iconic "silk stocking" milk tea, which, as the name suggests, is supremely smooth and satisfying. If you're looking for something more filling, go for the fried noodles with chicken fillets. The original venue of Lan Fong Yuen is in Central but there are a few new locations across the city. The branch in Tsim Sha Tsui is located in the basement of the hostel headquarters Chung King Mansions.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Lan Fong Yuen is one of the most traditional neighborhood cafes in Hong Kong and brews the best milk tea in the city.

Tracy You's expert tip: Down a glass of "silk stocking" milk tea then move on to yuen yeung, another Hong Kong-style drink which is a mix of coffee and milk tea.

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This Tsim Sha Tsui restaurant, located in Kimberley Hotel, serves a fully-fledged Cantonese menu, from dim sum and seafood to clay pot dishes, but numerous diners head there for just one dish: a whole roast suckling pig. This is no ordinary roast dish as the kitchen gives piggy some Chinese zing by stuffing it with white and glutinous rice. The heavily loaded piglet can feed up to 10 people. Chef will cut open the crispy skin, reveal the oil-glazed rice and divide the dish next to your table. Book the dish at least one day in advance. A booking deposit fee is required.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Get ready to increase your waistline at this upscale Cantonese restaurant after a few slices of its sought-after signature dish: rice stuffed roast suckling pig.

Tracy You's expert tip: If you have extra room after tackling the whole roast pig, try the beef rib stew with lemon grass, a flavorful and extremely tasty casserole.

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White Beard
Photo courtesy of White Beard

Steps away from the Maritime Museum, right by Star Ferry and overlooking the harbor, it's only logical that this place should serve fish and chips. For anyone arriving by cruise ship and docking at Ocean Terminal, it's just a short ferry ride to White Beard. The fish is imported from New Zealand, and they also serve sausages, meat pies, onion rings and the like. Beverages include fresh lemonade, and there are 15 different bottled craft beers to sample. This is a takeaway, rather than a restaurant, but there's plenty of seating to choose from at the pier. The best option is to take the elevator up to the roof, where there is a small public garden with great harbor views. There's also some indoor seating if it's either pouring with rain or simply too hot. All in all this is a very reasonably priced eatery, with youthful and friendly staff.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: It's cheap, it's cheerful, and it's right by the harbor.

Ed's expert tip: All fish and chips come with a dip – the fresh garlic is the most toothsome.

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No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a meal at cha chaan teng, a basic food stall selling everything from milk tea to noodles to toast. Tsui Wah is the king of the clan. This most successful Hong Kong cafe chain serves yummy, quick and iconic bites in a traveler-friendly environment. All waiters bear name badges listing the languages they speak so non-Cantonese speakers can order with confidence. The food here is an eye-opening mix of Asian and European cuisines. Chinese buns are fried then topped with cream and peanut better, instant noodles are fried with chicken wings and macaroni served with luncheon meat. They sound weird but taste wonderful. The absolute must-orders are the silky milk tea and rice noodles in fish soup covered with fish balls and fish cakes.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: The cha chaan teng (tea food hall) chain is an institution for ever-popular Hong Kong street-side eats.

Tracy You's expert tip: One great thing about dining at Tsui Wah is that the restaurant has long opening hours. This chain operates 19 hours a day from 7am to 2am. It closes at 3am at weekends.

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Mong Kok

The mid-range Cantonese restaurant chain serves a fully-fledged menu with all the typical local dishes, but it's the exquisite dim sum that puts Lei Garden on the map. Har gow is the star item – these crescent shaped and transparent steamed dumplings contain a whole prawn each and is wrapped in wafer-thin glutinous rice skin. The crunchy and aromatic low bak gow (fried turnip cakes), mushroom and pork siu mai and silky rice cheong fun are also excellent. Adventurous diners should go for the soy bean braised chicken feet. The umami and melt-in-your-mouth chicken skin will bring on a revolutionary perspective on the fowl, but watch out for the bones. Reservations advised.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: This restaurant chain offers wallet-friendly and high-quality dim sum across Hong Kong. It's also a nice place to dine with some regular Hong Kongers.

Tracy You's expert tip: It's hard to go wrong with the dim sum dishes at Lei Garden, so just go ahead and order what meets your eye on the menu.

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Hop on the local ferry to discover the roasted meats of your life time. A three-story-high gold-crusted facade and rows upon rows of glazed barbecued meat hung underneath usher visitors into a mesmerizing eating experience on Wellington Street. Founded in 1942, Yung Kee grew from a dai pai dong food stall to a grand, lavishly decorated Hong Kong icon thanks to one dish: its legendary roasted goose. The fowl is slow-cooked in a coal-fired oven till reddish brown, and is served in chops together with the restaurant's sweet, sour and fruity dipping sauce. The goose meat is juicy and tender while the skin is crispy. In comparison, the restaurant's other signature is more challenging for Western diners: preserved eggs with marinated ginger slices as the side. Yung Kee's menu also include various Hong Kong classics, such fried noodles, soup noodles and congee. Prepare for a long queue throughout the week.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: The time-honored restaurant produces top-notch Cantonese barbecue with its roast goose being the crown jewel.

Tracy You's expert tip: Like other Chinese poultry dishes, Yung Kee's roast goose is served with bones.

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Head to the 68-seat restaurant for mind-blowing Chinese food that doesn't look Chinese at all – traditional ingredients and recipes are prepared in sometimes rebellious experiment, resulting in a meal of rarely seen Chinese-style molecular gastronomy. In what is dubbed "X-treme Chinese cuisine" by the restaurant, Chinese staples are given a new life here, for example, roasted pork belly is topped with a raw egg yolk and flat rice noodles "cheung fun" are accompanied by truffle. The dashing restaurant is the brainchild of "Demon Chef" Alvin Leung, a self-taught cook who looks more like a rock n' roll star and is regarded as Hong Kong's own Heston Blumenthal. The restaurant also serves an eight-course tasting menu.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: The three-Michelin-star restaurant is a unique venue to try the seldom-seen Chinese molecular gastronomy which modernizes traditional recipes with exotic cooking techniques and impressive presentation.

Tracy You's expert tip: Bo Innovation's most interesting dish is xiao long bao. The traditionally doughy dumpling is served without a wrap, instead the juicy meat is covered under a thin layer of gel.

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Mong Kok

Situated in the compact and noisy commercial whirlwind that is Mongkok, this two-Michelin-star restaurant's food stands a cut above the sea of Chinese kitchens in the city. Whet your appetite with cold dishes like Sichuan chicken chops and the more innovative chilled silk bean curd with black truffle. Then move on to the ever-popular Cantonese classics of daily soup and barbecued meats plates. Try the restaurant's iconic stir-fried sliced giant garoupa stuffed with shrimp paste, dubbed "imperial dragon wearing golden armour" in Chinese, and one of the many specialty fried rices on the menu. Round up your formidable feast with the dramatic bird's nest crystal extravagance, a dessert in which four pieces of square yellow bird's nest jelly are served on a black tray surrounded by ice smoke.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Find top-notch classic and contemporary Cantonese cuisine at this two-Michelin-star restaurant. A good bet for those looking for a memorable Chinese meal.

Tracy You's expert tip: The restaurant has a massive wine cellar, carrying more than 430 labels from some 100 regions around the world.

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Tsim Sha Tsui

The Cantonese restaurant at Hong Kong's finest and most elegant hotel, The Peninsula Hong Kong, is a haven for fans of Chinese dim sum. Situated in a 1930s Shanghai art deco style (think dark rosewood furniture, oriental rugs and faded black-and-white pictures on the walls), this grand dining landmark serves adorable bite-size steamed dumplings. A tea master can pair with your meal a brew from more than 25 varieties. The chefs put a unique modern touch on traditional recipes while keeping the essence of Chinese cooking; one example is the simple, hearty and iconic steamed buns stuffed with Wagyu beef. Spring Moon has a smart casual dress code. No flip-flops, beach sandals or plastic footwear. No sleeveless shirt or open-toed shoes for male diners. Full-length trousers are required after 6pm.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: The elegant and nostalgic dining space at Hong Kong's landmark hotel offers a premium dim sum experience for fans of China's bite-size food.

Tracy You's expert tip: Try the steamed crystal dumplings with crab legs, carrots and pumpkin, and steamed vegetarian dumplings with imperial mushrooms. Both are Spring Moon's signature dishes. The restaurant also roasts some of Hong Kong's best Peking Duck.

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