Pullman Historic District

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Conceived by George M. Pullman, President of Pullman's Palace Car Company, as a model neighborhood for his factory workers, this late 19th-century town originally featured residences, a school, hotel, bank, church, and ahead-of-their-time conveniences like indoor plumbing. Pullman's idea was to attract skilled workers, increase productivity and avoid strikes while insuring better health, a nice environment and uplifted spirit of his employees. Each dwelling had gas and water, access to sanitary facilities and lots of sunlight, fresh air and personal green space as well as access to parks and open land. What a concept! Having survived threats of redevelopment over the last century, the historic district now offers guided tours through the remaining public structures. The magnificent Hotel Florence and the Clock Tower are not to be missed in this incredible neighborhood that welcomes you to back into history.


11141 S Cottage Grove Ave
Chicago, IL 60628

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Expert Tips by Jacky Runice

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Historic Sites: "Named for George's daughter, Florence, the hotel is undergoing a major improvement program by the state to restore it for future use."

Best for Historic Sites Because: The Pullman Historic District was a planned model community for the working class and was voted the world's most perfect town in 1896.

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