Chicago restaurants dish up impressive Asian cuisine

Sometimes, the urge to have Asian food strikes, and nothing satisfies until you get it. Whether your craving Indonesian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean…or a steamed Chinese dumpling or a bowl of Japanese noodles, you'll find it in Chicago. The city has something for everyone and many of our picks are in Chicago’s diverse ethnic neighborhoods. For authentic Korean BBQ, diners love San Soo Gab San. The late-night, hole-in-the-wall spot is so popular, diners don't mind walking out smelling like they walked through a BBQ pit (because everyone does after dining here).

As you might expect, Chicago's Chinatown neighborhood has great Chinese restaurants such as Ken Kee and Mandarin Kitchen, but the bustling neighborhood is also home to other Asian restaurants we love including Joy Yee’s Noodle Shop which features Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese dishes on its menu.

There aren’t a ton of places to get authentic Filipino breakfast, but those in the know head to Uncle Mike’s Place near Ukranian Village for its outstanding Longaniza, Tocino and Bangus.

Popular eateries like Yoshi’s and Le Colonial remain on the list because Chicagoans love their outstanding food selection and twist on traditional dishes, even decades after they opened their doors. 

There aren’t a ton of places to get authentic Filipino breakfast but those in the know head to Uncle Mike’s Place near Ukranian Village for its outstanding Longaniza, Tocino and Bangus.

Rickshaw Republic, the first Indonesian restaurant in Chicago, is attracting those who love Indonesian street food.

Regardless of your food cravings, if its Asian food you’re seeking, it won’t be hard to find a restaurant in Chicago.

Ba Le
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Fans of Ba Le in Uptown and Chinatown rejoiced when it opened up another location in Chicago's downtown/Loop area. Of its extensive selection of Bhan Mi sandwhiches, the Ba Le sandwich's claim to fame is the warm French bread (freshly based at...  Read More



Most people haven't tasted Filipino food unless they have friends or family but if you find yourself craving for an authentic Filipino breakfast in Chicago, head to Uncle Mike's Place. The Longaniza (sweet anise-wine chorizo sausage) and Tocino...  Read More



East meets West at this Lake View institution. The eclectic menu deftly combines traditional French and Japanese fare but don't expect any sushi here. For example, you'll find spring rolls filled with goat cheese and chicken, and shiitake...  Read More

Joy Yee's Noodle Shop
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Chinatown restaurants can be a bit intimidating for those not familiar with Chinese food. That's why this bright, hip, low-priced restaurant is so popular. The menu is filled with authentic Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai dishes presented...  Read More



Every restaurant in Chicago seems to be doing fried chicken these days but Belly Q serves it up Thai style with sweet chili and lime. Belly Q is known for its Asian bbq but also for its fusion of different flavors to create tastes that are...  Read More



The menu at Ken Kee's does have some familiar items, like pepper beef in black bean sauce and fruit smoothies. But what makes this restaurant stand out among the others in Chinatown is its unusual menu items. That might mean fried spaghetti and...  Read More

Gold Coast


A fusion of Vietnamese and French, you'll feel transported as soon as you walk through the wooden doors of this beautiful house-like restaurant, a longtime favorite in the Gold Coast. Diners love the Pho and their spring rolls with plum and...  Read More

Lincoln Park


Interesting and tasty Indonesian street cart food, plus free parking and a BYOB policy with no corkage fee? No wonder this place has become such a hot spot in Lincoln Park. Filling a void in Chicago for Indonesian food, Rickshaw Republic...  Read More



Fans of this Lincoln Square Korean BBQ joint that is almost open 24/7 do not come for the service. They come for the endless supply of cook-your-own food and experience. Bring a group of friends along, expect to take off your shoes before...  Read More



Sunda is an award-winning restaurant at the vanguard of America's New Asian movement showcasing Eastern Asian and Southeast Asian regional cuisine. The surprising, simple, flavorful dishes are served and shared while a full sushi bar provides an...  Read More


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