That's sweet! Chicago bakeries, both old and new, create drool-worthy desserts

Whether you're craving an adorably decorated cupcake, an Austrian pastry, a piece of Greek baklava, buttery cookies or good ol' American apple pie, you'll find it in Chicago's bakeries.

There are old-school bakeries, like Roeser's, which have been around for a century and have mastered the classic cookies and cakes.

The newer, more modern bakeries, like Baker Miller, experiment with more ingredients to create creative, beautiful and delicious desserts. More treats can be found at the ethnic bakeries across the city, including Atropolis and Cafe Vienna, where they have glass display cases filled with delicacies from their native lands.

If you need a good excuse to bust the diet, you can dine at First Slice, which uses its proceeds (and leftovers) to help  feed the city's homeless as well as help other needy families in the community. Their pies are some of the best in Chicago. So are the decadent pies at Bang Bang Pie Shop, another popular bakery.

Regardless of where you go, your sweet tooth will be satisfied.


Tucked within the Lill Street Art Center, a popular arts studio that offers classes, gallery and a gift shop, is one of several First Slice Pie Cafe outposts. Each pie and all of the baked goods are made from scratch and while they're all ridiculously delicious, the real treat is knowing that proceeds from First Slice sales benefit the needy and homeless as it's a self-funded charity. Want to enjoy more of their meals at home? Its weekly shareholders program receive home-cooked, restaurant-quality meals weekly and those funds are used to make the same quality meals for people in need.

Artopolis prides itself on producing fresh-baked breads and authentic Greek desserts, all made it their own kitchen. The bakery's name comes from a combination of the words "artos" and "polis" (bread and town, respectively). It's also a cafe, with seating in a modern, loft-style space, so you can have lunch or dinner before your dessert. Try their their signature "artopitas," a puff pastry with spinach and feta. Or for something sweet, their traditional Greek desserts, like a square of baklava or loukoumades (honey puffs with cinnamon and sesame seeds) are among their most popular desserts. Artopolis is a sister business to the Pegasus Restaurant and Taverna, two blocks away.

Homemade pies and biscuits are the name of the game at Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits in Logan Square. They also have a second location in Ravenswood, on 4947 N. Damen Ave. The food here is not only beautiful to look at, but delicious. Pie selections change with the seasons, but there are always a few popular regulars on the menu, like Key Lime and Cookies 'N Cream. Just as exciting as the pies are the biscuits. You can get an entire meal here which or just a slice of pie and coffee and hang out. Indoor seating is limited, but if you go on a nice weather day, there will be plenty of outdoor seating on picnic benches in their grassy patio area.

Lincoln Park

If European desserts are what you crave, this is the place to go. The Austrian bakery, which is also a full restaurant, serves items like homemade Black Forest Cake, apple strudel, and Belgian waffles. Some specialties include the Bienenstich, a traditional Austrian-German pastry with layers of sweet yeast dough and light whipped custard cream, topped with slivered almonds. Or the Topfen Strudel, a traditional Austrian sweet cheese strudel made with a hand-pulled, parchment-thin pastry. They even make an excellent Polish dessert, a Chicago favorite, the Paczki. Wash it all down with a Viennese Iced Coffee, made with an espresso shot and whipped cream.

Lincoln Park

Their motto is "Cupcakes make people happy." And they would be correct. Swirlz Cupcake Boutique, located in Lincoln Park near DePaul University, bakes 'haute couture' cupcakes. The cupcakes are pricey ($42 for a dozen), but they're worth it for their delicious whipped buttercream frosting and moist cake. Their small, friendly staff (and smaller store) create an intimate, neighborhood setting. Since one of the founders is a nutritionist, they are also proud to tell you that their reduced-sugar cupcakes equal only five points according to Weight Watchers' point system. They also have one of the largest assortment of vegan and gluten-free cupcakes in Chicago.

Humbolt Park

An institution in Chicago for more than 100 years, Roeser's is a classic - and beloved - old-school bakery. Even the neon vintage sign is a landmark in the Humboldt Park neighborhood. Opened by German immigrants, members of the Roeser family still work there. Customers rave about their cakes (especially the red velvet), the wide variety of cookies and tortes. The doughnuts are also popular, especially their custard-filled chocolate bismarcks and bacon maple. It's fun to just look at the different desserts through the glass case. There's a parking lot next door, which helps in the busy neighborhood. However, there is no seating, so you'll need to take your order to go.

Lincoln Park
Sweet Mandy B's

Old fashioned desserts, like homemade chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, and lemon bars, are served in this small, adorable and popular Lincoln Park bakery, near the DePaul University campus. Regulars rave about their award-winning cupcakes which come in more than a dozen flavors, including vanilla and chocolate. They're slathered with vividly-colored buttercream frosting and then given creative candy toppings. The bakery is decorated with an old-school-meets-modern style, including the pastel-colored bar stools and glass display cases. Seating can be hard to get, as it's frequently crowded - the neighborhood customers appreciate the reasonable prices and high quality. So you might need to take your order to go.

Restaurants and bars line Division Street and nestled between them is Alliance Bakery, beckoning passerby to stop and appreciate the spectacular artistic cakes on display in their front window. Walk inside the small space to a colorful dessert selection behind glass windows, making the decision to choose just one nearly impossible. Once a choice is made, add a cup of coffee to your order, walk outside and back indoors through the next door where you can sit and enjoy your pastry in peace. Alliance Bakery is well-known in Chicago for their desserts, cakes and pastries, including their European-styled desserts like macarons and tortes. In addition to this location, the bakery supplies many of the city's best restaurants, hotels, caterers and sweet shops.

Some of Chicago's best pies, cinnamon rolls and savory sandwiches on buttery breads are served in this highly regarded bakery. Among its accolades are two nominations for the prestigious James Beard Awards. They also have a take-out location in Ravenswood Manor, next to the Francisco stop on the Brown Line, at 4642 N. Francisco, where there's an open kitchen and you can see the bakers in action. While the prices may be higher than other bakeries, it's because they use top quality ingredients, including organic whole grains they mill in-house. One of their most popular items are their light but delicious doughboy donuts.


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