Where to Find Authentic Greek Food in Chicago

Thanks to Chicago's large Greek community, the city offers plenty of appealing Greek food. Most of the best Greek restaurants are family run and have been around for decades. Greek Islands,  for example, has been entertaining taste buds since 1971. A good number are centered along the gentrified Greektown neighborhood, on Halsted Street, just west of downtown and not too far from United Center. The couple of city blocks are lined with colorful Greek restaurants, fast-food gyros joints, and family-run Greek bakeries serving impossible-to-pronounce but absolutely delicious homemade pastries. If you're having lunch, stop at the National Hellenic Museum for a shot of history. When you're on the North Shore, Avli Estiatorio  is your Greek archipelago and Wicker Park claims Taxim,  with an all-Greek wine list and a menu that delights lamb lovers as well as vegans. 

Greeks, like most Europeans, like to take time to enjoy food and wine, so don't rush - enjoy the Greek music and decor, soak up the Mediterranean ambiance, savor the spectacular food, and order another glass of Greek wine or shot of ouzo. Whether you're craving baklava, fresh olives and feta cheese, or tender lamb chops with Greek spices, count on us to point you toward the Mediterranean via the Windy City. 

Ukranian Village


Owners of the new Six06 Cafe Bar aim to have the food, drinks, music and ambiance replicate the cafe experience in Athens. The family owned and operated venue offers Greek beers and wines plus coffee drinks; traditional Greek items like...  Read More



Athenian Room is a Lincoln Park/DePaul favorite that usually has a wait but tables turn over speedily and it may be the best take-out in the neighborhood. Even though it has been tossing Greek salads for 38 years, the line has lengthened since...  Read More



Family-owned Psistaria Greek Taverna showcases traditional Greek cuisine. The roster of hot and cold appetizers is enormous (a la the Mediterranean tradition of mezes) so it's fun to make a meal out of any array of lively Greek flavors: broiled...  Read More



Santorini is one of the Greek islands, so seafood is the specialty at this Chicago restaurant which prepares fresh seafood to order. Choose among ocean fish, shellfish, fresh water morsels or combination plates. Shrimp Santorini is the Greek...  Read More



The restaurant is dedicated to the city of Athens which has been around for some four millennia. Athena has been flaming saganaki since 1997. A glass atrium and summer patio sets this Greek restaurant apart from the rest in Greektown. The...  Read More



Greek Islands has been entertaining taste buds since 1971. Greek cuisine fans appreciate the festive atmosphere and professional waitstaff. It's all here from creamy egg-lemon Avgolemono soup and saganaki to traditional dishes like dolmades...  Read More



Cross-Rhodes is in downtown Evanston serving reasonable priced, tasty Greek fare. For what you'd pay for appetizers in Greektown, you can have a sizeable entree here but do try the appetizers like hummus and feta with olives. Choose among a...  Read More



A modern loft-style space with an open-air kitchen, Artopolis prides itself on producing all of its fresh baked goods in house. The cafe's name comes from a combination of the words "artos" and "polis" (bread and town, respectively), and the...  Read More



While you can get pizza and tacos practically anywhere, there are specific dishes you can get ONLY at a Greek eatery: tart Avgolemono soup; salty taramosalata to slather of fresh bread (and oh, that Greek bread); saganaki; and spanakopitakia. If...  Read More



A beautiful, romantic restaurant, Taxim serves upscale modern Mediterranean cuisine and has become a favorite eatery on the North side. A breath of Mediterranean air among the taco, PBR and ramen ranches in Wicker Park, Taxim takes Greek fare...  Read More


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