Opa! Where to find authentic and excellent Greek food in Chicago

Thanks to Chicago's large Greek community, the city has a lot of fantastic, authentic Greek food. Most of the best Greek restaurants are family run and have been around for decades. They're  centered along the gentrified Greektown neighborhood, on Halsted Street, just west of downtown (and near the United Center). There, a few city blocks are lined with fancy Greek restaurants, fast-food gyros joints, and family-run Greek bakeries serving hard-to-pronounce but absolutely delicious homemade pastries. There are even a few Greek columns, statues, and a National Hellenic Museum, so it's a nice area to walk around after your meal. Greeks like to take time to enjoy their food and wine, so don't rush your meal - enjoy the Greek music and decor, soak up the Mediterranean ambiance, savor the spectacular food, and slowly sip your Greek wine or shot glass full of ouzo. There are always special events going on in the neighborhood, so check greektownchicago.org for listings. Whether you're craving baklava, fresh olives and feta cheese, or lamb chops with Greek spices, you can count on USA TODAY/10Best to point you toward Chicago's best Greek restaurants.

It's not fancy food, just delicious food. Since 1973, this local standout has prepared traditional Greek dishes. Start with some of the egg lemon soup, said to be some of the best in Greektown. Some of the menu items customers rave about include...  Read More

Pan Hellenic Pastry Shop
Photo courtesy of Pan Hellenic Pastry Shop Facebook page

A family-owned bakery that's been around since 1974, this is THE place to get authentic Greek desserts in Chicago. While many of the items have long, hard-to-pronounce names (Galaktoboureko, anyone?), everything is fresh, delicious and handmade....  Read More


Santorini is one of the Greek islands, so fish is the specialty there. It's also the specialty at this Chicago restaurant, which prepares fresh seafood to order. While the red snapper has everyone talking, black bass and shrimp, and the...  Read More

A modern loft-style space with an open-air kitchen, Artopolis prides itself on producing all of its fresh baked goods in house. The cafe's name comes from a combination of the words "artos" and "polis" (bread and town, respectively), and the...  Read More

An excellent glass atrium and summer patio sets this Greek restaurant apart from the rest. The outdoor space is a three-tiered affair that features brick walkways, 30-foot trees, colorful flowers, and a waterfall. The food is as good as the...  Read More


The Greek food here is not fancy, but it's fast, cheap and delicious. Cross-Rhodes is in downtown Evanston (the suburb just north of Chicago's border). For what you'd pay for an appetizer in Greektown, you can have a heaping meal of pork...  Read More

A beautiful, romantic restaurant, Taxim serves upscale modern Mediterranean cuisine and has become a beloved and buzzed-about place in Chicago. It's not in Greektown, however. It's in the nearby Wicker Park neighborhood. Some of the popular menu...  Read More

Greek Islands separates itself from the pack with festive atmosphere and a professional waitstaff. Start with Avgolemono soup and saganaki, also known as cheese on fire, and then dig in to some traditional dishes like dolmades (grape leaves...  Read More


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